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Presbar DieCastings Ltd specialises in first class die casting services. Here at Presbar we have been providing outstanding die casting services to customers in a range of industries for a number of years. We are well-respected in the industry for providing customers with top quality solutions at competitive prices. We provide a reliable service and work closely with customers at all stages of production to ensure the most successful solutions are reached. Our highly skilled and experienced team provides information and advice at all stages, from design through to prototype and production to ensure the end results meet and surpass customers’ expectations.

At Presbar we are continually researching the market and investing in new equipment and techniques which will allow us to meet the needs of our customers. As such, we now produce zinc die castings alongside our aluminium die casting services. Our hugely talented team uses state of the art equipment combined with traditional and modern techniques in order to create accurate die casting results.

Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our excellent aluminium and zinc die casting services. For further information and advice, please contact our friendly team at Presbar Diecastings who will be happy to help.

Die Casting

Our die casting services have developed steadily during the years as new equipment has been made available to us. We initially began using fully automatic die-casting cells in 1980s and went on to introduce our first robotic cell in the early 1990s. Today, we use Raydyne bulk melting facilities to create our aluminium alloys along with in-house spectrometers which are used to monitor the chemical analysis of each batch that is produced.


Here at Presbar we combine a number of traditional machining methods with modern methods in order to achieve the most accurate and effective production solutions. Alongside traditional drilling and tapping operations we also use state of the art CNC machining centres and lathes. Customers can benefit from great cost savings by taking advantage of our services under the one roof. Alongside our incredible CNC machinery we can also invest in dedicated machinery to suit specific needs of customers. Please contact us at Presbar with your production requirements to find out more.


We also offer various finishing services such as shot blasting, vibratory deburring, linishing and assembly. Our large scale finishing plant featuring automated processes allows us to provide finishing services at competitive prices. Alongside our excellent in-house finishing services we have also built great partnerships with other leading companies in the industry which also allows us to provide first class painted, chrome-plated or anodised finishing services. Please give us a call at Presbar Diecastings Ltd to find out more about our finishing services.


As a world leading company in advanced die design we have the skills, facilities and capabilities to create outstanding results. The design element of die casting is fundamental to the success of the die casting project. Our extremely talented design team works closely with customers to design the most successful components. We can work with existing designs or start from scratch in order to achieve the customer’s vision. We use complex computers and simulation software to model the most complex of dies. Please contact Presbar with your project requirements and find out how we can help.


The quality of our work at Presbar is paramount and we strive to achieve the highest quality standards in all areas of production. This has been at the forefront of our business since the early 1980s when we were one of the first diecasting companies to achieve BS 5750 certification. We continued to achieve the Automotive Assurance Certification TS 16949. Our team follows strict quality control methods and processes including: X-ray inspection, shadowgraph inspection, computerised and manual records used for SPC, coordinated measuring machines to ensure dimensional conformity and more.

Oil Cooler Connector

We have created thousands of high quality components during the years. Examples include Oil Connectors, Alternator Housings and Engine Mounts. Our oil cooling circuit components are produced to incredibly high leak tightness standards to meet high temperature/ high pressure oil requirements.

Alternator Housing

Our alternator housings are fully machined to high tolerances and are delivered ready for assembly. All of our products are manufactured to the highest of standards for reliable use in their application.

Engine Mount

We also provide engine mounting castings. Our experienced engineers produce these components with a high specification for porosity. Please contact us for further information regarding our production capabilities.

Alloy Compositions

Please visit our website to view our alloy compositions table. Here you can view the chemical composition of copper, magnesium, silicon, iron, manganese, nickel, zinc, lead, tin, titanium and aluminium.

Alloy Equivalents

Please also visit our website to view our alloy equivalents table. Here you can view grades of various alloys. If you would like further information regarding alloy equivalents, please contact us at Presbar Diecastings Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Zinc Alloys

For further information about zinc alloys, please visit our website to view our table. Here you can find out a wide range of technical data. For further information and advice regarding zinc alloys, please contact the team at Presbar Diecastings Ltd.

Standard Tolerances

Please visit our website to view diagrams and technical data regarding linear tolerances, as cast:

  • Simple Linear Tolerances (where parting line is not involved)
  • Parting Line Tolerances: must be provided in addition to linear dimensional tolerances to provide for the movement of the die.
  • Moving Die Part Tolerances: must be provided in addition to linear dimensional tolerances when a moving die part affects the dimension.
  • Tolerance for Flatness: this should be measured with a feeler gauge from three widely separated points on a continuous plane surface of the diecasting.

Sand Casting

Sand casting is a cost effective method of casting aluminium. The sand is made into a mould by forming around a wooden pattern. The pattern is then removed and the sand mould is assembled and molten metal poured into the mould. This type of casting is usually used for small production runs or complex shapes that require intricate cores. It is also used for very large castings. Please contact the team at Presbar Diecastings Ltd for further information regarding our sand casting services.

Plaster Mould Casting

We also carry out plaster mould casting. This type of casting creates a smooth surface finish with fine surface detail. It can be used to create castings as thin as 0.5mm and small holes can be cast to size ready for tapping. LM25 alloys are widely used with this type of casting.

Investment Casting

Investment casting is carried out using a ‘wax pattern’ that is created by injecting wax or plastic into a pattern die. The pattern is then attached to gating and runner system which is then dipped in to a hard setting refractory slurry which is then cured. Once the pattern is melted out of the mould to leave an exact cavity, the mould is heated to cure the refractory and to volatilise the remaining wax pattern material. The moulds are baked and molten metal is poured into the mould cavity. When the casting is solidified, the mould material is broken away from the casting.

Shell Moulding

Shell moulding features sand shells of various thickness from 4-10mm. The sand particles are bonded together with phenolic resins to create a permeable mould. The production of shell moulds can be automated to achieve medium to high production runs. The process is carried out by placing the resin coated sand on a hot metal pattern. This is then fired in an oven in order to harden the shell. Once it has cooled, the shell is removed from the pattern ready for use. Molten metal is poured into the shell mould cavity and left to cool. The mould material is then broken off of the casting.



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