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Worcestershire based, Pulsar Process Measurement, specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of non-contacting, ultrasonic level, open channel flow and pump instrumentation. Pulsar started out in 1997 and rapidly became one of the world's leading measurement instrument manufacturers in the world. We are proud to present a range of innovative solutions from measurement installations through to complex multi-point and dependable level measurement systems. Our products are widely regarded throughout the world and are distributed in many countries by distributors who wish to combine their local knowledge with our advanced technology expertise. The USA and Canada are also serviced by Pulsar Process Measurement Inc which is based in Niceville, Florida. Please take a moment to visit our website to find out more about our incredible range of products and services .

Pump Control Applications

Here at Pulsar, we have developed an incredible range of products and systems designed to provide customers with sophisticated control pump solutions. Our Ultra range includes the Ultra 3 system (combines reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level and volume measurement, high specification pump control, and open channel flow measurement to international standards), Ultra 5 (featuring DATEM, the world's most advanced echo processing software for reliable measurement), and UltraTWIN (flexible twin-channel ultrasonic level/volume monitoring, pump control, open channel flow measurement, and more).

We also supply our Zenith 140 pump station controller for unrivalled performance.

Level Control Applications

We specialise in non-contacting and non-invasive liquid level measurement applications. Our knowledge and experience within the industry enables us to use our expertise to provide innovative, reliable solutions. Our non-contacting solutions feature outputs based on volume conversions (size and shape of the vessel, alarms on level or volume, rate of fill, or emptying, and more).

Please visit our website to find out more about our Ultra 3 and Ultra 5 systems, as well as our Blackbox component system which can be customised to suit specific requirements. Please take a look at our website to read some of our case studies.


We provide a comprehensive range of products that have been categorised into the following areas: Level Control (featuring a range of point measurement products, continuous measurement products, Continuous Sludge Interface, Contacting Products, and Non-Contacting Products), Pump Control (featuring the Blackbox entry level pump controller, Ultra Range, Zenith, and Quantum products), Open Channel Flow (featuring the Ultra Range and the FlowCERT sophisticated flow controller), Process Protection (featuring the Pulsar Guard 2010), Sand In Oil (featuring Pulsar’s SandAlert technology), Sludge Interface featuring the Sludge Finder 2), and our Belt Scale Integrator.

Please visit our website to view detailed information regarding our ranges of products and contact our technical team for further information and advice.

Mounting Options

Many of our products and systems are supplied with various mounting options such as wall mount complete with built in enclosures and suitable for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions, fascia mount units that are ideal for mounting on panel doors, panel mount units that require a hand held programmer or laptop to set up and make alterations, and rack mount units that fit straight into a standard 19 inch rack panel.

To find out more about our complete range of products and services, please visit our website or give us a call at Pulsar Process Measurement where one of our experienced team will be on hand to answer your queries.

Volume Measurement

Our fantastic Blackbox range features all of the sophisticated concepts of DATEM from the Ultra range apart from the display and on-board programming which isn’t necessary for a controlled environment. Examples of the range include:
Blackbox 130: non-contact level measurement featuring a 4-20mA output, two alarm or control relays and available with our without display.

Blackbox 136: level comms has an additional RS485 port for digital communications and available with or without display.

Blackbox Model: features an in-buit GSM modem to provide SMS messages in response to low level or re-fill points.

Process Protection

Our Pulsar Guard 2010 sensor is a specialist piece of equipment designed to detect structure borne acoustic signals caused by the movement of materials. The sensor is easy to use by fastening to the outside of the particular structure of material. It features state of the art stresswave technology and can sensor a wide frequency of bandwidths from 100 to 600kHz. The Pulsar Guard 2010 sensor is a fantastic piece of equipment that is widely used to detect signals in pipes, supply lines, chutes and feed machines. We also offer a controller with a 24VDC supply to complement the sensor and process incoming 0-10 volts into 4-20 mA output.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Flo-pak A packaged flow monitoring and data logging solution designed for the industrial user
  • IMP Pulsar's IMP range is non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement without compromise. Compact, low-profile self contained units with the benefit of digital echo processing specially designed for IMP. Single programming without affecting the IP rating via the integral keypad or using IMP PC, IMP's own PC software that let's you program the unit, view and download echo profiles and parameters.
  • Pulsarbar 720 Pressure and level transmitters. General purpose transducer
  • Pulsarbar 750 Pressure and level transmitter. Strong ceramic diaphragm with high overpressure capability
  • Pulsarbar 760 Pressure and level transmitter. An internal 5:1 turndown using a potentiometer. 180mbar to 400bar
  • Pulsarpoint 200 Series - Vibrating Probes The Pulsarpoint 200 series is a range of vibrating level switches, for bulk solids applications. When solids material comes into contact with the vibrating probe, the frequency of oscillation changes. This is detected and a signal generated to provide a changing relay output. May be used to signify a material level being high, intermediate or low depending on configuration chosen. The design of the sharp edged blade profile and the frequency of the oscillation ensure that the probe is able to resist material build up, which may be associated with other tuning fork designs. This provides long trouble free operation.
  • Pulsarpoint 300 Series Point level measurement systems.
  • Pulsarpoint 600 Non-invasive point level measurement
  • Pulsarpoint 800 High integrity, low cost and reliable float swiches for liquid level measurement
  • Quantum Intelligent pump controller, predicting "time to spill" and burst rising main alarm
  • Ultra 3 Ultra sophistication with a substantial range of pump control routines built in as standard.
  • Ultra 5 Designed specifically for pump control situations, Ultra 5 features sophisticated control routines built around the needs of the water and wastewater industries.
  • Ultra Twin A two-channel unit with six relays and four digital inputs
  • Zenith 140 Zenith provides a bridge between pump control and full pumping station control.

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements
ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use