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We have provided a high quality silk screen printing service for manufacturers and other clients for the past three years. Based in Wolverhampton, we deal with clients in the West Midlands and beyond, making signs and screen printing logos on a wide variety of corporate and wedding gifts. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and can help you get your company logo noticed.

Our printers have made signs for construction and demolition sites, as well as estate agents. We also design and manufacture safety signs, essential for any modern business that wants to keep their company safe. Our specialist printing has included name plates, Zippo lighters, USB sticks, exhibition display boards, and a wide range of other items. Silk screen printing is a method of stencilling that can be used on paper, fabric, metal, glass, wood, and plastic, meaning our team can help you create truly bespoke signs and gifts.

Our screen printing services include spot colours, varnishes, full colour process, screen making, film production, and finishing including CAD cutting. Whatever your needs, our team can help you find a solution. Whatever your need, our team will help you find a solution, so don't hesitate to contact us.  

Correx / Fluted Board

Correx / Fluted board signs are the ideal low budget solution for construction sites, advertising boards, and other places where waterproof, lightweight signage is needed. These signs are durable enough to hang in outdoor areas such as construction areas, and are available with bright, eye-catching colours. Available in a range of sizes, choose from pre-existing designs such as warnings about dangerous areas, or choose your own design with your company logo. These signs are re-usable, and ideal for a wide range of applications.  

Mandatory Signs

Keeping to health and safety regulations is essential for any modern business, so make sure your company displays all the mandatory signs for your work environment. We manufacture both rigid plastic or self adhesive options, meaning it's easy to display the correct signage both indoors and in outside sites. These signs can be used to inform employees and visitors of hard hat areas, pedestrian routes, areas where ear protection needs to be worn, and many other health and safety issues that they should be aware of. Keeping people informed of dangers can help cut down on accidents, and shows you have done your best to keep your site safe.  

Warning Signs

Make sure you highlight the dangers in your construction site, office, store, or other work environment with these warning signs available in self adhesive or rigid plastic. Warn employees, visitors, and customers of hot surfaces, trip hazards, wet paint, or anything else they need to be aware of. With eye-catching yellow and black logos, these signs really stand out, and can help avoid accidents, and ensures your business or site is complying with health and safety measures.  

Prohibition signs

If you need to warn people of a prohibited action, these red circle signs are the classic way of catching their attention. Whether it's smoking, mobile phones, or pedestrians, these signs ensure that you keep your staff and clients informed of company policies. They are great for traffic control on larger construction sites, allowing you to set a speed limit or allocate a no parking zone to keep it clear. Signs such as 'No Admittance' are also very useful for keeping people out of dangerous areas and ensuring you stick to regulations. Choose between rigid plastic or self adhesive options.  

Fire Action Signs

Having a clear plan in the event of a fire is important to any business or site, and these self adhesive or rigid plastic signs make it easy to keep your staff and visitors informed of what to do. You can personalise these signs by including your fire assembly point, ensuring people know where to gather if a fire breaks out, and meaning it's easier to check if anyone is missing. These bright, colourful signs are easy to read, and contain minimal, yet potentially life saving information. We also stock refuge point signs, ensuring your disabled employees know where to wait for assistance.

Fire Exit Signs

In case of a fire, it's essential that everyone in your building can clearly see where the exits are and where they should assemble, and these signs help them to evacuate the premises safely. With self adhesive and rigid plastic options available, there are green signs with arrows to make finding a route easier, and fire assembly point signs to show where people should wait. You can also give directions for disabled workers and visitors, ensure fire exits are kept clear, and warn of alarmed fire exit doors. These signs comply with UK EC legislation.  

Fire Equipment Signs

Our range of fire equipment signs ensure that your staff can find a fire extinguisher, fire alarm, a fire blanket, or a dry riser when they need it most. In bold, red colours, you can be sure that these signs are easy to see, even during an emergency situation. Help your staff find the fire telephone, fire point, fire hose, or wet riser easily, ensuring that precious time isn't wasted.  

Fire Extinguisher Identification

Using the wrong fire extinguisher can be dangerous, and could make the situation worse. Be sure to display our fire extinguisher identification signs near any equipment, ensuring your staff can quickly see what kinds of fire your extinguishers can tackle. Use our easy to read extinguisher colour code chart to quickly identify what equipment needs to be used, and keep compliant with UK EC legislation.  

First Aid Signs

Ensure that your staff and visitors can quickly find first aid equipment with these bright green signs. Whether it's an emergency eye wash, first aid box, or stretcher, these signs ensure that people will find it easy to get the medical help that they need. Display the names of your first aiders, or let people know what to do in case of an accident, these clearly printed signs ensure that no time is wasted when someone needs help.  


These self adhesive labels make it easy to warn staff and visitors of hazardous materials, chemicals, and gas. A cost effective way of labelling items that are toxic or poisonous, these labels help you avoid accidents and ensures that people handle these items with extra care.  

Door Signs

Door signs are idea for many different businesses, especially those that deal with members of the public. Or easy to hang self adhesive signs can be used for toilets, to keep the public out of private areas, or to direct them to your reception. This saves you having to give out endless directions, and ensures that people don't wander into unsafe areas or private offices.  

Free Standing Signs

Our free standing signs have a range of applications in businesses and exhibition displays. Our team can help you create the perfect signage for your company, ensuring that it's eye-catching and professional. Advertise products and services, or direct people and vehicles easily around your site, these signs are incredibly versatile and helpful. They are especially useful when signs are needed, but there's no wall hanging space available, and can easily be moved around or modified.

Double Sided Signs

Our double sided signs are great for exteriors, or to hang from ceilings to give safety warnings. They can be used for promotional purposes, and are incredibly eye-catching in retail and other sales environments. Contact our team about having a bespoke sign made for your business.  

Recycling Signs

Encourage your staff or customers to save the planet with these stylish recycling signs. They are idea for marking recycling collection points, and can be used in areas such as construction sites to ensure that materials are kept separate. Whether it's garden waste, electrical items, rubble, or scrap metal, using these signs makes it easy for people to sort out various goods. Their rigid plastic design means that they will stand up to the elements, and the bright colours makes it easy for materials to be sorted.  


Our screen printed stickers are made to your design in a quality self adhesive vinyl. Each sheet contains 100 stickers of 100x100mm size which have a wide range of uses around your office, factory, or other place of business. Stickers are printed in one colour, and we can work from a PDF file to ensure your sticker is the exact design you want. Add your logo and company address to equipment, or use them to easily mark items around the business. There are endless ways to use our stickers.  

Delivery Information

We are keen to ensure your products reach you in excellent condition. For orders over £25, we offer free delivery, and those under the threshold are charged a flat rate of £2.95. Smaller items are sent via Royal Mail's first class service, and if you order larger items or quantities, we will send them through a next working day courier service. Order a stock item before 1pm, and it'll be delivered the next working day, and if there is any delay, we will always keep you informed of your order's status.



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