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Precision Technology Supplies Ltd is a leading fastener company specialising in the supply of stainless steel industrial fasteners and precision turned parts. With nearly 25 years experience within the industry, Precision Technology Supplies Ltd is widely regarded in the industry both in the UK and Europe as well as the rest of the world. At Precision Technology Supplies Ltd, we offer huge selections of products within different ranges to suit our customers' needs. Our high quality products are manufactured in Metric and American Thread Fasteners from stock. Alongside our range of products we also offer other services such as plating and patchlocking.

Our plating service enables us to finish products to specific requirements. For example, our 'Touch-Dry' Chemi-Black process is becoming increasingly popular for use in high-tech industries. The 'Black Oxide' finish does not affect any dimensional tolerances. Other finishes include Gold, Nickel, Silver and Zinc (all of which are Rohs compliant). Our patchlocking service is also ideas for vibration resistance and added torque performance. We offer a number of patchlocking solutions – please contact us with your requirements. We also provide an effective screw modification service whereby we work on diameters from 1.6mm and above. This is a popular, cost-effective choice for customers who require small batches. Our items are usually delivered to customers within four days. We use UPS for global deliveries and customers can track their orders online via the Website Client Area.


We supply a wide selection of nuts in various sizes. Items within our range include: Hexagon Full Nuts, Hexagon Thin Nuts, Fine Thread Hexagon Full Nuts, Fine Thread Hexagon Thin Nuts, Left Hand Thread Hexagon Full Nuts, Left Hand Thread Hexagon Thin Nuts, Nylon Insert Nuts, Nylon Insert Nuts High Type, Nylon Insert Nuts Thin Type, Allmetal Self Locking Nuts, Serrated Flanged Nuts, Nylon Insert Serrated Flange Nuts, Hexagon Domed Nuts, Nylon Insert Domed Nuts, Hexagon Cap Nuts, Square Nuts, Chamfered Square Nuts, Wing Nuts, Slotted Round Nuts, Self Locking Counter Nuts, Knurled Thumb Nut High Type, Knurled Thumb Nut Thin Type, Lifting Eye Nuts, Lifting Eye Bolts, Hexagon Nuts Type B, Studding Connector Nuts, 4 Prong Tee-Nut, Cage Nuts, Hexagon Castle Nuts, Hexagon Castle Nuts Thin Type, Hexagon Weld Nuts, Square Weld Nuts, USA Small Pattern Hexagon Nuts,  USA Heavy Hexagon Full Nuts and USA KEP Nuts. For detailed specifications, please visit our website.


We also supply a large range of washers. Items within our range include: Form A Flat Washers, Form B Flat Washers, Form C Flat Washers, Penny Washers, Wood Construction Washers, Wood Construction Washers Square Hole, DIN 7349 Heavy Flat Washers,  Rectangular Section Spring Washers, Square Section Spring Washers, DIN 128A Curved Spring Washers, DIN 137A Curved Washers, DIN 137B Wave Washers, DIN 6796 Conical Washers, DIN 433 Flat Washers, DIN 9021 Flat Washers, ISO 7089 Flat Washers 200HV, DIN 988 Shim Washers, Locking Washer S Type, Disc Springs, Internal Tooth Washers DIN 6797, External Tooth Washers DIN 6797, Internal Tooth Washers DIN 6798, External Tooth Washers DIN 6798, Crinkle Washers, Solid Metal Finishing Washers, Bonded Sealing Washers with Grey EPDM, USA Flat Washers, USA Spring Washers, USA Internal Tooth Washers, USA External Tooth Washers and USA 800 Series Flat Washers. Please visit our website for full specifications.

Socket Screws

Our range of high quality socket screws include: Socket Cap Screws (half and full thread), TX Cap Screws, Socket Cap Screws with Serration, Socket Button Screws, TX Button Screws, Flanged Socket Buttons, Flanged TX Buttons, Low Head Socket Cap Screws, TX Low Head Cap Screws, Low Head Socket Cap Screws DIN 6912, Socket Countersunk Screws, Socket Set Screws Cup Point, Socket Set Screws Flat Point, Socket Set Screws Cone Point and Socket Set Screws Dog Point. For detailed specifications and to view images, please visit our website.


We supply a huge selection of hexagon bolts and screws within the following ranges: Hexagon Head Set Screws, Hexagon Head Bolts, Carriage Bolts Full Thread, Carriage Bolts, Flanged Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Head Coach Screws and Hexagon Head Set Screws with Slot. All of our hexagon bolts and screws are manufactured from tough durable materials and are designed to be long-lasting. Our products are offered at competitive prices. For detailed specifications of all of the products within the range, please visit our website where you can also purchase quantities of products easily online.

Machine Screws

We supply a large selection of machine screws. Items within the range include Slot Cheese Machine Screws, Slot Pan Machine Screws, Slot Pan Shoulder Screws, Large Head Slot Pan Machine Screws, Reduced Head Slot Pan Machine Screws, Slot Countersunk Machine Screws, Pozi Pan Machine Screws, Pozi Countersunk Machine Screws, Phillips Pan Machine Screws, Phillips Countersunk Machine Screws, TX Pan Machine Screws, TX Countersunk Machine Screws, Pozi Raised Countersunk Machine Screws, Slot Raised Countersunk Machine Screws, Phillips Raised Countersunk Machine Screws, TX Raised Countersunk Machine Screws, Slot Mushroom Machine Screws, Phillips Mushroom Machine Screws, Pozi Pan Thread Rolling Screws, Pozi Countersunk Thread Rolling Screws, TX Pan Thread Rolling Screws, TX Countersunk Thread Rolling Screws, Wing Screws, Knurled Thumb Screws, Knurled Thumb Screws with Slot, Slotted Capstan Screws, Slot Fillister Machine Screws, Slot Binding Machine Screws and Slot Round Machine Screws.

Security Screws

Our selection of security screws includes Pin TX Button Screws, Pin TX Countersunk Screws, Pin TX Raised Countersunk Screws, Pin TX Button Self Tapping Screws, Pin TX Countersunk Self Tapping Screws, Pin TX Barrel Nuts, Pin Hex Button Screws, Pin Hex Countersunk Screws, Pin Hex Raised Countersunk Screws, Pin Hex Button Self Tapping Screws, Pin Hex Countersunk Self Tapping Screws, 2Hole Pan Screws, 2Hole Countersunk Screws, 2Hole Pan Self Tapping Screws and 2Hole Countersunk Self Tapping Screws. All of our security screws are supplied at cost-effective prices and are available in different pack sizes. Please visit our website for further details of this range and to order easily online. Delivery is usually within 3 – 4 working days, however full delivery information is available on the website.

Shoulder Screws

We are proud to be Accurate Manufactured Products Group (AMPG) sole European distributor and partner for Metric and Imperial Shoulder Screws. Within the product range we have Knurled Socket Shoulder Screws, Socket Shoulder Screws, Low Head Socket Shoulder Screws, Ultra Low Head Socket Shoulder Screws, TX Shoulder Screws, Slotted Shoulder Screws, Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws and Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws. All products have DFARS compliant material with full traceability. To see our full range of sizes, visit our website.

Slotted Grubscrews

We supply three main ranges of Slotted Grubscrews. These include Slotted Set Screws Cup Point, Slotted Set Screws Flat Point, Slotted Set Screws Cone Point and Slotted Set Screws Part Thread. All of our Slotted Grubscrews are available in different quantities and are usually delivered within three to four working days. At Precision Technology, we are SGS ISO 9002 quality assured and can provide certificates of conformity upon request. All of our products are clearly batched and labelled so that they can be easily traceable.


We have extended our range of pins within our product base. We still offer Dowel pins and Slotted Spring Pins with the addition of Split Pins, Full Length Taper Grooved Pins, Half Length Taper Grooved Pins and Full Length Parallel Grooved Pins. These are available in various sizes and quantities. Please visit our website where you can view detailed specifications and order products via our simple online ordering system. If you have any queries, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to assist.


Our Studs fall into three main categories: Threaded Rod, Threaded Studs and Left Hand Threaded Rod. We also have two new additions to our range which are Double End Studs both DIN 938 and DIN 939. All items within these ranges are available in various sizes and quantities. Our studs are designed and manufactured to be tough and long-lasting for use in all types of industry applications.

Delivery of our products is usually within three to four working days. Please visit the studs section of our website for further details and images of the studs that we supply. If there are any products that you require that you cannot find on our website, please contact us and we will see if we can help. We aim to accommodate all of our customers' requests wherever possible.

Knurled Fasteners

Our range of Knurled Fasteners includes: Knurled Thumb Screws, Knurled Thumb Screws with Slot, Knurled Thumb Nut High Type and Knurled Thumb Nut Thin Type. See our website for full specifications and sizes on these products. We also provide detailed images of each of our products. If you wish for any extra further help, contact us or send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Self Tapping

We supply a wide range of tappers. Items within the range include: Pozi Pan AB Tappers, Pozi Pan B Tappers, Pozi Countersunk AB Tappers, Pozi Raised Countersunk AB Tappers, Slot Pan AB Tappers, Slot Countersunk AB Tappers, Slot Raised Countersunk AB Tappers, Phillips Pan AB Tappers, Phillips Countersunk AB Tappers, Phillips Countersunk B Tappers, Phillips Raised Countersunk AB Tappers, TX AB Tappers, TX Countersunk AB Tappers, TX Raised Countersunk AB Tappers, Hexagon Head AB Tappers, Socket Cap Head Tappers and Round Head Hammer Drives.

Self Drilling

Our range of self drilling products includes: Hexagon Washer Self Drilling, Phillips Pan Self Drilling, Phillips Countersunk Self Drilling, TX Pan Self Drilling, TX Countersunk Self Drilling and Hexagon Self Drilling with Sealing Washer. Our range of self drilling products has been created to meet most, if not all, types of industry applications. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products to our customers. Our experience within the industry enables us to achieve this process effectively. For further details and images of our self drilling products, please visit our website where prices are also displayed.


Our selection of woodscrews include: Decking Screws, Pozi Countersunk Woodscrews, Pozi Raised Countersunk Woodscrews, Pozi Round Woodscrews, Slot Countersunk Woodscrews, Slot Raised Countersunk Woodscrews, Slot Round Woodscrews, TX Mushroom Head Woodscrews, Pozi Rsd Csk Woodscrews with Sealing Washer (15mm, 20mm & 25mm) and TX Rsd Csk Woodscrews with Sealing Washer (15mm, 20mm & 25mm). All of our woodscrews are made out of tough, reliable materials and are available in various quantities. Please visit our website to view pictures of our ranges as well as detailed specifications. Our online ordering service is available for you to order products quickly and easily. Delivery is usually within three to four working days; however, please visit our website for further information on our shipping service.

Chipboard Screws

Our range of chipboard screws includes: Pozi Csk Chipboard Screws Full Thread, Pozi Csk Chipboard Screws, Pozi Pan Chipboard Screws Full Thread, Tx Csk Chipboard Screws Full Thread, Tx Csk Chipboard Screws, Pozi Raised Csk Chipboard Screws Full Thread, TX Pan Chipboard Screws Full Thread, TX Pan Chipboard Screws and TX Csk Self Drill Chipboard Screws. All of our chipboard screws are available in various quantities and are supplied at cost-effective prices. Our chipboard screws are made out of tough, reliable materials and are widely used for various industry applications. Please visit our website, or contact us at Precision Technology Supplies Ltd for further details on our products and services.

Retaining Rings

We supply three main ranges of retaining rings. These include E-Clips (flat, semi-circular steel fasteners), Internal Circlips (a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends that can be snapped into place), and External Circlips (semi-flexible ring that comes with open ends). Our retaining rings are manufactured from tough materials that are also designed to withstand corrosion and erosion. They are used as fasteners for various industry applications. To view images of our retaining rings, as well as detailed specifications and prices, please visit our website. Alternatively, please contact us at Precision Technology Supplies Ltd where one of our friendly members of staff will provide you with all of the information you may need.

Screws for Plastics

We supply a wide selection of screws for use with plastics. Items within the range include: Pozi Pan Polytech 30, Phillips Pan Polytech 30, Pozi Countersunk Polytech 30, Phillips Countersunk Polytech 30, TX Pan Polytech 30, TX Countersunk Polytech 30, Pozi Flanged Polytech 30, Pozi Pan Polyfix 45, Pozi Countersunk Polyfix 45, TX Pan Polyfix 45, TX Countersunk Polyfix 45, and Pozi Flanged Polyfix 45. All of the screws within the range are designed and manufactured specifically for use with plastics. They are manufactured from tough materials and are supplied at competitive prices.

Drive Bits

We supply a selection of drive bits. These include: Pozi, Phillips, TX, Pin TX, Pin Hex, Square, 2Hole, Pin Hex Key Wrench and Pin TX Key Wrench. All of our drive bits are manufactured out of tough, resilient materials and are designed to last. Products within our ranges are used for various industry applications throughout Europe. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best service, both before and after sales. Our excellent customer service combined with our quality products and services is the driving force which leads Precision Technology Supplies Ltd to be at the leading edge of the market today.


We have a large variety or Stainless Steel Rivets with our product range. These include: Dome Rivets, Countersunk Head Rivets, Sealed Dome Rivets, Flat Head Knurled Insert Nuts, Countersunk Knurled Insert Nuts, Reduced Csk Knurled Insert Nuts, Flat Head Half Hex Insert Nuts, Reduced Csk Half Hex Insert Nuts, Round Head Solid Rivets and Countersunk Head Solid Rivets. At Precision Technology Supplies Ltd, we offer a wide range Stainless Steel Fasteners and Precision Turned Parts. With over 25 years experience in the industry we offer quality customer service and extensive knowledge of the products.

Pipe Plugs

We offer 2 different types of Pipe Plug within our product range which are Socket Pipe Plugs and Socket Pipe Plugs with Collar. Both of these are Stainless Steel and are available in both A2 and A4. Both of these are available in Metric and Inch 0un. As part of our service we offer a very quick delivery service via UPS with varying times of delivery available. Prices for delivery will vary depending on time chosen.

Allied Products

We currently offer one item in our Allied Products range which is Hose Clamps DIN 3017. We offer these in both A2 and A4. To see a full list of our products visit our website at www.pts-uk.com.



Registration Number: 02192324
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