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Precision Cutting Ltd provides diamond drilling and diamond sawing services for clients throughout the South East of England. As a specialist contractor, we use the very latest, state-of-the-art diamond cutting and drilling equipment to solve the even most challenging construction and demolition problems - and whatever the job, we ensure it is completely quickly, accurately and, most importantly, safely. Our services include:

  • Diamond drilling
  • Handheld hydraulic diamond sawing
  • Floor sawing
  • Road/Bridge/Motorway/Deep sawing
  • Track sawing
  • Diamond wire sawing
  • Hydraulic bursting
  • Hydraulic crunching
  • Structural/Earth anchor installation
  • Railway tie bar schemes
  • Brokk robotic demolition

Precision Cutting Ltd is based in the South East of England, which makes us a great choice for any diamond drilling or sawing job required in and around London, Kent, Surrey and Essex. However, if needed, we’re more than happy to take on jobs outside of the South East and even abroad. 

Drawing upon over 18 years of industry experience, we’re able to meet almost any diamond drilling or cutting requirement. Our aim is to provide a consistent and reliable service, and to set the standard in terms of quality, safety and value. 

All of our operatives hold current cards for CSCS, PTS, PASMA and MEWP, giving you complete peace of mind. For more information about our services, please visit Precision Cutting Ltd online or contact us on 01435 864666. 

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is fast, accurate, non-disruptive and dust free, making it by far and away the best method of creating clean circular holes in hard materials. We have an enormous range of diamond tipped drill bits in a wide variety of sizes, allowing us to produce holes for almost any application.

We can also employ a process known as “stitch drilling”, ideal for clients requiring a slot, an opening or a complete separation of a concrete slab or wall. Find out more about how stitch drilling works by visiting Precision Cutting Ltd online or calling our service team on  01435 864666. 

Floor Sawing

Flaw sawing is a cutting method typically used in situations where large areas of concrete slab or asphalt require removal or separation. Using extremely powerful diesel/petrol engine or 3-phase electric saws, we’re able to quickly and cleanly cut through even the hardest materials, to any depth required. Because they are driven rather than simply pushed along, these saws also give steady cutting rates – not only does this reduce blade wear and associated costs, but also allows the operator to work for longer without fatigue. Find out more about floor sawing and its applications by visiting Precision Cutting Ltd online.

Hydraulic Diamond Sawing

Hydraulic diamond sawing is a manual cutting method ideal for creating straight lines in walls for the insertion of doors and windows. The handheld saw used by Precision Cutting technicians is called a “ring saw”, and works in much the same way as an angle grinder. However a ring saw, unlike an angle grinder, is capable of cutting through hard materials extremely quickly and with a nice, clean cut. Ring saws are able to reach depths of up to 260mm. For more information on our hydraulically powered diamond saws and their cutting capabilities, please contact our friendly, helpful service team on 01435 864666.

Track Sawing

Track sawing is a method commonly employed for creating long and extremely precise vertical or horizontal cuts in a wall. The reason for creating such a cut may be to fashion a new opening for doors or windows, to lower the height of an existing wall, or to remove a wall altogether. Track saws are also often put to use on floor slabs and other flat surfaces where conventional floor sawing techniques may not be viable due to a lack of space or insufficient ventilation (both of which are generally needed when using floor sawing equipment).

Hydraulic Crunching

A hydraulic “cruncher” is a low vibration tool used for demolishing a range of structures, including staircases, suspended slabs and reinforced concrete walls. So powerful are its jaws that it can reduce any of these structures to rubble within just minutes – without excessive noise and without collateral damage to other structures. For more information on our hydraulic “crunching” services, please get in touch on 01435 864666.

Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing is a technique used only in the most demanding of scenarios, when other cutting/drilling methods are impractical or unsuitable for the task in hand. The process involves wrapping a length of diamond-encrusted wire around the object to be cut and running it through a specialist pulley system. This system drives the wire around the material at up to 25 lineal metres per second, producing a fine cut in quick time. Diamond wire sawing is a technique that enables us to cut through some of the most complicated, awkward shapes, and to do so at virtually limitless depths.

Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic bursting is a process used for removing large masses, plinths or other redundant reinforced structures. It involves drilling holes into the structure and inserting burster heads that are then pressurised until they begin to expand and crack the surrounding concrete. As a vibration-free demolition method, hydraulic bursting is ideal when working in noise/vibration sensitive environments such as hospitals, offices and schools.

Earth Anchor Installation

Precision Cutting Ltd is an authorised installer of Platipus earth anchors, which can be used in a range of applications from retaining walls and bridges to foundations, unstable slopes and scaffolding. Because Platipus earth anchors do not require grout when being installed, they eliminate both the risk of environmental contamination and the time spent waiting for materials to cure. Installation is fast, easy and safe as a result. For more information on Platipus earth anchors and methods of installation, please get in touch on 01435 864666.

Structural Anchor Installation

We are also registered installers of Cintec structural anchors, which are extremely versatile in their application and can be used to strengthen virtually any structure, including historic buildings, bridges and high-rise blocks. A Cintec anchor consists of a steel bar (or bars) enclosed within a mesh fabric sleeve, into which grout is injected at low pressure to expand into a pre-drilled hole. Cintec anchors are relied upon for support in construction projects throughout the world.


Brokk robotic demolition machinery is used when large structures require quick and quiet removal. Functioning via a remote control box, these machines allow the operator to work at a safe distance and avoid the potential dangers coming from falling debris. Brokk demolition machinery is highly compact and can manoeuvre through doorways without trouble. What’s more, because it is powered electrically rather than by engine, it’s perfectly safe to use in an indoor or enclosed environment. Four different head attachments give us a great deal of versatility – indeed, a Brokk machine can be used for almost all the steps of the demolition process.



Registration Number: 02887048
VAT Number: GB621 7219 62
Registered at Companies House:12 January, 1994 (30 years and 4 months ago)
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Annual Turnover: 500-1m

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