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Pan 3sixty is a well-established UK company with over 14 years of specialist experience in the field of 360° panoramic photography. We produce the highest quality 360° virtual tours, panoramic photography and interactive 360° panoramas for a diverse client base across the UK. Pan 3sixty offers unrivalled professionalism and photographic experience, and we work closely with our clients to ensure we can provide the best end results to meet their requirements. Our commitment to our clients includes assessing their business in order to ensure we can provide the right solutions and deliver a satisfactory working collaboration.

At Pan 3sixty we take our responsibility to our clients seriously and our record of client satisfaction is a testament to our professionalism and to the services we provide. Our range of full screen 360° virtual tours can be used to show an unlimited number of potential clients around new housing developments, homes for sale or hotels. Our client list is diverse and we work with museums and heritage houses, universities, the sports and leisure industry, design and marketing agencies, property companies and the travel industry. We work with some of the most well-known companies in the UK either on an on-going basis or for one-off projects.

To view samples of our 360° virtual interactive tours or for more information on our services please visit the Pan 3sixty website.

360 Degree Panoramas

Our 360° interactive panoramas are the heart of Pan 3sixty and allow the viewer to explore their chosen location at their pace. This is a fully interactive (or passive) experience where the viewer has full control of the 360° panorama with the ability to pan round, up and down as well as using the zoom feature for detailed viewing. Our 360° panoramas are of the highest quality featuring 27 high resolution photographs that are stitched together to create one pin sharp panorama. Potential clients can have unlimited viewings of their chosen location and this is particularly useful as an online communications and sales tool.

Ultra High Resolution 360 Degree Panoramas

At Pan 3sixty we have the experience and capabilities to offer our clients ultra high resolution 360° panoramas. Ultra high resolution allows panoramas that are 16 times the size of our standard full screen panoramas featuring incredible detail via the 24,000 pixels wide by 12,000 pixels high quality. Interactive viewing is available for the ultra high resolution 360° panoramas using our specialised viewing software. The zoom feature allows potential clients to view locations and features in fine detail without any loss of picture clarity and without the need for additional downloading. Pan 3sixty can also create larger panoramas to order including our Gigapixel panoramas, examples of which are available at our website.

Virtual Tour Users Interfaces

Pan 3sixty offer 360° panorama virtual tours that are incorporated into a custom designed and branded interface providing a professional and user friendly tour delivery method. Our tour interfaces are designed from scratch, which means that we can design an interface that is truly unique to our client based on their specifications and design ideas. The 360° virtual tour user interface is sleek and user friendly, providing a professional company image that effectively engages the potential client. We can include text to accompany each panorama and social media links can also be incorporated to allow sharing of the tour with others.

Flash Virtual Tours

More than 98% of PC users are Flash users and at Pan 3sixty we produce all of our virtual tours using Flash and HTML5. This means our clients have the ability to reach the widest possible potential client base whether they are Windows or Mac OS users. Our virtual tours can also be viewed on a wide range of devices including laptops and tablets as well as mobile devices using iOS and Android platforms. This means our clients have peace of mind that their potential clients will always be able to view virtual tours with no loss in image quality and with the ability to easily access interactive tour features.

Gigapixel Panoramas

Gigapixel panoramas bring a superior level of high resolution detail to our 360° panoramas. A Gigapixel panorama is created through the use of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of individual photographs with each panorama containing more than one billion pixels or 1000 megapixels. The level of detail contained in a Gigapixel panorama is unparalleled and the zoom feature brings an entirely new dimension of detail to the viewer. This superior level of detail opens up a multitude of possibilities with panorama applications including huge prints, detailed documentation of museum exhibits and architectural panoramas as well as event panoramas tagged for Facebook and Twitter.

Our Services

Pan 3sixty offers an extensive range of services designed to offer our clients the widest possible choice to meet their individual requirements. Our services include a complete range of 360° panorama types, ultra high resolution full screen 360° panoramas and Gigapixel panoramas for those who require extremely high resolution. We also offer a range of custom designed virtual tour user interfaces, viewing software and a panoramic photography for print service. Pan 3sixty also provides kiosk based virtual tours in order to improve visitor access and to ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010 requirements. Please visit the Pan 3sixty website and contact us for more details on the complete range of services we offer.


One of the best ways to actually view our services is to visit our online portfolio. Our portfolio contains examples of the hundreds of virtual tours created by Pan 3sixty since the formation of our company in 1999. Our services have proved invaluable as a communications and sales tool for our clients across the UK and throughout Europe. Our clients recognise the value of our 360° panoramic tours as a marketing method to reach a world-wide customer base. Simply visit the Pan 3sixty website to view many of the interactive 360° virtual tours we have created for some of the most well-known companies in the world.

Our Clients

Pan 3sixty has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the world. Our services have been utilised by private and commercial businesses not only in the UK but also throughout Europe and the US. We have produced 360° virtual tours, Gigapixel panoramas and 360° panoramas for a diversity of companies included recognised names such as Conrad Hotels, Canon, The Guardian, NHS, Scotrail, the University of Exeter and Jaguar Heritage, to name just a few. We have worked within industry sectors such as travel and leisure, hospitality, automotive, medical, education, sports and property development. For a full list of our previous clients and to view examples of our work please visit the Pan 3sixty website.


At Pan 3sixty we understand that no two clients are the same and we create all of our work specifically to client requirements. Our work is created from scratch, which means we value our client’s input when it comes to providing the right 360° panorama solution to meet their requirements. We work and price on a client by client basis to ensure we provide a service that guarantees client satisfaction. Our skilled team of professionals will always be on hand to answer questions or enquiries throughout the entire process ensuring our clients receive an end result that will be a benefit to their business or organisation.

Flash Virtual Tour Features

At Pan 3sixty we can integrate a host of features into a Flash virtual tour to ensure a user-friendly tour experience. Commonly used features include easy to use panorama controls, a range of floor plans, maps and thumbnail navigation controls and pop-up graphics including still photographs, labels and text panels. We can also integrate embedded video elements, audio commentaries and background music or ambient sound as well as visual effects and linked walk through tours. We understand that many of our clients wish to permit sharing of their tours via social networking and links can be integrated to allow this important feature. Other additional specialist features can be discussed with the client during our consultations.

Virtual Tour User Interface Standard Features

As you would expect from a company with over 14 years of experience in the field of 360° virtual tours we can offer a host of integrated interface features. Our standard features include a custom designed user interface with full branding if required. An unobstructed full screen display size and a large standard panorama size is another standard feature. Our 360° panoramas can be linked with floor plans, maps and thumbnails providing users with easy access to other panoramas. We can also integrate features such as text to accompany each 360° panorama, integrated social media links for sharing of virtual tours, instruction pages and monthly Google analytical reports.

Virtual Tour Interface Optional Extras

To provide a more immersive user experience Pan 3sixty has the ability to integrate a number of optional extras to our 360° virtual tour interfaces. Optional extras can include a branded download screen, pop up labels or pop up still images pointing our panorama items of interest and hotspots used to link panoramas for a virtual walk through tour. We can also integrate drop down lists with ‘go to’ items within panoramas as well as a virtual compass to show the direction in which the viewer is travelling. Pan 3sixty can also enable E-postcards allowing viewers to create and send snapshots from the panorama via sharing options.

Client Testimonials

At Pan 3sixty we understand that peace of mind when working with a company is vital towards a productive and harmonious working experience. Our website contains testimonials from many of our previous clients including well-known names such as Scotrail, Imperial War Museum, University of Warwick, Marriott International and The Lowry, to name just a few. We have built long-term business relationships with many of our satisfied clients thanks to the range of services we offer and our professional attitude. To view a selection of our client testimonials and to view examples of our 360° virtual tours please visit the Pan 3sixty website.

Why Use Pan 3sixty?

At Pan 3sixty we don’t make exaggerated business claims but prefer to let the work we have produced speak for us. We are a small creative company who are passionate about the services we provide and we have built an impressive client list since our company was formed in 1999. In our 14 years in business we have never yet failed to deliver a commission even when faced with the most demanding deadlines. We maintain the same high standards throughout our working processes regardless of the size of company we are working for or the size of project. Examples of our previous projects are available at our portfolio section on the Pan 3sixty website.

State of the Art Technology

At Pan 3sixty we continually invest in the latest technology in order to offer the highest standards of quality and the best end user experience. We utilise state of the art digital imaging hardware and software as well as the highest quality optics, professional specification cameras, Mac Pros and image processing software. Our panoramas are created using the highest quality lenses available in conjunction with cutting edge software and high spec Mac Pros to produce high resolution images, examples of which can be viewed at our website. Our skilled professionals and creative have years of experience in utilising the latest hardware and software, including Photoshop, to ensure that every image is of the highest quality available.

Contact Us

Pan 3sixty is a UK company based in Thurlaston in Warwickshire and we are always happy to meet new clients who wish to learn more about the business benefits we can provide. We can be contacted via telephone or email, details of which are available at our website. We have also included an online quotation page enquiry form and once we have received your request we will assess and respond as soon as possible. Our Warwickshire base means we are ideally located for work throughout the UK but we have also undertaken many projects throughout Europe and in the US.



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