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Paddock Fencing has over ten years experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality tree guards, estate fencing, gates and much more. All of our products are 'hand crafted' using quality steel and painted using a state-of-the-art electrostatic paint process. A robust construction and tough finish ensures your fencing investment is secure for many years to come. We have supplied fencing to a number of prestigious properties, including Peplow Hall, Elton Hall, Burghley House, Bollitree Castle, Drayton Park and many more. Large estates and country parks tend to use both tree guards and estate fencing. Paddock Fencing's team of expert welders fabricate product to suit your needs, not ours. We'll move mountains to ensure you get a bespoke solution for your fencing requirements: our fencing is able to accommodate for undulating land and curves. What's more, the number of prestigious homes that have used our fencing suggests that not only are our products robust and reliable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. The growing demand for our attractive designs has resulted in us producing residential fencing. We're sure you’ll approve of our designs, so make Paddock Fencing your first port of call for quality fencing, gates and tree guards!

Estate Fencing

Estate Fencing is perfect for enclosing cattle, horses, deer and sheep - Even if you have no livestock, estate fencing is great simply as a decorative feature. The design of the fencing we manufacture is based on the original period fencing used in parks and estates all over the UK. All of our fencing is produced from the highest quality steel which is fabricated by a highly experienced team of welders. Paddock Fencing employs processes which ensures that our customers have the peace-of-mind in knowing that their investment is attractive, robust, and will last for many years.

Iron Railings

Here at Paddock Fencing, we offer top quality iron railings which are made to order in bespoke sizes. These are easily installed and are coated with a high quality electrostatic paint which ensures an even, weatherproof and beautiful finish. Our iron railings are not just beautiful-there is substance behind the contemporary styling: they are reliably durable and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. If required, alternative colours are available so that your railings blend in seamlessly with your property.

Iron Gates

Paddock Fencing supplies Bow Top Gates and Kissing Gates to provide access to your livestock enclosures. These attractive gates are perfect for use with estate fencing. They are made to match the style of your chosen fencing, and are painted in black using the same electrostatic process. This gives a far more durable, uniform finish than most other, less environmentally friendly processes. Of course, other colours can be produced upon request. Bow Top gates are available in custom sizes.

Agricultural Security Gates

Paddock Fencing's steel security gates are manufactured from high-grade materials and are one of the most reliable and durable methods of securing an entrance or driveway. We know that you need agricultural security gates that are robust and secure, and that's why we provide them. Our steel gates are easily installed and operate using a simple but effective mechanism, giving you the confidence in knowing that your land or private roads are secure.

Tree Guards

Our tree guards are designed to give complete protection from all livestock including cattle, horses, deer and sheep, as well as vandals and mowers. Paddock Fencing's tree guards are wide enough to stake trees inside, and are also suitable for larger, more mature trees. Tree guards come four different sizes as standard, but if you need something larger for a single large tree or multiple trees, we can offer our estate fencing which provides the same protection. Our standard tree guards are designed for quick and easy installation. Two halves are bolted together using a joining clip, while holding stakes are attached to the guards and hammered into the ground to ensure maximum stability when confronted by any type of livestock.

Garden Globes

After years of careful and creative thought and design, the garden globe was born. We came up with this design to provide an alternative to the normal static display of plants. The garden globe is a beautiful creation which can be manufactured in various sizes and supplied with or without a plant container. They may be hung at various heights and can have a double or even triple feature on a common post, which is set into the ground with a fast drying concrete mix. The garden globe is ideal as a garden centrepiece, and many varieties of plants and flowers are suitable for planting within it. Particularly favourable are climbing plants such as ivy, clematis and lonicera.

Garden Arches

Garden arches are a wonderful way to add more depth and character to your garden. They are often used to give the impression of an austere background. 'Pleaching' has its origins in the 17th century; this was a method of training trees and shrubs into covered avenues or tunnels. Our arches can be used to train almost any form of climber and are also perfect for grapevines, limes, hazel, wisteria, yew and laburnum. Our standard garden arches are 3m wide and 2.5 high, but larger versions can also be manufactured up to 5m wide and 3.5m high. These larger versions could accommodate cars, vans
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