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Precision Solutions is a commercial outlet established by global company, MBDA. MBDA delivers cutting-edge technology to customers across the world and is known largely for its complex missile systems. At Precision Solutions, we supply MBDA's incredible products to various engineering industries such as military, aerospace, and for use with other engineering applications. MBDA has unparalleled knowledge and experience within the field and is well regarded for its incredible products and systems across the world. MBDA's capabilities cover three main areas: Testing and Analytical Solutions (capabilities are as diverse as radiation hardening evaluation, high power RF test sources and more), Sensor and Imaging Solutions (MBDA's sophisticated technologies are brought together to create innovative solutions, including 94GHz imaging technology for use in low visibility applications, infrared interferometry and guidance, control and navigation or airborne systems), and Manufacturing Solutions (offering the assembly and test of a variety of complex electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems and subsystems.

Sensor/Imaging: Enhanced Vision Systems

MBDA has developed, designed and created the mmW RF imaging technology (94 GHz) as a powerful solution to the landing of aircraft in all types of weather conditions. The mmW RF technology has many benefits over other IR imaging methods that are available and can accommodate highly accurate imaging in a range of conditions.

MBDA's RF seeker developments offer many benefits for landing, including alternative applications of the same core radar unit for military, quasi-military and commercial deployments and a landing aid for pilots in dust or sand clouds (brown-out or white-out) and more.

To find out more about the equipment, please contact our friendly team at Precision Solutions.

IR Interferometry:

Our IR Interferometry range has been designed and developed for the accurate measurement of wavefront aberration of thermal imaging lenses, optical homogeneity of infra red materials and flatness of optical surfaces.

We supply the INTERFIRE II range of infra-red interferometers. These are available in a range of lasers operating at 10.6 microns, 3-5 microns, 1.55 microns or 850 nanometres wavelengths. They allow fringe images to be obtained quickly and easily with excellent signal-to-noise.

Please visit our website for full descriptions of each of the products within the INTERFIRE II range.

High Power RF Test Sources

MBDA UK Ltd has designed a high power microwave modular VHF test source as a solution for EMC requirements for both military and non-military RF susceptibility and effects testing. This test source comprises four subsystems:

  • a Remote Control Unit (RCU)
  • a Power and Control Unit (PCU)
  • a Support Unit (SU)
  • a Radiating Unit (RU)

Specifications include:

  • an operating frequency of 80MHz to 200MHz
  • various pulse repetition frequency,
  • high reliability,
  • 1 million pulse lifetime,
  • field levels representative of DEW sources in the far field,
  • and more.

MBDA’s test source developments provide a range of solutions to RF test source applications.

Synthetic Environments:

MBDA's Synthetic Environments are designed to provide a wide range of models and simulations that are necessary for complex defence systems to be linked together to facilitate data exchange and interoperability between them. MBDA's self-contained Interoperability Box establishes these connections and permits data exchange between different sites, systems and protocols.

Specifications include:

  • the exchange of information between live, virtual and constructive (LVC) components,
  • a rapidly reconfigurable, flexible and agile environment consisting of reusable components,
  • the infrastructure to connect the components between the facilities and across national boundaries, and more.

Radiation Effects:

Our Radiation Effects Group provides a high quality service in the testing capabilities area of nuclear hardening. Our highly trained and qualified team ensures that systems and equipment are designed and built to withstand the elements.

The radiation knowledge and resource base includes:

  • hardened architectures,
  • design and methods, hardening technology and research,
  • modelling of environments (system, subsystem and equipment behaviours),
  • generation of guidelines (provision of courses and detailed technical
  • nuclear and space radiation physics,
  • experimental measurement and use of radiation test facilities.

IR Optical Design:

Our specialist team provides an excellent service regarding the design and production of electro-optical components, modules and systems for a variety of defence and commercial applications. Our facilities and capabilities enable our skilled staff to design, develop, assemble and test components and assemblies to the highest standards. Our staff use design tools such as CODE V, ZEMAX, AUTOCAD, PRO-ENGINEER as well as specialised in-house software. Concept and feasibility studies are carried out by the team before producing prototypes and full scale volume productions. MBDA also offers a consultancy service.

For further information please contact Precision Solutions.

Sensor/Imaging: Guidance, Control and Navigation

Our extensive experience and knowledge of RF, IR, laser and associated technologies  not only places us at the leading edge of the industry but is also used for the development and application of seeker technology for missile systems in other sensor and imaging applications. For further information, please take a look at our website or contact the team at Precision Solutions MBDA who will provide you with all the information and assistance you may need.

IR Interferometry: INTERFIRE II Accessories

The Reflective Beam Expander has been expertly designed and manufactured for use with the INTERFIRE range of infrared interferometers. It is used for the analysis of large optics and can be used in the 3-5 micron and 8-12 micron wavebands. This robust unit is a standalone model that can be bolted to an optical bench for height adjustment and fine alignment. It features a matched pair of permanently aligned aluminium mirrors with magnesium fluoride protective coatings.

We also supply various other optical accessories designed for use with the INTERFIRE range of interferometers. Please take a look at our website to view the range in full.

IR Interferometry: INTERFIRE II Software

Our Phase Shift Software has been created to obtain information from different areas of the optical surface under test. This type of measuring is more accurate than static fringe analysis as it allows higher density and uniform sampling of the interface patters as well as better phase resolution. Features of the Phase Shift Software include Piezo mirror control, Phase shifting control, Vision fringe acquisition and interpretation software, Frame grabber PC card and PC DAC card.

Static Fringe Analysis software packages are also available with accuracy of approximately lambda/20 manually verified results for simple peak to valley measurements.  

IR Optical Design: LADAR

Here at MBDA we are continually researching and developing our products and systems to make a positive impact on the industry and to provide users with outstanding, modern equipment leading to fantastic results. As part of our development our team of experts have been working on methodologies for LADAR testing in a HWIL environment and are able to expand current capabilities of HWIL test benches to include LADAR testing through the provision of the third dimension of range and target depth.

If you would like to find out more about our LADAR developments please contact the team at MBDA to discuss further.

IR Optical Design: RF Innovations Group

We supply various RF Technologies that have been designed for use in non-missile systems such as frequency synthesiser subsystems, microwave receivers, transmitters and radar imagers for use in civil or defence radars. Please contact MBDA to find out more about our RF Technologies.

IR Optical Design: RF Innovations Group Capabilities

Transmitters and Receivers: feature special circuits or wave guiding structures such as waveguide, microstrip or quasi-optical Gaussian beam lens trains based on advances in radio-astronomical telescopic design developed during the last twenty years.

Antenna Design: this team has a wealth of experience in the design, development and manufacture of small aperture high efficiency antennas over the frequency range of 1-100GHz.

Servo Subsystems: high accuracy servomechanism sub-systems used to produce mechanically steered antenna.

Simulation and Modelling: state of the art microwave and systems modelling tools are used to create outstanding designs.

Synthetic Aperture Radar: use a Doppler beam-sharpening technique to produce real time images that are less sensitive to adverse weather, smoke, dust and foliage obscuration.

Sensor/Imaging: Technical Datasheets

We are also pleased to present a wide selection of technical datasheets on our website. Examples of the datasheets include: Interferometric Testing of Objective Lenses, Fringe Measurement Techniques, Good Practise in Interferometry, Transverse Ray Aberrations, Optics for un-cooled Detectors, Athermalised Lens Design and many more. Please also call the team directly at MBDA for further information.

Test/Analytical: Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Lethality

For the ultimate expertise in aerodynamics and airframe design, computational fluid dynamics and propulsion, Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Lethality are the answer. Examples of capabilities include: Define and redefine aerodynamic configuration, Definition of aerodynamic characteristics, Aerodynamic loading distribution for airframe design, Numerical Simulations of complex fluid flow, Aerodynamic loading data for stress analysis, Definition of propulsion requirements and Assessments of proposed propulsion system.

Please contact the team at MBDA to find out more.

Test/Analytical: Environmental Engineering

Our incredible environmental test facility is able to create a wide range of environmental test condition simultaneously to aid the design, development and formal qualification of various types of equipment. Our state of the art environmental engineering laboratory provides incredibly accurate results for the most challenging of tasks.

To find out more about our environmental engineering capabilities please contact us at MBDA.

Test/Analytical: Environmental Test Capabilities

Our state of the art test capabilities are designed to simulate various natural and induced environmental conditions that are likely to be found on land, at sea or in the air. Various combinations can be achieved such as temperature, pressure and vibration, or to vibrate at temperature extremes from -55 °C to +135 °C. Examples of conditions and test cycles may include solar radiation heating, humidity, high temperature, low temperature, salt mist and sea spray, fluid contamination, rain/water spray, fine mist and low air pressure (altitude). Other types of testing include: Sustained Acceleration, Acoustic Testing, Vibration, Shock and Bump Testing and Structural and Fatigue Testing.

HWIL RF and IR Countermeasures:

At MBDA we are extremely proud of our infrared seeker assessment facility. With our state of the art equipment and facilities we can examine seeker behaviour in the presence of complex background, targets and high temperature countermeasures. Our highly accurate laboratory testing provides a flexible and versatile architecture for sensor, seeker and algorithm testing types.

HWIL RF and IR Countermeasures: HWIL Components

Examples of our HWIL components include:

HWIL IR Simulator: features two independent IR sources capable of representing flares and jammers, recycling during engagement for multiple flare sequences and current controlled output to over 2000 °C.

HWIL RF Simulator: provides multi-target RF seeker assessment in the presence of countermeasures and clutter.

HWIL Subsystems Real Time PC Control: using Linux Dual Pentium controller to provide user interface, data capture and synthetic environmental analysis.

HWIL Subsystems Target Scene Generator:  in open or closed-loop test mode the generator produces synthetic scenes of air targets, backgrounds and low temperature countermeasures.

Please visit our website to view the complete range.

Human Factors:

We also draw upon knowledge and various resources to integrate the human element into the design of complex systems. Examples of our resources include models of human performance and behaviour, databases of human physical characteristics, tools and techniques for the assessment of human performance, experimentation facilities and experiment design expertise and rapid prototyping tools for the development of Human Computer/ Human Machine Interfaces.

These resources are used for various applications such as human factors integration management, user centred design, human computer interface, HCI/HMI prototyping, anthropometric modelling, manual handling assessment, human performance prediction and assessment, formal experimentation, usability testing and more.

Materials Laboratory:

It is essential that materials have the correct properties for their purpose in various industry applications. At Precision Solutions we have many years experience and fantastic facilities for proving and testing materials, processes and other related activities. Examples of our processes include:

Material and Processes Selection, Proving, Standardisation, Obsolescence

Process/ Component Validation

Defect and Failure Investigations (NDE)

Health, Safety and Environmental Monitoring.

These processes enable effective development and evaluation of various material based technologies. Please contact the team at Precision Solutions to find out more.

Materials Laboratory: Instrumental Techniques

Our materials evaluation laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art equipment for the accurate testing and assessment of various materials and processes.

Examples of our equipment include: variable pressure scanning electron microscope, EDX analyser, optical microscopes, image analysis and digital microphotography, fourier transform infrared spectrometer and microscope, radiography, ultrasonic testing, eddy-current testing, magnetic and penetrant flaw detection, dynamic mechanical and thermomechanical analyser, differential scanning calorimeter, thermal gravimetric analyser, X-ray fluorescent spectrometer and 200 kN materials testing machine.

Our highly skilled and experienced team is able to provide various types of inspection and analytical techniques including microscopy, image analysis, chemical analysis and more.

Materials Laboratory: Materials & Processes

We are pleased to boast a fantastic materials evaluation team whose extensive experience ensures that all materials are suitable for use in their intended applications and environments.  Our team is skilled and experienced in the following areas: High temperature structural materials, lightweight and composite materials and design, plastic and rubbers, fuels and lubricants, paints, sealants and encapsulants and smart structures. We also use various materials processing including welding, brazing and soldering, casting and forging, machining, heat treatment, electroplating, stealth technology, thermal barriers/ ablatives, corrosion and wear protection, structural monitoring, material compatibility and explosives compatibility.

Diamond Machining:

Here at Precision Solutions we are proud to boast our diamond machining facility. This features the use of single point diamond turning to allow components to be machined to extremely precise dimensions and tolerances which in turn enhances system performance down the line. Our incredible team is highly experienced and skilled in diamond machining to provide fantastic results.

Electronics and Circuit Card Assembly:

Our world class facility features first class assembly and processing equipment for the quality production of complex and technically demanding electronics and circuit card assemblies. We are pleased to be able to accommodate both high and low volume production alongside trickle and surge production. Our facilities include assembly of multi-chip modules, chip scale packaging research, integrated conveyors, lead-free compatibility, component test on assembly, in-circuit passive tests, high accuracy and high speed functional test, environmental stress screening and more. To find out more about our capabilities in this area, please call the team at Precision Solutions.

System/Sub-system Assembly and Test:

Our facility is fully equipped for a variety of complex electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical sub-systems test and assembly. Our skilled team undertakes high and low volume manufacture, mixed and multi model production, push and pull based manufacture, manufacture from ‘in house’ designs or build to print, manufacturing architecture mix/ multi product group technology/ rapidly re-configurable bespoke product assembly lines and a broad product technology base.

Please contact the team at Precision Solutions MBDA to find out more about system and sub-system assembly and test.

Optronics Production:

We are also pleased to boast our modern optronics production and test facility designed for the manufacture of in-house and build-to-print sub assemblies and system level modules for use in the visible, infrared and millimetre wavelength regions of the spectrum. Our facility features a 3000 square foot Class K (BS5295) cleanroom with facilities that are calibrated and maintained to UK NPL and NAMAS standards. Please get in touch to find out more.

EMC Testing:

Our state of the art, UKAS accredited, Electromagnetic Engineering and Technology EMC facility provides the industry with a comprehensive test, design advice, prediction and analysis as well as computational electromagnetic service covering various specifications.

Our excellent facility can accommodate large units and systems within its chambers up to 1800 cubic metres volume. Alongside our test facilities we also offer: Qualification Testing, Transient/ Rad Haz Safety trials, Design advice and Pre-qualification testing and NEMP/ESD/ Lightning assessments.

Sensor/Imaging: EVS Applications

Our Enhanced Vision Systems offerings include fixed wing technologies for zero height and zero visibility landing. The Autonomous Landing Guidance or Autonomous Airborne Landing Capability have been tested in the United States on both commercial and military aircraft – resulting in aircrafts cleared to land in 0,0 visibility conditions. We also produce Enhanced Vision Systems for rotary (helicopter) craft in high dust situations. And our commercial security offerings include Enhanced Vision Systems for sensitive areas such as sports stadia, public transit stations, airport security, and other sensitive buildings. Please see our website for details.

IR Interferometry: Dual Waveband INTERFIRE II

Out INTERFIRE II interferometers come in a unique dual-waveband configuration – two lasers feeding a single base-unit. The dual waveband system offers a number of benefits; easy to set up, efficient use of space, cost savings over installing two independent systems, dynamic range extensive, and a wide variety of accessories and software. The interferometers are ideal for developing and testing, production, quality control, and research; and they support the accurate measurement of wavefront aberration of thermal imaging lenses and other applications. Please see our website for details.

Diamond Machining: Facilities

We have a state of the art diamond machining facility, with two Computer Numeric Control (CNC) single point diamond turning lathes and a fly-cutter. Our facilities can produce complex non-spherical surfaces from a number of metal alloys and optical materials. And our different lathe sizes give us great flexibility in producing different parts. We also offer surface finishing work, surface profiling, and details expert visual inspection. Please see our website for details.

Diamond Machining: Components

Our state of the art and expert diamond machining services are tailored to produce a range of components – lenses, mirrors, mould tools, and mechanical parts. We can produce a number of infrared lenses: spherical lenses, diffractive lenses, dome and hemispherical lenses, and aspheric lenses. We can also produce a number of different kinds of mirrors: flat, polygon, slicer, spherical, aspheric, elliptical, and parabolic. And we can produce fresnels, contact lens, and lens arrays, as well as bearings, video drums, lens plotting jigs, and many others. Please see our website for details.

Diamond Machining: Materials

Our state of the art and expert diamond machining services can be used with a huge range of materials. Lenses can be made with Germanium, Silicon, ZnSe, ZnS, IG 1-6, Amtir, Polycarbonate and Acrylic. Mirrors can be made with Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and Nickel. And our mould tool can be made with Brass, Aluminium, Nickel, and Mouldmax. Please see our website for details.

Electronics and Circuit Card Assembly: Assembly & Test

We can assemble and test a range of circuit card assemblies – using mixed technology (i.e. both surface mount and through hole constructions) as well as double-sided sub-assemblies and sub-assemblies with a range of surface-mounted components on various substrates. Our production processes range from automated component preparation and handling, simulation of challenging or hostile environments, cropping and forming, component tinning and degolding, and a number of other processes. Please see our website for details.

Optronics Production: 50-250 IR objective lens

Our 50-250 athermalised infrared objective lens allows for switching from 5mm to 250mm focal lengths – respectively with 17.5 degree and 3.5 fields of view. The product is designed to be used with a range of cool cameras – therefore it meets military environment specifications. And it can be used in paramilitary and civilian markets for surveillance and tracking applications even in low visibility. Please see our website for details.

Optronics Production: Optical production

Our optical production allows us to serve customers who have their own design and development facilities but do not have the manufacturing or assembly capacities needed for large-scale production. Our in-house electro-optical test facility features a wide range of test equipment for testing across the visible and infrared bands, as well as  fully polychromatic MTF, FTIR spectrophotometry and many other associated test configurations. And our facilities can be hired for contract testing of optical systems produced by others. Please see our website for details.

System/Sub-system Assembly and Test: Electrical/mechanical assembly

We have long experience in assembling many kinds of sub-systems – including control and guidance systems, actuation and power supply assemblies, fuzing systems, safety and arming systems, gyroscopes, electronic drives, and mechanical timing units. Please see our website for details.

System/Sub-system Assembly and Test: Electrical and mechanical test

Our sophisticated testing programmes can test sub-systems for certification and reliability, bespoke automatic tests and environmental facilities, Unit Under Test operational performance, tests for a number of environmental conditions, prime equipment functional tests, hydraulic and pneumatic tests, purging of thermal and infrared systems, and radio frequency tests. Please see our website for details.

System/Sub-system Assembly and Test: Technology integration

We can integrated a range of diverse technologies across different manufacturing projects and processes. The typical technologies in which we have expert experience include electro-optical systems, gas and electrical actuation, switched antenna arrays, control surfaces, mechanical drive units, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, wired and motherboard chassis, and other technologies. Please see our website for details.

Test/Analytical: Ghandi Project

The Geometry Handling and Integration (Ghandi) project is a major collaborative research and development initiative to support innovation in aerospace technology. The project aims to improve modelling techniques for the challenges experienced when modelling airframe geometry and airflows in novel and unconventional airframe designs. The project operates with a range of key organisations in the UK aerodynamics community and receives funding from both government and industry. Please see our website for details.

Human Factors: Human Factors Facilities

Human factors are a major part of aerodynamics and aircraft piloting. Our Human Factors Facilities gives us a controlled environment for conducting usability trials and other human factor tests. We use video and audio capture and analysis to measure human performance, including workload, error, and situational awareness. And we connect the human factors laboratory to systems integration facilities and usability assessment tools, as well as anthropometric modelling and assessment. Please see our website for details.

Radiation Effects: Gamma pulse detector

We produce the gamma pule detector, both DIL and surface mount, to help circumvent the effects of large gamma ray pulses. The gamma ray pulses are detected, setting off a system flag, which which then either removes power from electronics to protect the components, or drives the system into a controllable and known state. The product can be integrated into systems to support radiation hardening. Please see our website for details.

Radiation Effects: Radiation Hardening Testing

Microelectronics require radiation hardening testing – to guard against single event effects. Such events come from heavy ions or neutrons arising from natural sources (cosmic or solar particles) or other sources. We offer a comprehensive system to test microelectronics to ensure that their radiation hardening is sufficient to withstand the damaging effects of single event effects. Please see our website for details.

Radiation Effects: Radiation Hardening Modelling

We offer a comprehensive radiation hardening modelling service. Computer modelling helps predict circuit and system responses to radiation effects. The modelling applications range from design to virtual qualification. And the suite of modelling codes mean that you can test for blast wave, thermal shock and radiation environment calculations alongside modelling of circuit and system behaviour. We also offer a rich component database. Please see our website for details.

Synthetic Environments: Interoperability Box

Our Interoperability Box is a turn-key system designed to find solutions for challenging interoperability problems. The hardware components and software modules can help to connect sites and systems and convert information between different protocols. Data exchange and real-time and offline data analysis help gives a full 3D perspective of the experiment, exercise, or process. Please see our website for details.

Synthetic Environments: Open Architecture

The Interoperability Box comes with an open architecture structure – relying on open standards, facilitating easy integration of new sites, and other applications. Public or private networks can be used to offer distributed services and databases with a graceful degradation of fault tolerance. Please see our website for details and for a full list of the supported protocols.

Synthetic Environments: Network Connectivity & Services

The Interoperability Box offers extensive network connectivity and services – allowing for communication and collaboration with partners around the world. Knowledge, databases and models can be shared and protocols can be distributed. Please see our website for details.

EMC Testing: EMC Test Facilities

We maintain a state of the art electromagnetic compatibility testing facility. Our anechoic chambers, mode stirred chamber, and high power microwave testing equipment, are all designed for testing the electromagnetic compatibility of a range of different kinds of equipment. We are in an ideal position for this kind of testing. Please see our website for details about each of our testing apparatuses.

EMC Testing: EMC Test Capabilities

Our electromagnetic compatibility testing capabilities include qualification testing, to test for e-field shielding measurements, Cable Xt measurements, and gasket or material shielding. And we can test missiles, power converters, avionics units, military vehicles, signalling equipment, and communications or navigation equipment, for electromagnetic compatibility. We can also conduct transient or Rad Haz safety trials. And we offer design advice and pre-qualification testing. Please see our website for details.

EMC Testing: EMC Modelling

Our electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) modelling abilities are designed to meet the specialist needs of an advanced EMC modelling process. Our modelling service includes finite different electromagnetic penetration of enclosures and coupling, methodology for establishing critical paths of ingress to EM radiation systems, and Computer-Aided Design applications for relevant modelling work. We also offer other sophisticated modelling services – Aseris-FD and MESAF modelling. Please see our website for details.



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