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United Kingdom

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Founded in 1996, Rakem Ltd is a UK based agent and distributor to manufacturers of specialty raw material to the paper, coating, plastics, textile fibres, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Since our inception, the goal of Rakem has been to establish a successful business that uniquely specialises in supplying a comprehensive range of white pigments and fillers. 

At Rakem, we continuously strive to provide customers with the finest quality products that are available on the market, and are always looking for innovative new solutions. Our clients can enjoy unrivalled customer service and we have a full technical sales team that have a wealth of experience in the industry to help you ascertain your requirements and tailor products to suit. 

Our distribution sites are situated in many locations throughout the UK and Ireland, allowing us to cater for customers almost anywhere in the British Isles. We can also provide make down facilities for slurries and blended products at our Manchester based Head Office and distribution facility.


Sachtleben are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality chemical products with a unique range of white pigments and extenders. Rakem has been proud to represent such a reputable company for well over a decade. Sachtleben specialises in supplying businesses from all over the globe with innovative products in the field of titanium dioxide and functional additives. You will find Sachtleben products in a diverse range of applications including synthetic fibres, paints, plastics, and paper. Sachtleben has achieved multiple ISO certifications, allowing them to manufacture specialised goods of the highest standards for the foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic industries.


From car interiors and furniture to shampoos and conditioners, Lamberti specialises in adding value and quality to products across a wide range of industrial sectors, using their specialty chemicals. The Lamberti technological and manufacturing portfolio includes biotechnology, fine chemicals, natural polymers, synthetic polymers, water-based dispersions, and surfactants and auxiliaries for manufacturing and chemical synthesis. Rakem works in close collaboration with the research and development organizations that are responsible for managing each technology area.  Below are just some of the market sectors that Lamberti works within: 
  • Building 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Oil 
  • Paper 
  • Photo-curing 
  • Textile


Thiele Kaolin is an internationally recognised company that has a renowned reputation in the field of processed kaolin clay. With facilities located in North America and Europe, the Thiele Kaolin Company has been mining, processing, blending, and the delivering the full spectrum of kaolin coating and filler pigments to an ever-expanding customer-base across the globe. Rakem is proud to have built a healthy relationship with Thiele Kaolin, and has worked as an active agent and distributor for them for many years.

Silysiamont Spa

Silysiamont Spa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of micronized silica gels, and Rakem has happily worked as their UK partner for many years. Their SYLYSIA brand consists of a selection of synthetic, micronized amorphous silica gels that have been distributed across a wide range of industries including coating, ink, polymer film, and textiles. Each type of silica gel differs in degrees of porosity and purity giving them properties that are suited to a wide variety of applications. SYLYSIA is typically used as a matting agent in many types of resin paints for wood, industrial and coil coating systems, and water-based inks and paints.


Sociedad Anónima Reverté is an eco-friendly producer of fine-quality calcium carbonate from chalk, calcite and white marble, and has been leading the calcium carbonate production industry since its inception in 1958. Since their establishment over 50 years ago, Reverté has continuously developed state-of-the-art production processes for micronization, ultramicronization, and treatment both in wet and dry calcium carbonate processing. 

For more information about the quality products and services that Reverté and Rakem work together to provide, please visit our website at www.rakem.co.uk

China Mineral Processing Ltd (CMP)

Rakem is proud to act as China Mineral Processing’s (CMP) European distributor, and offers a diverse range of high-quality pre-sized minerals and pre-mixes to the paint, paper, adhesives, and plastic industries. CMP has rapidly become a dominant force in the world market and Rakem is pleased to have built a strong relationship with them that has lasted many years.

Cales de Llierca

Cales de Llierca is a leading company in the production of high-quality lime and derived products and is widely considered as one of the most experienced and reputable companies in its field. They specialise in the transformation of limestone into a wide variety of products that are used within many different industries.  To find out more about how Rakem can supply you with the excellent products that Cales de Llierca manufactures, please contact us or visit our website.


Goonvean is a long-established family run business that is regarded as the largest privately owned kaolin producer in Europe. Rakem and Goonvean have forged a strong relationship with one another through collaborating to provide a wide range of the finest quality kaolin products to the market. Goonvean’s OPAL range of kaolins consists of closely controlled powdered kaolins designed in close collaboration with industry experts, and products can be tailor-made to suit exact specifications. These products include specialist fillers and opacifying extenders for anything from paint to leather. Perhaps the one thing that sets Goonvean apart from their competitors is that they are the only European producer of pharmaceutical kaolins designed to meet exacting British, American, and European pharmacopoeia standards.



Registration Number: 03253833
VAT Number: GB686 0937 92
Registered at Companies House:24 September, 1996 (25 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor
  • Stockholder


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  • BPF
  • CISF
  • OCCA
  • PITA
  • RSMA

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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