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RDM Test Equipment is a UK manufacturer and distributor of high-quality and industry-leading testing solutions for packaging and materials testing. Our company was established in 1985 by two brothers-in-law who were graduates of mechanical and electrical engineering – an excellent pedigree for an engineering supply company today.

Today we offer more than a hundred different testing instruments for packaging, polymers, pulp, paper, board, textiles, rubber, and foam. These products are used in many industries – food and beverage, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, inks, printing and coating, electronic manufacturing, industrial processes, and even educational establishments.

We have over thirty years of experience in this industry – our passion is to help solve our customers' challenges in materials and packaging. RDM specialises in developing heat seal threshold quality control solutions for the flexible packaging industry. And we supply equipment for measuring other physical packaging properties – such as the coefficient of friction, seal and peel strength, slip, and thickness.

RDM uses state-of-the-art instruments, as well as key technologies and machinery, to develop our highly accurate quality control equipment. And our service goes beyond just manufacturing and selling products – we also use our in-house laboratory to offer consulting and in-house contract testing services.

RDM products are available globally. And we back our service with excellent technical and customer support, on-site maintenance and calibration, and industry standards.

Laboratory & Production Heat Sealers

We have set the standard for laboratory and production heat sealers for more than a quarter of a century. Our heat sealers are all built in the UK and meet not only our own exacting quality assurance requirements but also industry standards like ASTM F2029. These laboratory sealers offer fine-tuned jaw temperature control for accurate determination of the heat seat threshold. And our production sealers guarantee a great measure of flexibility – we offer a range of units, from basic products to semi-automated production units, and even bespoke designs, to meet your needs. Please visit our website to examine our range of sealers and to choose the sealer right for you.

Seal Strength Testing

Measuring a number of properties and variables in industrial processes, such as seal strength, peel strength, tensile strength and crush strength, are essential steps for materials processors and users as they determine the quality of an industrial process or material. This includes packaging materials and materials used in other mission-critical environments. And because so many industrial processes today are customised to a specific product, it is essential to make measurements unique to each process. Mistakes cost money and lose time. Our seal testing strength machines aim to help you get precise measurements on these properties in a cost-efficient and quick manner. Our testing instruments, using either touch-screen or digital controllers give you a testing solution that is precisely calibrated to your industrial process. Please visit our website to see the range of products and choose an instrument right for you.

Friction Testing

Flexible films made from paper or board can only be successfully processed if the "SLIP" additives applied to the material have been properly coated. An industrial process must ensure that "SLIP" additives are applied in a smoothly sliding or flowing manner over formers on the packaging machine. And adding further ingredients to the process, such as placing ink on the "SLIP" films, further complicates the operation. Our coefficient of friction testing machines help you measure and control this aspect of your industrial process. The results gleaned from this equipment can help you calibrate your industrial manufacturing to exactly the right parameters for an efficient and smooth process. Please visit our website to see details of our coefficient of friction tests, including products that operate on an incline plane, and a low-cost product for smaller businesses.

Hot Tack Seal Testing

Precise measurement of hot tack seal strength, whether in vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal machines, helps you strike an optimum balance of seal integrity to the production rate of your sealed packages. You need to apply your seals to your products on the production line quickly enough to maintain the proper level of output without sacrificing the quality of the seal. Our hot tack seal testing equipment helps you realise this essential goal; without testing there can be a loss of time on the line and a waste of materials. Expensive customer returns would be an even higher expense – operationally and in terms of customer relationships. Our hot tack tester determines the seal strength of flexible packaging materials. Please visit our website for full details.

Leak / Burst Package Integrity

Package integrity is essential – especially when protecting products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Packages need to be tested against leaks – this is a crucial part of development and quality control. Our incredibly wide range of testing products allows us to meet a variety of testing methods and solutions because different kinds of packaging need to be tested in different ways. Please visit our website to see details of our different devices.

Melt Flow Index

Our melt flow index product helps our customers determine the melt flow of properties of polymers. This is an essential stage of research and quality control. Polymers used in so many different industries, especially in contexts where films and other related products and applied to materials, are always melted. Industrial applications require precise measurements as to the melting point of various polymers. We supply a product that provides this essential data. Please visit our website for detailed product specifications.

Permeation Testing

Here at RDM Test Equipment, we are pleased to offer a fantastic range of MOCON equipment that has been specially designed for determining Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate (CO2TR) and Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR).

Examples of the range include:

  • OpTech®-02 Platinum: an optical fluorescence oxygen analyser for measuring headspace, dissolved oxygen and oxygen permeation of films and packages.
  • OX-TRAN® 2/21 10x: this device detects and measures small amounts of oxygen as it passes through a range of barrier materials such as plastics and composites.

Please head over to our website to view the range in full.

Paper, Pulp and Board Testing

We are also pleased to offer an excellent range of equipment for testing various pulp, paper and board materials.

Examples of the range include:

  • Newton Portable Carton Tester: features three tests in one (crease strength, box forming force and spring-back).
  • Box Compression Tester 100kN – B0011: a floor-mounted machine that evaluates packages and materials under compressive loads.
  • Crease and Stiffness Tester: designed to measure the force needed to bend board in machine and cross directions of grain.

To find out more about these machines and to view the complete range, please visit our website.

On-Line Seal Inspection

RDM Test Equipment is thrilled to have been appointed Sales and Service representative in the UK and Ireland for the patented SealScope™ and SealCam™ systems. These fantastic systems are designed to inspect up to 150 seals per minute and record the seal fingerprint of every package providing users with vital statistical data and traceability. SealScope™ and SealCam™ systems are very easy to install and can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines without the need for modifications to the line or processes. Please head over to our website to find out more about these fantastic seal inspection systems. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at RDM Test Equipment who will be happy to provide you with all the information you may need.

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