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Quirepace and Lamsom are specialists in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing tube systems that can significantly increase efficiency and security in your business. Our team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and have helped hundreds of businesses worldwide save money in the thousands. 

We have successfully provided sophisticated tube systems for all types of environments including major hospitals, supermarkets, banks, laboratories and many more. Whether you own a restaurant or a jewellery shop, Quirepace and Lamsom can provide a cost-efficient solution for safely and securely conveying any valuable items, documents and components. 

At Quirepace and Lamsom, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible systems to suit their individual needs. We can design and manufacture bespoke components that are suitable for just about any type of environment, ensuring that we can provide the perfect system for you rather than designing it to fit standard components. 

We pride ourselves on our consistent high levels of customer service which together with supplying businesses with high-quality systems has helped us to become one of the leaders within our industry.


Quirepace and Lamson can supply a large range of standard or bespoke carriers to ensure all requirements are met. Our carriers can range from small pods and cloth bags suitable for 75mm tube systems to large carriers up to 300mm in diameter  for special applications. We specialise in producing colour coded carriers, lockable carriers, and even leakproof and blood carrying carriers for hospitals. We can also manufacture carriers that are fitted with programmable transponders capable of finding their way to a specific destination. For more information, please contact us or visit our website.

Banking and High Security

We have been developing high security systems for the movement of cash and other valuable items for over 100 years and thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field, we have become one of the leaders in our industry. Quirepace and Lamson have developed numerous systems suitable for various different environments. To ensure that you select the best system for your environment, it is essential to analyse many factors. These factors include the number of locations to be served by the system and your preference of communication method. Using our expertise, we can advise on which system is most suitable to ensure that high value items such as cash and jewellery are kept safe and secure.

Cash Handling

Quirepace and Lamson can provide sophisticated cash handling systems that are suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores and forecourt traders. By keeping low volumes of cash at checkouts, you can substantially reduce risks to staff and customers, whilst ensuring that your takings are kept safe. Hundreds of supermarkets throughout the UK and Europe have acknowledged the benefits of installing cash handling systems. We can provide simple or multiple one-way systems that can convey cash directly from the checkout to a secure area within seconds. Our innovative designs are low profile, creating a less threatening environment for customers.

Offices, Businesses & Stores

There are many benefits of having a tube system installed into an office or store environment. Time is money, and by using a tube system you can significantly save time by moving paperwork and other documents to where they are needed in a matter of seconds. In fact, our tube systems can even transport small components providing the weight is not in excess of 1kg. Quirepace and Lamson have installed many systems throughout the UK which have contributed toward higher levels of productivity. To learn more about which type of system is most suitable for your environment, please visit our website.

Healthcare Industries

We can install highly sophisticated tube systems that are specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare centres. We call these our Atlas systems and they provide a high tech solution for the problems of conveying any items around a hospital. As a testament to the Atlas' efficiency and quality design, they have been installed in over 40 countries worldwide. The system is controlled by extremely powerful and intelligent PC software, and is capable of determining priority routes for important carriers containing blood, tissue samples and drugs. For detailed information on how the Atlas system works, please visit our website.

Logistics, Warehousing, Freight Storage and Handling

Quirepace and Lamson are proud to have supplied and installed hundreds of tube systems for logistics, warehousing, freight handling and storage purposes. We can design systems that will move paperwork and other documents not only within the building, but also overhead and underground to remote locations such as gatehouses. Our systems can convey carriers to their desired destination within seconds, saving both time and money. We can even install systems that deliver to a station at the weighbridge, meaning the driver need not leave their vehicle on entry or exit at the site.

Manufacturing & Process Industries

We operate within a wide range of industries where sampling is essential. Our systems can help to save time and money by creating a fast and direct link to the laboratory where materials can be tested. Examples of situations where tube systems can prove to be extremely beneficial can be anything from quickly conveying grain or milk for testing before discharge, to speedily transporting red hot steel samples for test analysis before pouring. If you are interested in installing one of our sophisticated systems then please contact us or visit our website for more information.


For department stores, theme parks, attractions, multiplex cinemas and restaurants looking to safely and securely move cash and save money in the process, Quirepace or Lamsom pneumatic tube systems can provide the solution. Our systems allow for large flows of cash to be quickly transported away from public areas to a secure place anytime of the day or night. They allow for cash offices to be sited away from public areas and placed in convenient locations for cash pickups. We are capable of fitting systems that include remotes stations in places such as car parks and entrance gates. We can achieve this by servicing them via underground or overhead table runs.

System Design

What sets us apart from many rival companies is that we acknowledge and accept the demanding requirement for systems to be fitted with special components for special applications. At Quirepace and Lamsom, we frequently design, modify and manufacture unique components, stations, tube runs and a variety of features to suit individual needs. We are interested in delivering the best possible service to our customers and we do so by ensuring that we can offer a system that meets all of their specifications.

System Controllers

The controller is the brain of the system and using sophisticated technology they are able to operate all of the functions of a system. Quirepace and Lamsom offer controllers ranging from simple units that control point to point systems to extremely advanced multi-function units which are capable of controlling and integrating multiple systems in a network. Our controllers can be accessed by an administrator through a PC, allowing for functions to be re-programmed, monitoring and analysis of carrier movements, control of redirecting carriers, tracking and tracing carriers and much more. Diagnostic support can also be provided by our technical engineers as the controllers can be linked to a modem.

Tubes and Pipework

Quirepace and Lamsom can manufacture, supply and install tubes that are made in a variety of materials. Most of the tubes that we supply for linking stations are formed from uPVC, however we can also provide aluminium and clear acrylic tubes. The clear acrylic tubes are typically used in environments where the systems are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst metal tubes are usually installed for handling hot materials. We can provide tubes that range in diameters from 45mm-300mm depending on the application. We also supply and install fire collars or sleeves for environments that need to comply to the necessary fire regulations.

Transit Safe

One of the most important features of any secure tube system is the safe. At Quirepace and Lamsom we have developed a high security safe that has been designed for effective protection, storage and CIT transfer of large volumes of valuable items such as jewellery and cash. The transit safe is one of the most advanced products of its type available on today's market and we are proud to report that there has not been a single successful attack on one of our safes in over 20 years. Each safe is designed using state-of-the-art technology that helps to ensure that the contents can be completely transferred regardless of person or time.

Point to Point System

Our highly successful Beaufort system is a simple rectangular tube point-to-point system that is designed for the speedy transportation of small packages. It was designed specifically for applications where rectangular shaped tubes proved to have significant advantages over round ones. Examples of such applications include conveying photographic prints between a counter and processing lab. The send station can easily be concealed to fit with the shop decor and at the processing end the station cabinet comes complete with air brake to prevent damages. The Beaufort system is two-way and sends items in cloth carriers that take up minimal storage and can be colour coded if required. For more information, please visit our website.



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