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POSITEK - POSITION LINEAR ROTARY AND TILT SENSORS AND POTENTIOMETERS Since 1992 Positek has been supplying customers with non-contacting position sensors that are compact robust and durable. Users of transducers and potentiometers like to purchase Positek sensors which have the life and durability of an LVDT but with the ease of use and cost advantages of a potentiometer. Positek produces a wide range of linear tilt and rotary sensors for industrial automotive and commercial applications throughout the world. In many applications the sensors provide a critical system control function where failure and breakdown would cause significant operational difficulties. PIPS POSITION SENSOR TECHNOLOGY Positek''''''''''''''''s PIPS position sensors are inductive based high performance displacement sensors which have an excellent record in the industrial market for providing good performance robustness durability and low cost. They incorporate a robust inductive coil and DC:DC signal conditioning which is internally housed and provides a variety of industry standard electrical interfaces including 0V to 5V 0V to 10V and 4mA to 20mA. The PIPS technology has three derivatives: LIPS linear position sensor RIPS rotary position sensor and TIPS tilt position sensor. Each of these position sensors is a totally self-contained unit allowing you to install the sensor and interface it with your control or monitoring system. LIPS LINEAR POSITION SENSORS For linear displacement applications Positek can offer both stand alone devices and in-cylinder sensors for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. These sensors are very compact and offer an extremely good overall length to stroke ratio of better than 90%. RIPS ROTARY POSITION SENSORS Rotary sensors provide outstanding ''''''''''''''''long-life'''''''''''''''' performance and stability over a wide range of temperatures at reasonable cost giving significant advantages over potentiometers and other inductive sensors such as resolvers and RVDTs. TIPS TILT POSITION SENSORS Tilt sensor has a robust housing sealed to IP67 and is suitable for a wide range of applications such as hopper positioning crane extension and platform levelling. The sensor is available with a flange mounting and a sealed M12 four-pin connector. INTRINSICALLY SAFE SENSORS ATEX qualified intrinsically safe sensors for hazardous hostile environments - Positek produces a wide range of linear tilt and rotary displacement sensors with the ATEX approval to Ex II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 (Ta=-40C to +80C). Positek''''''''''''''''s intrinsically safe sensors provide a unique blend of performance durability ease of use and cost effectiveness. They are designed to survive hostile environments without the need for any additional protection. Typical applications for Positek position sensors include: TRANSPORTATION POSITION SENSORS Marine - marine propulsion systems for steering control and waterjet systems and ship stabilisers where the Positek sensors have replaced potentiometers for long term reliability benefits. Railway Systems - gearbox control systems and suspension height control track measurement and ride control. Vehicle Control Systems – transmission control tractor hydraulic control and steering control. Motor racing - throttle sensing suspension sensing gearbox position clutch sensing and hand controls. INDUSTRIAL POSITION SENSORS Special purpose machinery - high voltage electrical switchgear and controls baking machinery textile machinery packaging machines paper making machinery printing stone crushing machines wire tensioning machine for spooling cable and wire potato picking machines inkjet printing (industrial) machines and other special purpose machines as well as steel making instrumentation equipment (strand monitoring). CONTROLS Process Control Valves Servo valves and other valves - special purpose valve control applications for accurate valve positioning valve actuators in the offshore and petrochemicals market and gas turbine controls. Hydraulic cylinders - control applications including fatigue and lifetime testing systems. Positek''''''''''''''''s success has been built by providing excellent customer service and support. Positek helps you to identify the product to suit your application custom design one when necessary and deliver a durable quality product on time.



Registration Number: 02746707
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Registered at Companies House:11 September, 1992 (29 years and 2 months ago)
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