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Pennine Instruments, based in Sheffield, is a family-owned business founded in 1979 to offer expert service in calibrating electrical, dimensional, light, pressure, roughness, torque, acoustic and airflow instrumentation. We have spent over 30 years building a reputation for taking fast and accurate measurements. Our success in these three decades has been thanks to our unparalleled offering to industry: quality service and attentive, client-focused customer care.

We offer overnight work for instrument calibration, on-site calibration work, and bespoke solutions for any need. And we are proud of our roots in Sheffield: our staff, committed to the quality of Pennine's work, are all locals; this community cohesion lends itself to a long tradition of excellence.

Our first client was British Coal, in 1985; today our clients range across the electrical and electronics, railway, vehicle, aircraft, marine, defence, utility, health services, mining, food, telecommunications, universities, and acoustics industries. And we are proud to have been awarded on three successive occasions, since 1999, the calibration contract for HSE – our biggest client.

Pennine is proud to keep our outsourcing requirements to a minimum; we aim to be a one-stop shop for your needs. And so our prices are low and our turnaround times are short. Flexibility and adaptability are our watchwords – we invest in new IT and calibration systems to be ready to offer you the best possible service.

Our calibration labs use use reference standards that are between four and ten times more accurate than the unit to be tested, to ensure that our calibrations are exact. And we are sure to take a suitable number of readings across the range of any given device's operation. All of our calibrations use UKAS or BSI standards and we are working to meet the more stringent UKAS demands in all of our laboratories.

Pennine's one-stop model and long-term customer relationships are ideal for meeting your calibration needs for years to come.

Calibration - Acoustic

We have UKAS accreditation specific to certain equipment models for our acoustic calibration laboratory. We offer a traceable calibration service for most brands and models of accosting measuring instrumentation. Our laboratory primarily uses an automated Norsonic NOR 1504A Calibration Test Centre with two anechoic chambers; this allows us to calibrate, among other devices, tapping machines, sound level meters, sound calibrators, microphones, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and dose meters.

Calibration - Air Velocity

Our Airflow Calibration Laboratory features a 5 metre wind tunnel, capable of generating airflow of speeds of 0.3 to 30 metres per second, in an air-conditioned environment. Wind tunnel speed and barometric conditions in the lab are monitored at all times with precision instruments; this allows us to offer a facility that meets stringent UKAS standards. Thermal anemometers, rotating vane anemometers, air quality meters, weather meters, velometers, and pilot tubes, are among the devices that can be calibrated in our lab.

Calibration - Dimensional

We offer UKAS-standard and fully traceable calibration services for a huge range of dimensional equipment. These devices are typically used to measure dimensions in manufacturing and fabrication, where small dimensions can make big differences, and so precision is a must. We can calibrate, among other devices, angle plates, dial gauges, feeler gauges, engineer's levels, micrometers, setting rods, verniers, slip gauges, and paint thickness specimens and instruments.

Calibration - Electrical

Pennine offers a comprehensive calibration service for microwave instrumentation and low frequency electrical instruments. Our low frequency calibration services meets, in most cases, the high UKAS calibration standards. We can calibrate a wide range of electrical devices, include voltage sources, scope meters, injection test sets, low ohms meters, frequency meters, tachometers, microwave testers, voltage testers, phase rotation meters, clamp adaptors and meters and power clamp meters, loop impedance testers, earth bond testers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, watt meters, resistance bridges, and a range of other devices.

Calibration - Pressure

We have four deadweight testers available, and a low pressure rig, to offer a thoroughgoing and comprehensive pressure calibration service. Our laboratory is fully monitored and climate-controlled so that we can guarantee a precise calibration service. Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, differential pressure gauges, manometers, transducers, calibrators and tyre gauges can all be calibrated in our facility; our calibration can deal with pressures from 1 bar up to 2,600 bar, depending on the device to be calibrated.

Calibration - Temperature

Pennine offers UKAS standard calibration for a number of temperature measurement equipment and a traceable service for a variety of other temperature-related instrumentation. We can calibrate infrared thermometers, thermocouple probes, resistance thermometers, liquid-in-glass thermometers, digital thermometers, thermocouple simulators, thermal imagers, humidity meters, and other temperature devices.

Calibration - Miscellaneous

We offer a range of calibration services for instrumentation and devices in other applications – and we are happy to speak with you about your specific calibration needs. Our miscellaneous calibration services include, but are not limited to, coating thickness meters, laser distance meters, crimp tools, CAT scanners, environment meters, baltic lifejackets, scales and balances, force gauges, pH meters, weights, and material thickness meters.

Instrument Services

Pennine also offers instruments for hire, and repair of instruments, across a range of the above applications, to help keep your operations moving while we calibrate your own instrumentation. We also offer a sales service for new or replacement instruments. Our repair service means that we are not limited to calibration; if an instrument needs repair as well as calibration, we can help. Our expert technical support and friendly, experienced customer service can help keep your instrument needs met regardless of the circumstance. Our service features overnight delivery, free local collection and delivery, long-tern hire discounts, ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, and a calibration certificate for instruments we supply.



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