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Milton Keynes based Radir Ltd supplies a variety of quality industrial instruments and measurement tools to customers in various industries. Our equipment is widely used for process automation control systems, plant condition monitoring, ultrasonic leak, vibration, displacement, and paperless chart recording/ controllers. Our team is highly experienced in its field and specialises largely in temperature measurement equipment including non-contact infra-red thermometry and thermal imaging with products supplied from leading manufacturers such as Fluke, Raytek and Ircon. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing customers with a first-class service. We also engineer instrumentation and control solutions and provide full service/ calibration back-up to our customers.

Please take a look at recent news on our homepage. Here we keep our customers informed of new products, services and more. We also run a quarterly prize draw to state of the art instruments such as the Minitemp Handheld IR Thermometer. Please fill in the form for your chance of winning. If you require any further information regarding our services or products please don't hesitate to contact us and we will answer your queries as best as we can.

Thermal Image

We supply a range of Fluke Ti Thermography thermal imagers. These are widely used in applications where maintenance professionals must conduct thermographic inspections. Our range of thermal imagers feature fast target scanning, full featured software for analysis and reporting and are available at competitive prices.

We also supply SmartView software which is a Windows based PC application for thermal analysis and reporting. This is included within the price. The SmartView software enables the user to download calibrated thermal images in seconds, create histograms, isotherms, and view temperature spot data.

Non-Contact Infra-Red Temperature sensors

We supply a range of non-contact infra-red temperature sensors. Items within the range include the Thermalite MI™, CM, and the new MI3 models. These are small, versatile models ideal for multiple-sensor installations. These products are widely used by machine builders and other OEM's for temperatures ranging from -40 to 1650°C. We also supply the Thermalert MIC/MID/MIH with an inbuilt digital display and PC Comms options as well as a range of integrated thermometers, the Thermalert GP Monitor, the Marathon Series for high specification measurements up to 3000°C. We also supply the new Pi20 thermal imager from Raytek for process control with DataTemp Pi software.

Portable Non-Contact IR Thermometers

We provide our customers with a choice of non-contact IR thermometers supplied by well-known manufacturers Raytek, Fluke and Ircon. Items within the Fluke range include the 63, 66, and 68 series and 561, 563, 566 and 568 versions. We also supply Food Pro and Food Proplus equipment as well as the Raynger MX™ Series which features new laser technology. The Raynger 3i™ series has an innovative laser and scope sighting options. The Ircon Ultimax is an easy to operate portable pyrometer with temperature display control and maintenance applications.

For detailed specifications of all of our portable non-contact IR thermometers please visit our website or contact us at Radir Ltd.

Contact Thermocouples,RTD's and accessories

Please contact us for details on our range of contact thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and other accessories. All of our equipment is competitively priced and we provide full technical support to ensure that you get the most from your product. Our equipment is delivered safely and securely to customers as quickly as possible.

Pressure Measurement

We supply a range of high quality pressure measurement equipment for use in various industry applications. Items within our pressure measurement range include: Electronic Pressure Measurement, Mechanical Pressure Measurement, Pressure Switches, Diaphragm Seals and Special Process Connections, and Accessories. All of our items are made from quality materials and designed to be long-lasting within the workplace.

For further information and details of all of our products and equipment, please contact us at Radir Ltd.

Instrumental Calibration and servicing

Here at Radir Ltd, we provide cost-effective calibration solutions from our Milton Keynes laboratory. It is important that all electronic test equipment receives regular calibration in order to perform to its original specification. All measurements are traceable to UKAS national standards and are carried out accurately and efficiently within fast turn-around times. Our facilities and capabilities enable us to provide calibration services for a wide range of equipment. Please contact us at Radir Ltd with your requirements and to find out more about our calibration services.

Fluke Electrical Testing

Fluke United Kingdom forms part of the Fluke Corporation based in Everett, Washington and is the world leader when it comes to the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. Fluke supply the industry with a wide range of quality testing and calibration equipment as well as other related items and accessories. At Radir, we are pleased to provide our customers with a selection of some of the finest Fluke gadgets for applications such as electrical test, power quality, indoor air quality, hart scientific calibration and more.

Eurotherm Products

We are also pleased to supply customers with a full range of equipment from world leading brand, Eurotherm. Eurotherm supplies control, measurement and data recording solutions and services to industries all across the world. It has an incredible reputation for providing high quality, innovative solutions that span a range of wide range of industries.

Our Eurotherm products are supplied at competitive rates and discounts can also be given for large batch orders. We are committed to providing our customers with the very best service by offering full technical support both before and after sales.

Please contact Radir Ltd to find out more about our selection of Eurotherm equipment.

Wireless Sensors

We supply a fantastic range of WiSensys® and WebSensys wireless monitoring, data collection and control equipment. Our range has been created to provide users with wireless sensors suitable for various industry applications. Up to 100 measured parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow and humidity can connect to one base station via our transmitters. The information can then be recorded and controlled at offices, factories or remote sites with complete ease. WiSensys® is a measurement platform that is easy to install and features sensor units, a base station and user software such as the PC version, SensorGraph, or, a web based application called WebSensys for presentation, logging, alarming and other applications.

Displacement - Contact & Non Contact

We are also pleased to offer various LVDT, long distance draw wire devices, capacitive and non-contact laser displacement devices. Please contact our technical team at Radir Ltd with your project requirements and we will talk you through suitable and effective equipment that will meet your needs and produce the best results. Please also take a look at our website where you can view diagrams of possible application ideas.



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