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For over 40 years R&D Marine Ltd has been manufacturing a range of flexible shaft couplings that have been specifically designed for marine use.  Due to customer demand we then developed our product range to include anti-vibration mountings and damper drive plates and since then we have continued to increase the choice within these product lines to suite engines ranging from 5-800hp.


We have worked hard in the design and engineering process to ensure our products are manufactured to a high quality, providing strength and resilience, whilst being easy to install and competitively priced.  The stock levels we maintain enable us to dispatch products quickly, which is especially crucial in the instance of breakdowns when customers require parts urgently. All our products are manufactured on our CNC machines from our modern factory in Hertfordshire and we are pleased to distribute to customers across the globe.

Marine Damper Drive Plates

Our marine damper drive plates have been manufactured to enhance engine productivity by enabling engine use over its complete speed range.  Manufactured from a new variety of polyurethane, our damper has been constructed for strength and its fail safe design allows the drive to be maintained if a flexible element fails. We offer three different choices: The Loop, which is the most versatile and is suited for the majority of applications, The Hammer Head, which provide three stages of stiffness, and the High Deflection Type.  Both the latter two styles are particularly suited to torsionally active applications.  Please contact us to find out more about our damper elements that have been designed to suit applications from 80 to 1630 Nm.

Flexible Shaft Couplings

R&D Marine’s selection of failsafe couplings are comprised of a contoured pliable disc, which allows for any engine and shaft misalignments that can occur.  This disc is then encased within a tough polyurethane moulding.  The couplings we manufacture are non-conducting; however we are able to supply a silver impregnated rubber element that provides continuity where necessary.  This element sits in the middle of the coupling.  All couplings purchased from R&D Marine Ltd come complete with all the necessary nuts and bolts required for installation. On our website you will find a comprehensive installation procedure for our flexible couplings.

Engine Mounts

We manufacture a choice of zinc-plated engine mounts that have been passivated and specifically designed for marine use.  They provide valuable information regarding vibrations, all feature a steel rebound control washer and have been engineered to be failsafe as well as to assist alignment via slotted holes in the casting.  Alignment is simplified through height adjustment and the engine mounts are pre loaded in the manufacturing process which helps to inhibit any potential engine movement.

Steel Half Couplings

We manufacture a range of steel half couplings designed to fit parallel and taper shafts.  All are solid and provide a connection between flexible couplings and the propeller shaft.  We manufacture both solid shaft half couplings and split half couplings.  Please see our website for full details of our range of steel half couplings including information on flange diameters, number of circles, hole size, register, length, boss diameter and shaft fixing.  You will also find information regarding the type of gearbox they are designed for.  R&D Marine is pleased to be able to manufacture small batches of special half couplings as required. Please contact us for further information.



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