Popcorn Web Design Ltd

1-2 Riverside Business Park, Stoney Common Road
CM24 8PL
United Kingdom

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    Registration Number: 03286638
    VAT Number: n/a
    Registered at Companies House:2 December, 1996 (20 years and 10 months ago)
    No of Employees: n/a
    Annual Turnover: n/a
    Company Type:
    • Service Providers
    ISO Compliance: Popcorn Web Design are members of the UK Web Design Association, the Independent Web Developers Portal and the Web Design Directory UK

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    Popcorn Web Design has been building websites of exceptional quality since 1996. At Popcorn we understand the importance of a professional website to your business, whether you are a commercial or a not for profit organisation.  Popcorn has built thousands of websites and web based applications, all designed to attract customers and significantly enhance your business. Our in depth web design experience and customer satisfaction levels are the reasons why Popcorn Web Design is recognised as one of the strongest and most innovative design development consultancies in the UK.

    Popcorn Web Design understands that having a beautifully designed web site is not enough when it comes to attracting and keeping customers, which is why we design websites for your customers and their specific needs. In today’s online world, web users are savvy, demanding and will value a website that not only looks good but is easy to use and functions beautifully; we believe substance over style is vital to a great website. If you already have an existing website we won’t try to fix what isn’t broken but will assess improvements that could be made to enhance user capability and suggest workable options towards fine tuning your site.

    Although web design is an unregulated industry Popcorn Web Design adheres to “Best Practice Guidelines” in accessibility, security and programming codes that meet and exceed the highest UK standards.  Our dynamic and diversely talented team will guide you from your first consultation to the implementation and after care of your website - a website that will give your business an edge in over the competitors.

    Our Business Principles

    At Popcorn Web Design we have a number of principles and core values that are the foundations of our business. We believe that quality is a necessity and not just an optional add on, and to that end it is the quality of the website we design that will ensure a good user experience and repeat customers. We listen to our clients and assess the needs of your business to find the most efficient and workable web design solutions; if our clients aren’t happy with our results then we will work towards finding a solution based on feedback and collaboration.

    Transparency in Client Pricing

    We believe in being transparent when it comes to dealing with customers and suppliers, which means there will be no hidden costs occurring at a later date. We don’t pretend to provide the most inexpensive website design available but we do represent excellent value for money and have long standing relationships with our satisfied clients. At Popcorn Web Design we provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, which is why we are recognised as one of the best media agencies in the UK. Client trust is vital towards our long term sustainability and is the reason for our continued growth as a company since 1996.

    Our Web Design Team

    Our team has grown organically since its inception in 1996 and now includes expert multimedia designers, graphic designers, IT consultants, and marketing and project management staff. Our agency team are new media professionals who have in depth knowledge of this industry and can work independently to meet your requirements as well as collaborating with your web team towards enhancing your website. Our creative and development team are second to none and will work with you towards your goals, whether that is creating your website brand or enhancing your online visibility. Our team listens to client needs before developing a business strategy specifically designed to meet those requirements.

    Our Web Design Goal

    Our goal is to create a website for your business that exceeds your expectations. Popcorn Web Design creates bespoke websites specifically to meet client requirements and goals. We work with our clients to bring to life beautiful websites that are not only eye catching but also informative, easy to use and have full functionality. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we operate in a professional and proper manner, meaning our clients are guaranteed value for money no matter which of our design services they choose. Popcorn Web Design can help to enhance your online visibility and draw customers to your business using our in depth web design knowledge and expertise.

    Services Offered

    Popcorn Web Design offers a full range of services designed with the client and the client’s customers in mind. Our services include bespoke web design, ecommerce shopping websites and corporate intranets and extranets. Our copywriters are fully experience in search engine optimisation (SEO), which will help to draw traffic to your website and will help with internet page rankings. We also supply website hosting and domain management as well as email newsletters and that all important maintenance and support. Popcorn will work and collaborate with you and for you from inception to implementation.

    Popcorn Web Design and Intellectual Rights

    An important issue that clients have asked us about is intellectual property rights. Popcorn Web Designs provides a service which then belongs to the client. Design and programming, photograph, content writing or domain names – all intellectual rights belong to the client, which means you are not tied to any contracts. If you do decide to transfer your business to another company then we fully understand that that is your right and we will go out of our way to help you with the transition. Our costs are clear and visible, meaning any further mutually agreed work will also come with transparent costs.

    Your Online Web Presence

    Your web presence should be the ‘shop window’ to your business and as such it should be open to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Popcorn we understand the importance of a highly visible business website whether you operate a simple single webpage or a complex multi-platform website. We have the web skills, experience and tools to help you reach a global audience, increasing your customer base and enhancing your brand. This in turn will increase your customer’s confidence and trust in your company, and help to attract new customers.

    The Right Choice with Popcorn Web Design

    Taking that first step towards building a new website or enhancing your existing site should take careful consideration. We know that it is vital that you make the right decision for your business and welcome the chance to have a chat in order to assess your needs without commitment. Popcorn Web Design boasts an impressive client roster and has testimonials from many satisfied clients. Take a look at the Popcorn Web Design website and then contact us for an informal consultation to discuss your web design needs.


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