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At Perfect Guards Ltd we understand the security challenges faced by businesses especially with escalating crime levels during economic tough times. We provide a comprehensive range of manned security services throughout the UK to help eliminate theft and criminal damage. Perfect Guards provide the ultimate manned security services and we offer bespoke solutions tailored to meet our clients’ requirements. All of our senior management team have worked in the military and the police force giving us the experience to find a solution that is right for your environment.

Our range of manned security services includes manned guarding, construction security and mobile patrols. We also offer event security, professional CCTV security and retail security. Our highly trained employees are fully licensed under strict SIA regulations and are dedicated to providing the highest levels of security to individuals, businesses and industries. Our security services are also competitively priced and provide a cost effective short or long term security solution.

Manned Guarding

Manned guarding involves the use of highly trained, uniformed security guards to patrol and protect your premises. Our manned guarding services are used for a number of applications including front of house security to control access to your premises as well as stewards, patrol officers, parking operatives and concierge. We also provide guards for retail security in shops, retail outlets and malls. Our guards can also be used in environments such as nightclubs, construction sites, distribution centres, education and training, and government and local authority premises. All of our guards are fully trained, experienced in security services and subject to background checks.

Construction Security

Perfect Guards fully understand the challenges faced when it comes to construction site security and our security guards are one of the most effective security solutions available. Our security guards can help to stop the common problems of unauthorised entry, criminal damage and copper theft along with any other forms of theft. We offer a number of security solutions specifically tailored to the construction industry including static guards stationed at your sites as well as 24 hour CCTV installation and monitoring. We can also provide security devices such as alarm activated floodlights, scaffolding alarms, key holder alerts and a 24 hour security control centre.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are a powerful deterrent to thieves and other criminals, and are a cost effective alternative to static guards. Our mobile patrols can visit your premises or specified locations at random intervals to provide security checks and make themselves visible to potential criminals. Criminals are less likely to target premises where mobile patrols are in use and this is a highly effective security application. Our mobile patrols can also be used for early detection of problems such as floods, damage to premises and fire. If you are looking for security for your premises but don’t have the budget for a static guard then mobile patrols are one of the best security solutions available.

Door Supervisors

Door supervisors take on many roles including greeting guests, crowd control and security and ID checks. Our professionally trained, smartly dressed door supervisors are SIA approved and are experienced in public safety and client screening. We offer door supervisors across a number of different locations including public houses, nightclubs, cinemas, museums, corporate events, restaurants and bars, to name just a few. Our door supervisors have the skills to conduct ID checks, assess whether patrons are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, monitor clientele inside venues, provide help to patrons when needed and enforce dress code when required.

Retail Security

At Perfect Guards we understand that retail security takes specialised skills and our retails guards are fully trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards. Our guards are used as a visual deterrent to thieves in the form of presence and prevention. Our retail guards have conflict management skills to enable them to stop problems escalating during conflict situations and to help reduce the problems of shoplifting and theft. We offer a number of retail security options including store detectives, store security officers, loss prevention managers and search and civil arrest procedures. Talk to us to find out the cost effective benefits of employing our retail security guards.

CCTV Security

CCTV is one of the most effective security measures available and can be used across a diversity of industries. Visible video cameras are also one of the most cost effective deterrents when it comes to stopping theft and criminal damage. We offer an extensive range of CCTV security solutions tailored to meet your specific environment and budget. We can also offer control centre monitoring, which means your premises are under surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. CCTV security is the best way to deter crime but also provides photographic evidence should a crime occur on your premises.

Key Holding

Key holding is a security solution used to eliminate your staff attending false alarms and to protect your staff if a real compromised security situation does arise. In the event of an alarm, our professionally trained staff will liaise with your alarm response centre to establish the cause of the security risk. We will also liaise with the police if necessary as well as the alarm company and repair company if required to ensure your premises are secure should a break in occur. Our security guards can open and lock up your premises each day and monitor your alarm status regularly. Key holding is one of the simplest ways to keep your premises and staff safe.

Event Security

Perfect Guards are experts when it comes to the challenges faced by event security. We can provide bespoke security solutions whether you are running a one of event or high profile occasions. Our trained security staff have the skills to ensure that events run smoothly, free from disruptions or criminal activity. Our event security solutions include backstage security, stewards, logistics guarding, perimeter security, control of VIP areas, crowd management and health and safety issues. Our team will collaborate with your event organisers to ensure we provide the right security solutions to meet your needs.



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Registered at Companies House:21 June, 2011 (11 years and 1 month ago)
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