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We have been providing quality precision components for UK manufacturing for more than 40 years. As exclusive representatives for many leading international component manufacturers, our key product lines include gears, bearings, precision components, linear systems and specialist lubricants. We are ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120 Aerospace Quality Standards approved for the stockholding and distribution of precision bearings, transmission components and allied products. We offer a high degree of commercial and technical service to our customers and serve a wide range of industries including aerospace, robotics, defence, nuclear, offshore wind and renewable energy, motorsport and machine tool.

Framo Morat Gear Technology - Visit our website

The Framo Morat range includes products such as internal gears, external gears, pinions, rotor shafts and chain sprockets. It's worth noting that all of these products can customised with the option of different materials, for example aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics. If you'd like more information on Framo Morat and their gear technology, don't hesitate to visit our website. Alternatively you can contact us directly via phone or email. 

Custom Drives - Visit our website

We provide special custom drive assemblies designed to meet customers’ specific requirements.  Our high quality custom drives are backed by over 140 years of experience in the manufacture of gears, transmissions and actuation devices.  The range of applications is huge, including gear boxes for lawn mowers, gear train drives for floor polishing machines, actuator units for farm tractor implements, devices for manoeuvring caravans and a large variety of belt drive units, actuators and gearboxes used for all sorts of industrial purposes.  You can rely on R A Rodriguez for the custom drive that suits your particular needs.

Universal Robots - Visit our website

Our universal robot, with a 6 axis robotic arm,  is small, lightweight and uses very little electrical current.  This robot is much quieter than larger and more expensive models and is easy to move.  We provide everything you need to programme the robot and you will find that in programming and in use the unit is very user-friendly.  We have incorporated an innovative and unique graphic user interface, so you don’t need to be a robotics expert to get it up and running.  The universal robot is versatile, capable of performing a wide range of functions, all at a high level of accuracy.  You can see more on our website, where a downloadable brochure is also available.

Engineering Components - Linear Technology - Visit our website

We offer a wide selection of linear technology engineering components.  Visit our website where you will see the components available, including an extensive selection of ball bushings; bearing housings of machined aluminium and cast alloy or iron; shafts available in lengths up to 7800 mm; shaft supports and shaft blocks; a linear guideway; ball screws and Acme screws in rolled, ground or spun thread form, with end machining in accordance with individual customer drawings.  Further, we supply complete assemblies that are designed for different specific applications.  Also you can download a catalogue from the website, so you can browse the entire range.

Engineering Components - Conveyor Components - Visit our website

R A Rodriguez supplies a comprehensive range of high quality conveyor components, including precision-moulded plastic bearing housings, long-lasting automatic chain and belt tensioners and a clutch operated torque limiting device.  We also provide thermoplastic and steel conveyor rollers, head and tail pulleys, and other conveyor components.  You can see more details about the range on our website, where downloadable catalogues are also available.

Engineering Components - Spirolox - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Spirolox spiral-wound retaining rings and compression wave springs.  Spirolox products benefit from requiring no special tools for installation or for removal.  Both locking and balanced rings are available in a selection of many different coatings and materials.  Our range is extensive, but if you cannot find what you are after, our experienced and expert engineers can design custom rings or springs to meet your particular needs.

Engineering Components - ITI High Precision Balls - Visit our website

We supply a comprehensive selection of high precision balls from Industrial Tectonics Inc (ITI).  These come in a range of materials, with varying precision grades and tolerance bands.  Ball diameters range from 0.02 to 20 inches (0.50 to 500 mm).  Precision grades are available from AFBMA 3 to AFBM 1000.  Additionally, balls can be manufactured to an individual customer’s design as required.  Please visit our website to see the full range of materials used and the selection of ball types.

Bearing Products - Visit our website

We offer a variety of specialist bearing products.

Reali-Slim® and Ultra-Slim® Bearings are suitable for applications in industries requiring very light weight and thin bearings such as aerospace, aviation, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Our Turntable Bearings include Reali-Slim TT® Turntable Bearings, Kaydon Slewing Ring / Turntable Bearings and Small Diameter MT Series Bearings. These are designed for use in rigorous applications such as wind turbines, heavy equipment and radar antennae.

We have over 70 years of experience in sourcing bearings manufactured in the USA, and we are able to supply most leading US bearing brands.

We have been providing standard and custom bearings to the aerospace industry for over 35 years, and now have a dedicated Aerospace Division in Letchworth.

Turntable Bearings - Visit our website

RAR has a wealth of experience in the supply of turntable bearings, including those for demanding applications such as wind turbines, medical equipment and gun turrets. So whatever your requirements, R A Rodriguez can offer a solution. Stocked bearings are available in sizes up to 6.1m (outside diameter) – they can be supplied in four or eight point ball, cross roller and 3 row roller configurations. Special designs and configurations are available upon special request. 

Aerospace Bearings - Visit our website

For the past 35 years, we have been providing aerospace companies with support in the design, selection, supply and installation of aerospace products. Almost all military and civil aircraft in the western world are fitted with our products, as are many spacecraft. Our products also have applications in leading technologies such as laser rangefinding, optical sighting systems, medical scanning equipment and semiconductor processing.

Given the mergers and acquisitions taking place daily in the aerospace industry, as well as its global nature, a central Aerospace Division has been created, located at our UK office and covering the whole of Europe, Scandinavia and the near East.

Our range of aerospace bearings includes aircraft control bearings, spherical bearings, rod end bearings, journal bearings, thin section rolling element bearings, airframe track rollers and need bearings, military spares and standard bearings.

Reali-Slim® Bearings - Visit our website

Reali-Slim® thin section bearings are designed for applications that require low weight, space saving solutions, such as in aviation, aerospace, machine tools, medical equipment, robotics and semiconductor equipment manufacturing. They are available in a range of metric and imperial sizes from 20 to 360mm (1 inch to 40 inches). Cross section sizes range from 8 to 20mm² (3/16 to 1 inch). Reali-Slim® bearings are available in angular contact, radial deep grove and four point configurations. Sealed versions are available upon request. More details and specifications can be found by visiting RAR online. 


KHK Stock Gears - Visit our website

We can provide a range of spur gears from KHK, including ground spur gears, ground helical gears, ground racks, CP racks, ground spiral mitre gears, ground spiral beval gears, spiral mitre gears, spiral bevel gears, mitre gears, straight bevel gears, duplex lead worms and worm gears, and ground worms and worm gears.

Visit our website to view PDF versions of KHK's catalogues.

Framo Linear Actuators - Visit our website

Framo's Mini electric motor driven linear actuators can be provided with 3 Phase, Single Phase AC or 24 V DC drive motors, in 5 basic sizes ranging in body diameter from 60mm to 140mm. Excluding the Mini 3, these actuators are made completely from stainless steel.

We can also provide the modular LiMax actuators, which utilise an in-line layout comprising of an electric motor, planetary gearbox and lead or ball screw, which provides a high force rating relative to the diameter of the body. These also have completely stainless steel construction, which makes them suitable for applications in exposed locations and corrosive environments.

Gears and Drives - Visit our website

We supply quality gears and drives from a number of manufacturers.

KHK of Japan makes a very high quality range of rack and pinion, spur gears, straight cut and spiral bevel gears.

Framo Compacta optimised geared motors are light weight and compact, and are especially suited for use in small spaces.

Framo Linear Actuators can be adapted for virtually any application through a wide range of options.

The Framo Linear Chain can move loads vertically and horizontally, and functions like a conventional linear actuator.

We also offer Framo Morat custom drive solutions that can meet the requirements of almost any application.

Automation - Visit our website

We offer automation solutions including industrial robots, palletisers and factory automation.

Universal Robot's highly specialised flexible, low-cost robot arm can be used in almost any application where traditional robots are too large, expensive, noisy or inflexible.

IEF Werner's programmable linear axis features high speed, accuracy and flexible configurations suitable for rigorous applications in industries such as nuclear energy, automotive and food.

IEF Werner's palletiser systems range offers high accuracy, speed and continuous process in a flexible modular concept.

Manually adjusted slides from IEF Werner can be configured for every axis and feature high load ratings, easy motor assembly, low torque and adjustment to 0.05 mm.

Latest News - Visit our website

Please visit our website to find out What’s New at R A Rodriguez (UK) Ltd. Some of our latest news entries include: Reali-Slim® Bearings Chosen for Arctic Flying, Reali-Slim® Bearings Chosen to help minimise Telescope Size and Weight, Conveyor Belt Tensioners Ideal for Gypsum Mine, Miniature Gears down to 0.1, and New Conveyor Pulley – Superior Performance and Low Cost. Our ‘What’s New’ section of our website is our platform for sharing news and new business developments with our existing and prospective customers. Full articles are easy to download and read and of course you can call the team at R A Rodriguez (UK) Ltd with enquiries or for further information.

Case Studies - Visit our website

Please visit our Case Studies page to find out more about some of our previous projects.

Case Studies include:

  • Universal robot from RARUK Automation helps automate sim card packaging.
  • Spring disentangling under clean room conditions.
  • Turntable bearing proves pivotal in lighthouse lamp refurbishment.
  • Introducing the universal robot.
  • Modified ex-stock gears boost speed and extend life.

To read more, please head over to our website.

Quality Standards - Visit our website

At R A Rodriguez (UK) Ltd the quality of our products and services is testament to our success. During the last 30 years we have provided various products and services to clients in demanding industries such as military, aerospace and various other high-tech companies in the UK and Scandinavia. In 1991 we were approved to ISO 9002 standards and have since become approved to ISO 9001: 2008 standards. We also achieved full approval and certification to AS9120 Aircraft Quality Standard in 2005. It is our commitment to meet the demands of the industry and to provide customers with products that meet the requirements of different industries.



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Brand & Trade Names

  • Bryant Products Inc. Hydraulic, spring compression, & Pneumatic actuation
  • FK Rodends Rod ends & Spherical bearings
  • Framo Morat Rotary & Linear Actuation Systems
  • Greenlign Plastic bearing housing - Non-corrodible bearing units for machinery in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • IEF Werner Handling & Automation Technology
  • Industrial Tectonics Inc. Range of standard balls in various materials and special customised designs to suit specific design requirements
  • Kaydon Reali-Slim Bearings, Ultra-Slim Bearings & Reali-Slim Turntable Bearings.
  • KHK Stock Gears Spur and helical gears, Miter gears and Bevel gears, Racks, Worms and worm gears, Crossed helical gears & Ratchets and pawls, Involute splines and spline bushings and Gear couplings.
  • Lubrilog specialist lubricants Specialist high quality lubricants providing solutions for harsh environments and difficult operating conditions.
  • R.A.Rodriguez UK Ltd Aircraft Control Bearings, Spherical Bearings, Rod End Bearings, Journal Bearings, Thin Section Rolling Element Bearings, Track Rollers and Needle Bearings, Retaining Rings & Wavy Washers, Aerospace Services & Military Spares.
  • Redlign New REDLIGN range of bearing units from R.A. Rodriguez
  • Rodriguez Linear Techonology Linear Ball Bearings, Linear Bearing Housing (aluminium profile), Linear Bearing Housing (graphite pellet- or -aluminum mouldings), Linear Construction Components (Shaft supports, end-blocks etc.), Precision Guide Shafts, Linear Guideways & Ball Screws
  • Schatz Double "V" linear rail Systems
  • Spirolox Spiral wound retaining rings and compression wave springs.
  • TMT Linear Rail Systems
  • Unitec Precision Machine Tool and Industrial Special Purpose Bearings
  • Zetasassi Chain Tensioners, Belt Tensioners & Overload Clutches

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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