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Firstly welcome to Potteries Heavy Haulage listed on 1st directory. If you have something large to move or require help then you have come to the right place. We specialise in the Movement of all oversized freight, ranging from windmills for the power industry to fermentation tanks for the brewing industry.
We offer a range of services which are stated below that we can perform to meet your needs. Services ranging from project managing the movement of multiple pieces cross continent to organising permits for other hauliers across Europe for working within the United Kingdom.
Our team of people have been Organising, Planning and Delivering oversized freight for longer than most and we are consulted frequently by other transport companies and customers on how to approach various problems that occur.
Here at Potteries we don’t just project manage movements using other hauliers we run our own fleet of specialist equipment to get freight moving quickly and efficiently, always looking to investing in the latest Tractor units and Trailers to meet the growing demands. As we have plenty of Haulage experience we have also a knack of creating strong relationships with other reliable hauliers.
We believe in putting the customer first and enjoy working directly with customers on large or small transport requests. We find it difficult to understand why companies would go anywhere else when they can come direct and have direct access to some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry with the assets to deliver.
Project Management - Let us take the strain out of your movement with our extensive experience. Potteries understands that abnormal movements are present in many large projects. We can manage the end to end process of transportation whether it is a single piece of freight that needs to be moved or its several pieces over a period of time that need to be delivered on site at certain times. Transportation is offered over Land, Water and Air when required. We offer the following services: Complete CAD drawings with swept path Analysis; Survey Routes; Arrange heavy lifting equipment; Arrange removal of street furniture; Liaise with Local Authorities; Transportation to final Destination.
The project will be handled through a single point of contact at potteries throughout the whole life cycle. Where there is a large pull on our resource we can base a member of our team “in-house” to provide the best possible support. We assure a meticulous and competitive service for every client. 
Consultancy - The movement of abnormal loads can be quite daunting. If you have a large load that requires moving from a location with limited access or the load its self is an awkward shape for transportation or there are time constraints and need to know the best way to go about the operation then Potteries are available to advise on the best course of action.
Here at potteries we can call upon all our experience to achieve what is possible. We can advise if it’s achievable to move the object, which mode of transportation can be used or a combination, what time scales are achievable and at what cost and all within the local regulations. 
Oversized Road Haulage - Oversized haulage involves tall, wide or heavy pieces of freight that needs to be moved which requires the use of specialist trailers and Tractors and the use of our Escorting vehicles.
Wide loads: The width of an individual piece of freight can look daunting and impossible for some transport companies. Here at potteries in the recent past we have moved a piece that was 7.3 meters wide requiring the removal of street furniture all handled through ourselves.  Street furniture is not the tables and chairs you get at street party but Benches, Traffic lights and signs.
High loads: Potteries have a variety of trailers at our disposal including a wafer-deck which is 30cm which makes it possible to deliver freight up to 4.65m high on the motorway network in the UK allowing faster delivery avoiding costly detours. Due to the different regulations and bridge heights on the continent the available height achievable through the motorway network is 4.05m maximum.
Heavy loads:  Wide, high and of course the very heavy as our name “heavy” would suggest. We should point out that heavy does mean heavy and we are capable of up to 100 Tonnes, If you do have something heavy which is a strong possibility we can move it or if it’s extraordinarily heavy we can arrange with some of our or trusted partners to make the movement.
Freight forwarding - We specialise in abnormal load transportation be we also offer the transportation of normal goods across Europe. We offer this service through forwarding your order onto our network of European hauliers; together we offer a competitive and reliable service. We endeavour to assure value for money, a reliable service for a fair price. 
Private Escorting - As a heavy haulage company specialising abnormal loads we have our own escorting vans which operate in the UK or Europe for our own projects. All our escort drivers are experienced and knowledgeable of the UK and Main European routes for high, wide and heavy loads. They provide a very high standard for abnormal load drivers on the busy UK and European road network to deliver safety for all of the road users.
Our escort drivers also provide a very high standard for foreign or UK hauliers who require escorting services with the UK. We are centrally based and can be called at short notice if you require our services. 
Permit Applications - We can arrange permits for other UK or Foreign Haulage firms. The following documentation can be arranged: Notifications for C&U and STGO movements; VR1 and Special Order applications including Highway agency ‘water proffered’ questionnaires”; BE16 (Special Order) applications for loads in excess of 5.0m wide, 30.00m long or 150,000kg total weight; European permits are arranged through our network of local agents across Europe.


If you've any questions about Potteries Heavy Haulage products or services feel free to ask them here.

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