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We supply a range of electronics for the agricultural, industrial and municipal industries, providing on-board equipment for weighing, measuring, monitoring, and spray control. Our expertise allows us to supply over 100 original equipment manufacturers with custom solutions, and our large engineering department are responsible for product development and design maintenance. With over 10% of our turnover being re-invested into research and development, you can be assured that our products are always at the forefront of the industry. We also supply retro-fit products through independent distributors in over 20 countries, ensuring that are products are practical and user-friendly.

Established in the 1960s, we initially supplied the agricultural industry with electronics, introducing the grain loss monitor for combine harvesters. We have since diversified, working in the construction and municipal vehicle sectors, where the requirements of the customer are often similar. The range of core products that we manufacture can be adapted to your requirements with different software, sensors, and front panel overlays. As well as our wide range of instrumentation, including speed/area/distance meters and on-board weighing scales, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of Precision Farming systems. With a long established management team, we are determined to keep the company at the forefront of technology and ensure it goes from strength to strength. 

On-board Weighing Scales

Our on-board weighing scales can be used in a wide range of applications, and can be fitted to loaders, telehandlers, front-end loaders, or forklift trucks. When material is loaded into trucks, bays, or processing lines, the scales measure the hydraulic pressure in the lift cycle, and the display in the cab shows the weight of each bucket load, as well as the total material loaded. Available with a range of options such as colour touchscreens, overload warnings, target weight, and SD card data transfer, these scales can be customised for many practical applications.  

Sprayer Rate Control

The accurate application of chemicals and fertilizers is essential in any modern agricultural setting. Not only does it keep your business economical, but it ensures you are adhering to environmental regulations. Our range of sprayer control systems are reliable, user-friendly, and fast-reacting. From basic models such as the RDS Spraymaster 200, which can be retrofitted to most sprayer types, to the RDS Delta 34i with data logging options that are compatible with RDS software, there are options for every kind of business.  

Drill Control and Area Measurement

Our drill control and area measurement instruments make your field operations more efficient, creating information for invoices and ensuring monitoring is performed accurately. Our seed drill monitors can control the tramline function, allowing a sequence of bouts to be programmed, and numerous functions to be monitored. Our Speed and Area Management (SAM) tools range from the inexpensive SAM 100, which helps you save resources through more accurate fieldwork, to the comprehensive SAM 400, which can be programmed for implements of any practical width, and offers two forward speed alarms which can be utilised for different machine operations.

Yield Monitoring

Yield measurement is essential for managing and checking your field yields, and helps with precision farming, allowing you to enable GPS based yield mapping. The RDS Ceres 8000i allows you to precisely measure, display, and record your yield, as well as moisture, speed, work and harvest rate. You can see complete yield information on one screen, and map the information during harvesting. The RDS Combine Moisture Meter 100 gives you an easy way to adjust moisture calibration, helping you identify if conditions are suitable for combining, and ensuring grain is stored in the optimum location.

Vehicle & Machinery Monitoring

We manufacture a range of instruments for machine and vehicle monitoring, allowing you to adhere to health and safety regulations. The RDS Axlog Alpha ensures that individual axles don't become overloaded, avoiding wear and tear and saving money on maintenance. The Liftaltert and Liftlog 100 increase forklift safety, giving you a visual and audible alarm when you are approaching the overload point. The RDS SID 200 is used on industrial sites to ensure the speed limit is complied with. When the pre-set speed limit is exceeded, it emits an alarm, and the overspeed data is stored and protected by a PIN. Our machine monitoring range includes the RDS Shaft Speed, an easy to use instrument that can measure up to six shaft speeds and the work rate of a machine.  

Systems Enhancements

We offer many extras that can expand the functionality of your instruments. Our ultra-lightweight printers are designed for harsh environments, and allow fast and efficient printing of your records. These statistics can also be easily transferred to a PC via cable or memory card, allowing for easy record keeping and invoicing. We can install secondary software, allowing you to perform multiple functions on different heads, and useful enhancements such as GPS receivers, radar speed sensors, GPS speed signal converters, and yield mapping make your records much more precise.

Strain Sensors

The Epsilon 10 strain sensor is a dynamic weighing system for special applications. It measures hydraulic pressure, providing an alternative to sensing technology.  



Registration Number: 02996527
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:30 November, 1994 (27 years and 5 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: Digi-Star
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer

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