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RARUK Automation, a dedicated automation company from R.A. Rodriguez, are specialists in the supply of products with a unique edge which can be combined to provide application-specific automation solutions.

We are a UK Preferred Partner for Universal Robot’s range of low cost, easy to use, 6 axis collaborative robots, with the fastest payback in the industry, and the new UR+, a suite of Plug&Play application solutions.

To complement the UR we supply the complete range of grippers from Robotiq, including 2 & 3 finger grippers, force torque sensors and the NEWLY launched vision system.

As exclusive agents for ArtiMinds Robotics, we offer intuitive, on and offline robot programming software with sensor adaptive robot guidance features. 

For over 15 years we have been involved in linear motion by representing IEF Werner, recently we have added their component palletising systems.

MAFU disentangling technology and feeding systems allow users to sort, feed and accurately place non-sensitive parts regardless of size, material or geometry.

Universal Robots - Visit our website

The leading supplier of collaborative robots (cobots) in the UK, we offer a range of flexible, 6 axis robotic arms that, due to the robots integral safety systems, can be operated safely without costly external guarding.  Designed to be lightweight and portable, with intuitive programming a key feature, the robots can be easily integrated into many existing production environments.  With an average 195 day payback period, our cobots make it possible for companies to automate almost anything! 

MiR100 MOBILE INDUSTRIAL ROBOT - Visit our website

The new generation of advanced mobile robots is ideal for the automation of internal transport and logistics solutions.  The MiR is designed to optimise workflows, free-up staff resources for more valuable tasks and allow users to increase productivity, shorten delivery times and reduce costs. High operational efficiency means rapid return on investment, often with a payback period of less than a year. The robot equipped with a cobot arm, mounted on top, can be programmed to undertake a variety of tasks such as collecting and delivering parts, unloading machines and assembling components. 

Robotiq GRIPPERS - Visit our website

Our off-the-shelf complimentary cobot grippers, available in 2-finger and 3-finger configurations are known for their ease of integration and user-friendliness. All grippers are supplied complete with auto-install pre-packaged subroutines for easy programming.

Robotiq VISION - Visit our website

Specifically designed to sit on our collaborative robot, the Vision System shortens set-up time to just five minutes, without the need for complex calibration procedures or extra an external light source, thus simplifying integration and opening up many new possibilities for automation.

Robotiq FORCE TORQUE SENSORS - Visit our website

To give the cobot a sense of touch, our range of sensors provides a stable, precise measurement of force applied on the process or part. This allows the automation of high precision tasks such as product testing, assembly and precise part insertion. With path recording software, users can easily set up complex trajectories without waypoints.  

ArtiMinds PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE - Visit our website

This software greatly simplifies the teaching of assembly and similar operations creating new application opportunities for collaborative robots. The robot programming suit has integrated the latest technologies in machine learning, motion planning and motion control for robotic manipulation into a robust, easy-to-use software package that is fully compatible with cobots and force torque sensors. Designed to work directly with CAD systems, users can import their applications as a solid model and program the robot offline.

IEF Werner MANUAL ADJUSTERS - Visit our website

Our range of high quality adjusting slides allows the linear system to be set up for the specific positioning needs of the application. Every axis configuration is achievable. The IEF range of hand operation slides can also be equipped with either a dovetail, cross roller or Teflon guides. All slides can be produced and supplied in an extremely wide variety of types and sizes to a customer specification. The latest addition to the slide range is domiLINE, the variable-combination adjustable slide system. This visually and technically sound modular system is available in a large number of different variants and widths. There are also combinations with and without mechanical locking devices, with a spindle or, if desired, a pneumatic or motor drive.

IEF Werner LINEAR DRIVES AND CONTROLS - Visit our website

IEF Werner's programmable linear axis features high speed, accuracy and flexible configurations suitable for rigorous applications in industries such as nuclear energy, automotive and food.

IEF Werner Palletisers - Visit our website

IEF Werner produces a range of palletiser systems for demanding industries such as Pharmaceutical and Electronic Component Handling. Whether high accuracy, high speed or continuous process is required, a modular installation concept ensures flexibility to the specific demands of our customers.


Based on market leading technology, our disentangling machines and equipment are designed to sort and feed hard-to-disentangle bulk goods. Complex parts can be disentangled and passed on for further processing, regardless of their size, material or geometry.

BOWL FEEDING EQUIPMENT - Visit our website

Our vibratory bowl feeders reliably sort, align and feed complex bulk fed parts to a fixed position for easy integration alongside either the customer’s existing automation systems, or to be partnered with our range of automated solutions. 



Registration Number: 09710646
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Registered at Companies House:30 July, 2015 (4 years and 2 months ago)
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Parent Company: R. A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Limited

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Brand & Trade Names

  • ArtiMinds Robot programming suite software
  • IEF Werner Handling & Automation Technology, palletisers, manually adjusted slides, Linear drives and controls
  • MAFU Feeding and disentangling technology
  • MiR Mobile industrial robot for factory automation
  • Robotiq Robotic grippers for collaborative robots
  • Universal Robot Universal Robots has developed a highly specialised flexible, easily programmable, low-cost robot arm that can be used in almost any industry, where traditional robots are too large, expensive, noisy or inflexible. The complete range of Universal Robots are easy program, offer fast set up, collaborative and safe, and offer one of the fastest payback times in the industry. See the UR3, UR5, UR10 http://www.rarodriguez.co.uk/products/automation/industrial-robots

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