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  • Mr Paul Wilkinson - Business Development Manager
  • Mr Chris Francis - Automation Solution Manager


Pacepacker Services Ltd is a UK designer and manufacturer of manual and automated packing systems used across various industry sectors. Whatever the packing environment, our innovative machines can be relied upon to work efficiently and effectively - day in, day out.

Our product portfolio includes pick & place solutions, weighing machines, sack placers, bagging systems, stitchers, heat sealers and robotic palletising systems.

Whether you're bulk packing or placing delicate consumer foodstuffs, Pacepacker Services has the equipment for the job. All of our products have been designed with user-friendliness in mind, and all of them represent exceptional value for money. And, thanks to our dedication to quality, reliability and simplicity, our automation systems continue to operate efficiently year after year.


Years of industry experience enables us to design and build bespoke packing systems, so get in touch with our experts for tailored solutions to your packing problems.

International clients can purchase our products through an ever expanding network of dedicated agencies. They can expect the same high level of customer service as our UK based customers.


Below is a small selection of our most popular products. To view the full Pacepacker range, make sure you head directly to our website, and, if you would like further information on any of the machines listed below or on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We're always here to help!

Sack Packer: C Series

The C Series Sack Packer is one of our favourite systems. This super fast, super reliable machine is capable of packing up to 720 sacks per hour, depending on factors such as the weigher speed, filling time, and conveyor speed. So how does it work? A suction arm lifts the sack from the pile, after which a second arm opens up the sack, allowing swing arm blades to enter and grip the bag.

The C Series sack packer features a simple control system that comprises of a pause/run switch, clamp timer dial, clamp release switch, step function switch, emergency stop button and an on/off switch.

Sack Packers: T Series

The T Series Sack Packer offers a typical packing speed of 720 sacks per hour, though this can rise to up to 900 sacks per hour, depending on several factors. Our sack packing machines accept most commercial quality plastic, paper, WPP and laminated sacks, providing they are stacked neatly and are in good condition.

The T Series system lifts the sack from the pile ready for opening. Two sets of suction cups then open the bag, allowing the swing arm blades to enter and grip it. These then rotate up to the sack clamp. The T Series Sack Packer features a user-friendly operator interface that allows you to create up to seven different programmes for various bag types and sizes. Find out more by following the link to the Pacepacker Services website.

Total Bag Control (TBC) System

This remarkable system is capable of packing up to 800 bags per hour, depending on various factors. After being placed on the spout clamp either manually or by a Pacepacker Sackplacer, the bag is stretched or re-gusseted by automated fingers. Motorised grip arms then move around the bag as it drops from the clamp, holding it in its formed state. They then move towards the sealer, releasing the bag into a twin belt feeder. Because the bag top is held at all times prior to sealing, the TBC system can accommodate unstable products.

Blu Robot (2nd User)

A parallel design gives the Blu Robot a powerful, sturdy and robust structure that allows high speed and high power material removing processing without compromising path control. The Blu Robot motor and connections have been thoroughly sealed so that it can withstand the most demanding environments.

To find out more about the Blu Robot and its capabilities, simply follow the link to the Pacepacker Services website.

Robot Palletisers - Full Size

These versatile palletising systems incorporate robust and reliable Fanuc robots for a fast and efficient solution. They allow you to stack boxes, crates and sacks in any configuration you choose, all at an incredible rate. In fact, an optimised single gripper system can reach speeds of up to 25 cycles per minute.

Almost all box, tray and sack sizes can be palletised, depending on pallet overlap requirements. Our full size robot palletisers are operated by a user-friendly interface (HMI Screen) that allows you to pre-set any number of palletising programmes for various pack types and sizes.


Pick and Place - Mechanical Solutions

As well as a full range of robotic pick and place systems, Pacepacker Services designs and manufactures a selection of mechanical systems for picking items typically contained in flexible packaging (fruits, vegetables etc) and placing them in plastic retail trays and boxes. One such system is our brand new Apollo unit, a pick and place machine that dramatically reduces the amount of damage inflicted on packs as they are handled.

This machine also features an email alert system that notifies a supervisor, operator or engineer when a problem arises. To find out more about this revolutionary design, please follow the link to the Pacepacker website, or simply get in touch with our team via telephone.


Robot Arm Pick and Place

Our Pick and Place systems are based around a Fanuc Robotic Arm, which means they are capable of achieving excellent throughput speeds. The robotic arm picks an item or items and feeds them into cardboard trays and containers.

We have a number of machines covering various payloads, throughput speeds and working environments. These are typically used for picking and placing foodstuffs such as fruits, ready meals, snack foods, frozen foods, and prepared fruit and vegetables, but any object of a regular shape and size can processed.


We have designed and built a diverse range of conveyor systems for transporting boxes, bags, pallets and individual products. They include belt conveyors, flat slatted conveyors, v-track conveyors and roller conveyors capable of achieving surface speeds of up to 10 metres per minute. We also supply conveyors with inverter controls for precise adjustment and speed matching.

If you would like to find out more about our conveyor systems, or any of the products that we manufacture, please visit the Pacepacker Services website, or get in touch with our experts via telephone.

Sack Flattener / Bag Press

We also offer the Pacemaker range of Sack Flatteners. This fantastic range features compact systems that are manufactured to be tough and robust. These systems provide users with fast reliable operation when used with a wide range of sack sizes and materials. The Pacemaker range of sack flatteners is designed to compress bags to eliminate air and shape evenly before being palletised. The systems feature compact drum motors and idlers that run in opposite directions which feed the bag into the tapered opening. The opening is easily adjustable for compression height and the flattener is also fitted with a pre-tensioner to allow an element of movement if an oversized bag passes through the system.

Sack Kickers & Bag Turners

Our Pacemaker sack kickers and bag turners are mostly PLC controlled and can be added to your production line or integrated into existing systems. They provide users with a smooth, fast and reliable operation with a wide range of sack sizes and materials. The Pacemaker range of sack kickers and bag turners is designed to lay down upright conveyed bags into a flat configuration ready for palletising. Examples of the range include 90 degree motorised sack kickers with stainless steel transfer conveyor, Pneumatic grip, lift and turn unit for 90 degree rotation for inline systems and Gravity sack, fall and turn unit for inline operation.

Low Level Palletisers

We are pleased to have developed our fantastic F1 low level palletiser. This versatile machine is reliable and packs all sizes of sacks, boxes, pre-packs and cartons in a controlled and neat pallet meeting relevant quality control requirements. Our low level palletisers feature a control panel with a PLC which links to the palletiser via a touch screen. The PLC can store up to 15 different stacking patterns and the palletiser can stack a maximum of eight bags per minute or 12 bags per minute if the optional intermediate layer plate is fitted.

Sealing & Closing Systems

Here at Pacemaker Services we offer a great range of high quality sealing and closing systems. Examples of the range include:

  • Stitcher Feeder: the feeder arm enters the sack top and pulls it into a toothed feed belt which shapes and feeds it to the stitcher.
  • Top Form Sack Feeder: two blades enter the sack and the trailing blade stretches the sack to the required width. The sack is then fed into the sealer or stitcher at the same speed as the conveyor.

To view the complete range which includes Total Bag Control, Stitchers/ Sewing Heads, Heat Sealers and Pinch Bottom Heat Sealers, please follow the link to our website.

Sack Placers: G Series

Utilising the latest PLC technology and incorporating a very friendly operator interface (HMI screen) which has a clear display and powerful new features, the GX1000 has a small bore vacuum system that gives smooth, fast and reliable operation on a wide variety of plastics, paper and woven poly sack materials. Of a robust construction, the GX1000 is made from stainless steel and aluminium. With speeds of up to 1000 sacks per hour or over 15 bags per minute, the GX-series can work with almost any fully automatic net or gross weigher or volumetric filler. Call us for more information on the series.

Bagging Systems

Working with other leading manufacturers within the bagging industry enables us to offer you the best combination of equipment to suit your needs. Pacepacker Services have a long tradition of working with customers to design and implement the ideal bagging solutions that meet all of today’s strict market requirements. After a consultation is carried out you will be offered a solution which includes the machinery, installation, delivery prices, planning in drawings and all inclusive time frames. Ensuring you get the product right first time, you will be able to consult with the designers directly about your exact requirements. Go online to see the datasheet for this product.

Stitcher Feeder & Ticket Dispenser

A stitcher feeder can be bolted on to the infeed of most makes of stitcher to enable them to be fully automatic. The stitcher feeder can also bolt directly on to some stitcher pedestals, others may require adaption plates. Additionally, a single or double ticket dispenser can be bolted to the stitcher feeder so that one or two tickets can be automatically applied. The double ticket dispenser can just apply single tickets if required, giving you the flexibility with one system. For a typical layout drawing or more details on the technical specification of either of these products visit our website.

TopForm Sack Feeder

How does it work? The Topform’s automatic cycle is triggered by an approaching sack. Two blades then enter the sack, the leading one accurately positioning the top and the trailing blade stretching the sack to the required width. It is then fed into a sealer or stitcher at the same speed as the conveyor. With minimal setting up time this action gives a very precise presentation. For a typical layout drawing or more details on the technical specifications of this product please visit our website. If you have any questions you can’t find the answers to just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Pinch Bottom Heat Sealer

Designed to  fold and seal stepped end paper sacks, the Pacepacker Pinch Bottom Heat Sealer has a normal temperature range of between 100°C and 200°C; a simple adjustment can enable a precise temperature to be selected. Most sizes and types of pinch bottom sacks are perfectly suitable - the stepped end must be treated with a hot melt adhesive, which is typically reactivated at about 150°C. Regarding electrical controls, a full electrical control panel is mounted to the machine and automatic cut outs are fitted to prevent excessive overheating. The heat sealer is mounted on a telescopic stand which can be raised or lowered by turning a handle.

DeltaPac™ Pick & Place

The DeltaPac™ pick and place system features a solid, powder-coated, mild steel frame and ultra-light and fast robotic 4 axis arms with tooling. It uses fantastic servo-drive technology and items are identified by a tracking system and lifted from an in-feed conveyor before being positioned into a box, tray or carton. Speeds of up to 174 cycles per minute can be achieved. The DeltaPac™ is suitable for a wide range of applications such as the picking and placing of fruit, salads, burgers, fish portions, blocks of butter, confectionary and more. Please head over to our website to view technical drawings and to view our DeltaPac™ application video.

Conveyors - Flat Belt

Here at Pacepacker Services we are pleased to offer flat belt conveyor solutions in a range of sizes to suit different customer/ application requirements. Flat belt conveyor systems are widely used for things like sack, tray or box transfer and enable operators to raise products to specific positions. Our flat belt conveyors are typically supplied as part of a complete system and feature a centralised control panel, but standalone conveyors and control boxes can also be supplied. They operate at a standard speed of approximately 11m/min (adjustable) and various voltages and specifications can be met to enable worldwide use.

Conveyors - Slatted

We also offer various slatted conveyors in different widths and lengths to suit specific customer/ application requirements. These systems are commonly used for transferring items such as boxes, sacks or trays, raising them to desired levels. Our slatted conveyors are typically supplied with a centralised control panel as part of a system, but can also be supplied as standalone conveyors with their own control boxes. These systems also operate at a standard speed of approximately 11m/min (adjustable) and various voltages and specifications can be achieved to meet worldwide requirements.

Conveyors - V Track

Our V Track conveyors are available in a range of lengths and feature either plastic or stainless steel slatts to suit different customer requirements. This type of conveyor is widely used for the manufacture of agricultural produce where the conveyor system is effective for handling products of irregular shapes and sizes. These systems operate at a standard speed of approximately 11m/min which can be adjusted if required. Please visit our website to view images and to download our product datasheet. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Pacepacker Services Ltd for more information.

Conveyors - Roller

Our roller conveyors are also available in a range of lengths and roller diameters to suit different customer requirements. These types of conveyor systems are widely used for the transfer of items such as sacks, trays or boxes. We widely offer powered conveyors as part of a system featuring a centralised control panel, however we can also provide standalone conveyors with their own control boxes. Our roller conveyors operate at a standard speed of approximately 11m/min although speeds can also be adjusted using an inverter. Please visit our website to view images of our roller conveyors and to download our product datasheet.

Robot Palletisers - Compact

Our compact robot palletisers can be figured into all kinds of spaces and feature a robot cell control system and state-of-the-art PLC technology. These machines are easy to operate via a user-friendly, colour screen and various functions are available such as palletising programmes, ASI communication system and remote diagnostics and support. Various packing speeds can be achieved depending on product stability and cell layout. Our robot palletisers are supplied with safety fencing and access gates if required. Smartscan entry guards and safety key lock systems also prevent operation when gates are open. Please visit our website, or contact our friendly team at Pacepacker Services Ltd for more information.

Robot Palletisers - Variations

Robot palletising systems are supplied in a range of configurations:

  • Single Static: product is fed into the cell via the conveyor, picked by the robot and placed on the pallet. Once the stacking pattern is complete, the system stops until an operator replaces the full pallet with an empty one and resets the control system.
  • Dual Static: product is fed into the cell via the conveyor, picked by the robot and placed on the pallet. Once the stacking pattern is complete, the system begins palletising on the other pallet. Continuous operation is achieved providing empty pallets are replaced in time for the robot.

Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic systems are also available. Please see details in full on our website.

Robot Palletisers - Ancillary Equipment

Pacepacker Services Ltd supplies an excellent range of ancillary equipment for robot palletisers. Various attachments are available for robotic arms and include units for sacks and bags, boxes, retail trays, blister packs, valve sacks, tubs and buckets, drums, empty pallets, slip sheets and more. We can also offer automatic pallet dispensing, slip sheet applicator and pick conveyor equipment. Please contact us directly at Pacepacker Services Ltd for all of your robot palletiser requirements.

Concept Plans & Layout Drawings

At Pacepacker Services Ltd, we carry out complete site surveys as part of the enquiry/ ordering process. This enables us to provide customers with initial designs which can be amended at any point following discussions. 3D simulations of Fanuc Robots can also be created for specific projects. To view examples of out layout drawings, please head over to our website.



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  • Blu-Robot Second hand, used, reconditioned & pre-owned robot palletisers
  • DeltaPack Automatic pick and place solutions for primary products into retail trays, boxes and cartons.
  • Pacepacker Automatic packing & palletising solutions for sacks, bags, boxes, tubs & trays.
  • Pacepacker Bagging, Palletising & Case Loading systems.

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