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We supply marking systems designed to facilitate accurate and rapid identification of cables, wires and pipes in electrical installations or hydraulic and pneumatic systems. This is essential for safety and also reduces production cost and loss of time by simplifying maintenance and repair.

As well as cable marking systems and accessories, we offer cable ties, ParTool hand tools, terminals, insulation tape and cable management products. We have been producing quality cable accessories for four decades, steadily growing from a small office in the High Street to our 20,000 sq ft facility in Coleshill, near Birmingham, today. Our growth has been a testament to our belief in offering high quality products, competitive pricing and personal service. We are committed to quality and reducing environmental impact and consumption of raw materials. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited for quality and ISO 14001 approved for environmental management.

Cable Ties

We stock a huge number of high quality cable ties in many different styles. Sizes range from 80mm ties for use in the electronics industry to 1030mm ties for heavy electrical and engineering applications. Our selection is always increasing, and the most recent additions are our new masonry mounts for securely attaching cables ties to walls.

We also offer an extensive range of stainless steel ties, including lightweight ladder-type ties and releasable and red ties designed for fire alarm installation.

Any of our cable ties can be printed with your unique text, including serial numbering.

Pre-Insulated Terminals

We have a comprehensive range of UL- approved high quality, low cost pre-insulated terminals available in packs of 100 or 1000 as standard. Crimping is easy and integrity of termination is ensured by the high grade red, yellow or blue PVC insulation. Some types of terminals are available with a vibration-resistant extra copper ring within the crimp terminal.

Available terminal styles are:

  • Ring terminals
  • Spade (fork) and flanged spade (fork) terminals
  • Butt connectors & heat shrink butt connectors
  • Pin & blade terminals
  • Male tabs
  • Female push-ons & fully-insulated female push-ons
  • Piggy backs
  • Male & female bullets
  • Quick splices

Cable Markers

We provide three methods of cable marking:

Single Character Marking
On-site assembly and combining of ready-marked single-character sleeves to produce the completed legend. We have an extensive range of markers and accessories, including markers to fit small-diameter wires or stainless steel markers for hostile environments.

Multi-Character Marking
Custom pre-marked sleeves produced to your specification from your marking data. The markers are delivered pre-sorted and ready to install. This method can result in dramatically reduced labour time and costs.

On-Site Marking
Should you prefer to produce your own markers, we have several choices ranging from systems utilising desktop printers to production machines capable of outputting thousands of low cost markers per hour.       

Copper Tube Terminals

We offer standard copper tube terminals and copper tube butt terminals in a wide selection of stud sizes and cable areas up to 400mm2. Other sizes are available upon request.

All terminals are constructed of >99.9% pure high conductivity copper to BS 2871 standard, with bright electro-tin plating to BS 1872 standard. They feature bell mouth entry for ease of cable insertion as well as inspection holes for ensuring the cable is properly inserted before the terminal is crimped. Internal barrel diameters suit standard cables as defined in BS 6360.

Copper tube splices, four-hole transformer fixing, long palm, right angle, blank terminals, copper pins, flag terminals and dissimilar copper splices are also available.

Promark USB

The Promark USB Portable Marking System is a relatively new third generation model of portable ID printers designed for the production of multiple character markers on site. It is widely used to produce wire markers, cable and control markers as well as heatshrink, terminal block and component markers. The ProMark USB starter kit features the marking machine, a power adaptor, ribbon and ribbon holder, CAS46 and CAS90 guide cassettes, yellow cutting blade, USB cable, Winsign software, user manual, quick start guide and carry case. Various parts and accessories can also be purchased separately.

Cord End Ferrules

Our Partex cord end ferrules, commonly referred to as bootlace ferrules or cord end terminals, create tidy end terminations of tri-rated cable and multi-stranded wires. They are available in French and German colour coding systems and are supplied in packs of 100 or 1000 pieces as standard. We use high quality tin coated high conductivity copper with Polyamide 66 insulating sleeves. We also supply cord end ferrule crimp tooling. Please visit our website to view the range. Technical information and images are also available.

Heat Shrink Tubing

We supply high quality 2:1 standard wall heat shrink tubing. This is manufactured using flame retardent crosslinked Polyolefin and is UL approved. It features a shrink temperature of 100 degrees C and working temperatures of -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C, 600V and is packaged in mini-boxes or on bulk reels. Our heat shrink tube is available in various colours including black, clear, red, yellow, blue, white, green, brown, grey and earth (green/ yellow). Please see full technical information on our website.

Insulation Tape

Our high quality, flame retardent PVC insulation tape is manufactured to BS3924 standard. It is extremely flexible and is used primarily for wire and cable insulation bundling and reinforcing. It is supplied shrink-wrapped in packs of 10 rolls of the same colour. Various colours are available including black, red, yellow, blue, green, white, grey, brown and earth (green/yellow).

Terminal Blocks

Our polyethylene terminal blocks feature brass inserts and captive galvanised steel screws. They are available in black or natural colour and are supplied in quantities of 100 strips or 10 strips for 60amp rating blocks. Different current ratings include 3 amp, 5 amp, 15 amp, 30 amp, 60 amp.

Spiral Tubing

Our flexible spiral tubing is designed for fittings cables, conductors, tubes, wire bundles and more. They provide excellent protection against mechanical wear and are tough and long-lasting. They are beneficial for creating flexible connections between cabinet and door mounting units and reducing cable and line breakdowns, maintenance and down time costs. Alongside our standard range we also supply halogen-free versions. Please see technical information, specifications and diagrams on our website or contact us at Partex for further information.

Cable Sheathing

Our high quality Supaflex Braided Cable Sheathing is used to enclose and protect cables and hoses. It is widely used in various industries such as power, telecommunications, automotive, marine, aircraft and domestic appliances. Our cable sheathing features a woven design which enables any number of cables to branch out along the assembly. It is designed to be easy to use and is cut best with a hot knife of soldering iron to seal the end and prevent spraying. Various sizes are available in black and grey colours.

Reiku Heat Protection

We provide a wide range of advanced asbestos-free materials for the protection of pipe-work and components from very high temperatures. Our Glaso range has been designed to protect components from radiated heat of up to 350 degrees C and our Glasil material protects from temperatures of up to 650 degrees C. Both ranges can be supplied in various forms such as woven sheets, strips, tubes or shaped to meet customer requirements. All materials are easy to handle and use and can be cut easily with scissors. Our Reiku heat protection equipment is widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace and petrochemical.

Heavy Duty Crimping Tools

We supply a wide range of heavy duty crimp tools. Various models include the CT 50 (heavy duty crimping tool for 6 to 50mm² copper tube terminals), CT 10-95I (for 10 – 95mm² copper tube terminals), CT 120I (for 16 – 120mm² copper tube terminals), CT 120 (for 16 – 120mm² copper tube terminals) and CT 150 (for 25 to 150mm² copper tube terminals). We also supply two heavy duty hydraulic crimping kits. One is designed for use with 10 – 240mm² copper tube terminals and the other is designed for use with 16 - 400² copper tube terminals.

Cable Cutters

We also supply a wide range of cable cutters to suit different requirements. The range features:

  • PCC 38: for cutting aluminium and copper non-armoured cables up to 38mm².
  • PCC 80: for copper and aluminium non-armoured cables up to 80mm².
  • PCC 250: for copper and aluminium non-armoured cables up to 250mm².
  • PCC 400A: for copper and aluminium non-armoured cables up to 400m².
  • PCC SW100: for cables up to 100mm²
  • PCC SW150: for cables up to 150mm².

Please visit our website for further information and to view images.

Wire Strippers

Our range of high quality wire strippers features:

  • WC5: economy, lightweight, electrical wire cutters.
  • PWSA: automatic wire stripper for stripping wires from 0.5 to 2mm² in one operation.
  • PWSB: automatic wire stripper for stripping wires from 1 to 3.2mm² in one operation.
  • PWS-GUN1: one of our new models the PWS-GUN1 is a self-adjusting, automatic wire stripper and cutter for wires from 0.2 to 6mm².
  • PWS-GUN2: another new model for automatic wire stripping and cutting of wires from 0.75 to 16mm².

Please view the range on our website.

Cable Tie Tools

We provide customers with a variety of cable tie tools including:

  • TT1: automatic cable tie tensioner and cutter for cable ties from 2.2mm to 4.8mm wide.
  • TT 3: cable tie tensioning tool to manually cut ties that are 3.6 to 9mm wide.
  • TT 4: high quality, automatic cable tie tensioner and cutter for use with Partex stainless steel cable ties.
  • SSAT: a heavy duty, two stage manual tensioning tool for use with stainless steel cable ties. The SSAT is ideal for use with high volume applications.

All items in this range are available to view on our website.



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