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We are a specialist distributor of electronic components and production tools, with suppliers including some of the leading connector manufacturers in the industry. We stock products from Harting, Phoenix Contact, Sonitron, IMO, Weller, Vermason, Qualitek, as well as many other quality brands, and our experienced team offer technical support for all items purchased from us. Based in Carluke, Lanarkshire, our website shows information on many of our popular products. However, if you need more information, or just want to know which products might suit your needs, then our team are always here to answer any questions you have.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the comprehensive level of service and support we offer our clients. We provide full manufacturers support, including part cross referencing, and free samples and data on request. We schedule orders according to your individual requirements, with next day delivery as standard, or consolidated shipping dates if needed. We are happy to provide a certificate of conformance with your order, and will ensure that your own part numbers are quoted on any order. If you want to give us a try, just pick up the phone. We can take payment through credit or debit card, or will be happy to set up a company credit account for your convenience. Best of all, our prices are kept competitive, and we can even source additional product lines from around the world to suit your application.  

Audible Devices

Our range of buzzers and sounders are designed for industrial applications, and can be mounted via PCB or panel. Shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, these products stand up to the harshest of conditions, and you can choose between continuous, intermittent, sweep, and warbler functions of more than 100 dB. Our other audible devices include transducers, speakers, microphones, and piezo discs for various applications. We offer the SXL series which is extremely loud for warning and emergency signals, as well as the SVC series for vehicle movement control. We also offer the SMAC series which is a very stable buzzer with high reliability, allowing it to be used in life support and other critical systems.

Solar Products

We offer a range of solar power connectors for solar installations, and this includes MC connectors with either male or female crimps. These make ideal universal connection solutions for a range of solar panel (PV) systems, and offer a rating of up to 30A at 1000V DC, enough for most domestic systems. Choose between mobile, panel, and branch connectors, with a safe connection in even adverse weather conditions. We also offer Phoenix contact solar connections, also known as Sunclix, which allow you to cable PV modules while installing the panels. No tooling is required, and the Sunclix system helps minimise power loss.  


Hammond aluminium enclosures are available with many different options including diecast aluminium, zinc diecast, watertight diecast aluminium – both light and heavy duty, and ROLEC branded. Choose between stomp box, octagon, trapezoid, flanged lid, bottom flanges, and hand held options, the possibilities are endless. Our team will be happy to help you find the right enclosure for your need, or you can take a look at the full Hammond catalogue on our website.  


We offer both surface mount and through hole LEDs manufactured by Kingbright, a company who are a global supplier of LED products. Because of their high production and technical capabilities, Kingbright can create a wide selection of quality LEF products for the electronics and other industries. We are able to offer 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm LEDs, as well as a range of light bars, bargraphs, miniature and rectangular LEDs, power indicators, optics, mounts, clusters, photodetectors, photocouplers, infrared devices, and strips. Our full catalogue is online, and we can also help via phone or e-mail, just get in touch for more information.  

Ethernet Switches

We supply Ethernet switches from Harting, a well regarded manufacturer who create a wide range of network components and cabling. These switches are designed for harsh environments, and therefore have many different applications in industrial buildings, mechanical engineering, and plant engineering. Suitable for IP 20 to IP 67 installations, we offer two different models of switch, and can help you decide on the best one for your environment.  

Fuses And Fuseholders

Our range of fuses and fuseholders includes:

  • Circuit protection devices – Manufactured by Littelfuse, we offer circuit protection solutions to suit all kinds of applications, and can help you select the right product from our range. Whether you deal with lighting systems, load switching devices, or data and communication lines, there will be a product in our range to suit your needs.
  • Special application fuses – Ideal for environments that need 'intrinsically safe' certification including gas plants, petrochemical, and processing industries.
  • Surface mount and leaded resettable fuses – these offer overcurrent protection, without taking up previous space, and resettable fuses are often used in computer power devices, as well as other places where replacement is difficult.  


If you work in a modern industry such as telecoms, power, or automotive, you'll know the importance of reliable PCB relays. The IMO relay range is ideal for signal switching applications, and is used in both the home appliance and industrial controls sector, showing the versatility of this range. IMO has been in business since 1970, and has built an excellent reputation for quality, as well as offering a three year no-quibble warranty on all its parts.

PCB Connectors

Our range of PCB connectors includes:

  • E-tec PCB and cable connectors in 0.5mm to 5.08mm pitch
  • Aries Electronics interconnect products
  • High density connections
  • Multipin battery connectors
  • Micro coax connectors
  • Smart card connectors
  • Harwin – Gecko, Datamate, and specialist connectors
  • Harting – Connectors that meet Cat 6A requirements
  • M12 THR variation PCB connectors

Terminal Blocks From IMO

IMO's range of terminal blocks is one of the most comprehensive available, with high quality, cost effective alternatives to the leading market names. With screw and screwless versions available, and custom design options, these blocks can be used in a wide variety of applications, and various colour options are available to make coding easier. These components are UL and VDE approved, with a 5mm+ plug in range rated at 15A.

Mixed Signal D Connectors

Our range of mixed signal D connectors allow for signal, power, and co-ax to be placed in one housing, and these products can be customised to suit a wide range of applications. These connectors offer the advantage of industry standard I/O interconnectors, with many options for customisation to suit your needs, and they are completely shielded to reduce EMI/RFI leakage. Unlike standard signal contacts, mixed signal D connectors are designed around standard D-shell sub sizes, and you can choose between male and female connectors.

DIN Connectors

Harting's wide range of standard DIN connectors, supplementary types, and customer specific solutions make it easy to find the one for your application. We can supply three to 160 way connectors, with each contact able to carry 2A to 40A, and various termination methods available. The range of DIN 41 612 signal connectors includes B, C, M, Q, and R types, and is designed for PCB to backplane, or cable to PCB attachments.  

Component Housing

We supply a wide range of COMBICON DIN rail mounted housings for PCBs, protecting your assembled PCB from contact and dust and turning it into an electronic module. Housing is mounted on the 35mm EN DIN rails, and the connection terminal blocks can usually be fitted and machine soldered during the PCB assembly process. The surface of the PCB is left accessible, making it suitable for bulky elements, as well as components that need to be manually operated, and screw and plug in connectors.

Circular Connectors

We offer a range circular connectors, including the ODU mini snap which is an alternative to Fischer and Lemo products, with features including push and pull locking. We also stock heavy duty connectors with up to 252 contact positions, and more than 100 different pole images. With a rating of up to 1,500 A, these units come with threaded and bayonet locking, and ODU springwire contacts for the highest levels of stability. This means they can be used in the harshest of conditions, and have a very long life span.

ESD Protection Products

We supply Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection products manufactured by Vermason, a leading provider in the field. Our range includes solutions for packaging, which allow you to pack ESD sensitive devices securely for when they will be taken out of an ESD protected area, as well as personnel grounding to keep your staff safe in areas where it's difficult to prevent the generation of charges. We also offer benchware and field service materials which avoid damage to sensitive devices, and test equipment to keep your ESD items well maintained. Our range also includes groundable and antistatic tools for handling and storage of sensitive items.  

Production Materials

We offer a wide range of production materials from quality manufacturers including:

  • Maintenance and service aids – Syringes, pump sprays, tubes, aerosols, wipes, pens, airduster and freezer, cleansers, coatings, greases and oils, thermal grease and resins, paints, and galvanising sprays. These are ideal for maintenance, test, repair, and small scale production environments.
  • Conformal coatings – For the protection of printed circuit boards and related equipment.
  • Resins – For the protection and insulation of electrical and electronic components. Guards your components from harsh conditions including moisture, vibration, thermal and physical shock, and contamination.
  • Electrolube cleaning – Ensures good surface resistance and avoids current leakage which can increase your product's lifetime.
  • Thermal management – A range of silicone and non-silicone pastes, RTVs, epoxy, and accessories for circuits where thermally conductive materials are being used.  

Soldering Equipment

We offer a range of Weller branded soldering equipment, including soldering stations, digital soldering stations, plus dual and rechargeable station options. All units come with pencils that can solder large or small parts, with many options to make the job easier. Our dual unit offers a capacitive touch screen which is chemical and temperature resistant, and has a turn and click wheel with a finger guide that is easy to use. Our rechargeable unit is ESD safe, and has a car adapter for repairs out on the field.



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