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We are specialists in chemical fluid handling and water treatment products and systems.


With more than 4 decades of experience, we can help you not only choose the right product, but we can also fine-tune processes and integrate components in order to provide you with an efficient, effective, and economical turnkey system specifically tailored to your application. 


Our Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) business area serves the food, beverage, potable water and swimming pool industries, offering complete water treatment process solutions with a focus on hygiene and disinfection. Products in our WTS area include chlorine dioxide generating systems, chlorine electrolysis systems, UV, ozone generating, and reverse osmosis systems. 


Our Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH) business area serves all other sectors of industry, covering the entire liquid chemical process chain: storage, transfer and dosing with monitor and measurement controls, to the disposal point where the chemical leaves the site in waste water. We assure conformity to all legal waste water quality requirements. Our CFH products include chemical storage tanks, metering and transfer pumps, metering systems, polymer preparation systems and control, monitoring and measurement instrumentation.


We also offer installation and commissioning, training, repair and maintenance. We are your complete solution partner for all chemical fluid handling and water treatment systems. 

Waste Water


We provide systems for industrial waste water treatment and municipal sewage treatment plants. Two areas of focus are on chemical phosphate removal during sewage treatment, and pH neutralisation plants for in industrial water waste. These, among other aspects of waste water treatment, are vital for maintaining ecological balance and statutory compliance. 
Our products within the waste water treatment field include: Metering Pumps, Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement, Ultromat® Continuous Flow Systems, 2-Chamber Batch Systems and Manual Polymer Mixing Stations, POLYMORE for liquid Polyelectrolytes, PolyRex for powdery and liquid Polyelectrolytes


Storage Tanks 


We offer a range of storage and dosing tanks to ensure safe, legal and cost-effective chemical storage. Our storage tanks and drip pans are made of polymer plates of special high-density Polyethylene and are available in a range of standard volumes. We can also produce bespoke reservoirs and drip pans with volumes up to 25m3. We offer a wide range of optional accessories such as filling devices, level monitoring and air scrubbers.

Our standard dosing tanks with stackable drip pans have both litre and US gallon scales and can be fitted with most ProMinent metering pumps as well as suction lances and mixers. Capacity ranges from 35 - 1000 litres in a robust design constructed of UV stabilised Polyethylene.


Chemical Transfer Pumps


We offer a range of chemical transfer pumps designed to suit the properties of any medium. 

  • Spectra progressive cavity pumps, designed for metering concentrated or dilute fluid polyelectrolytes 

  • von Taine® magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps for leakage-free metering of fluid chemicals 

  • DULCO®Trans Barrel Pumps for metering fluid media during bottling, depleting and decanting fluids from barrels, canisters, and reservoirs.

  • Duodos Air Operated Diaphragm Pump for metering feed of abrasive, viscous, highly sensitive and gaseous media. These pumps are dry-proof, self-priming and have no electric components.


Disinfection and Oxidation Systems


We can provide all current water disinfection methods. Our specialists take into account the type and strength of disinfection required and the generation of disinfection by-products as well as other factors, to determine the procedure best suited to the each application. We offer:

  • Dulcodes ultraviolet treatment plants for chemical-free, safe and reliable water disinfection and parasite neutralisation

  • Ozone to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms as well as removal of iron and manganese from water.

  • Chlorine dioxide producers for disinfection independent of pH and protection against Legionella 

  • Electrolysis plants to produce sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen, and ultra-pure chlorine gas.





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