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Water, the world's most precious resource, needs monitoring. Here at OTT Hydrometry, we manufacture the instrumentation that enables water professionals to acquire accurate and reliable data which is essential for helping them to protect the environment. For over 130 years we have been the market leaders in hydro-meteorology and water quality instrumentation.

In the past, a water quality monitoring site would need to be constantly manned in order to acquire reliable, consistent results. Modern communication technology now allows us to provide remote access to continuous monitoring data from anywhere in the world. In order that we provide the most up to date technology for environmental monitoring applications, OTT utilises over a century's worth of design and development experience and invests heavily into the future of its products. Our devices include state-of-the-art data loggers, sensors, software and Hydrolab water quality instrumentation. These cover all aspects of level, flow and quality monitoring. We'll also design, build and install bespoke solutions (on our website you'll find dozens of case studies). Our staff have the experience and technical know-how to find the most suitable combination of products for your requirements.

OTT Hydrometry Ltd is a subsidiary of OTT Messtechnik of Germany, a precision engineering company with considerable experience in the design and development of water monitoring technology. We are the UK and Ireland arm, providing technical sales, installation, maintenance and hire services. Our quality management systems cover all aspects of our operations, from product development and production, to sales and installation.

Operation/Reading Unit

Our reading and operating units are robust and easy to handle, making them suitable for field work. Small, lightweight and easy to use, Pocket PCs are a handy reading and configuration device for our OTT Data loggers. They can be connected via infrared or RS232. The read-in data series can be displayed immediately for checking, and using a USB connection, the data can be transmitted directly to the application software or stored as a text file. As well as Pocket PCs, OTT offers the Vota 2 for carrying out numerous functions, including data acquisition, readout, configuration, management and evaluation. The Vota 2 is the ideal alternative to a notebook or palmtop, both of which lack  robustness and stability, and are both affected by adverse weather and lighting conditions.

Software Solutions

OTT Hydrometry Ltd offers high-performance software solutions that are tailored to our customers' individual requirements. Hydras 3 Pocket, Hydras 3 LT, Hydras 3 Basic, Hydras 3, and Hydras 3 Pro provide different performance levels at different prices. The Hydras 3 product family covers equipment configuration and data reading, data management, data processing and storage, and data evaluation. If you would like to find out more about our software packages, please follow the link to our website or simply give us a call!

Communication – Data Transmission

The OTT HDR is a data transmission unit that is controlled via GPS. It means that the data acquired from the measuring site can be transmitted to the central data station through the METEOSAT and GOES satellites. The HDR functions as a slave transmission module of a connected data logger. As well as conveying data, it can also be set up with OTT Station Manager LogoSens to allow remote configuration. OTT HDR facilitates remote transmission using GSM/GPRS IP Com, remote polling in dedicated time slots, and remote programming with SMS. It is powered by a lithium battery or external supply. For more information, please visit the OTT website.

System Solutions

The CompactStation and MicroStation offer high flexibility at an affordable price. Both are based on a standard design which can be fitted in many different types of housing. They function as self-sufficient measuring sites with an independent power supply. In most cases, we'll set up the complete measuring station for you, finding a solution using various types of data loggers and different kinds of sensors, measuring principles, data transmitters and power supplies. The CompactStation features a solar power supply and a GSM communications option, meaning it can operate as a standalone unit. These, alongside the sensor and data-logger, are mounted on a sub-frame which is inserted into the station during installation. If you would like to find out about our measuring buoys, just follow the link to the OTT website.


Follow this link to find information on some of the projects which we have completed for our customers. There are many different examples from different countries that demonstrate how we have transformed measuring site requirements into professional, fully-functional solutions. We work closely with our customers, using our considerable experience and product knowledge to find the most appropriate systems for their application. We employ experienced sales engineers who specialise in different fields such as discharge management, water quality, and data communication. So give them a call today to see what we can do for you!

Complete monitoring solution-River Seine, France

We were commissioned to provide a compact solution for monitoring the water quality (conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen), water level, and salinity of a nature reserve on the estuary of the river Seine. This project also required a GPRS data transmission facility and SMS alarm functionality. We installed OTT CTD for water level and salinity monitoring, the Hydrolab MiniSonde 5 with conductivity, LDO and pH sensors for quality monitoring, and OTT ITC for remote transmission of data via GPS. In total, four autarkic monitoring stations with continuous data transfer of water quality parameters were set up. For more information on this project and others, simply follow the link!



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • OTT ADC Acoustic Digital Current Meter.The OTT ADC (Portable Acoustic Digital Current Meter) is designed for point velocity measurements in natural streams, rivers, creeks and open channels. Using the latest acoustic measuring principles and combined with a high end signal processor the instrument provides accurate and reliable data.
  • OTT CTD Groundwater data logger.The OTT CTD is a professional data logger that measures water level, temperature and conductivity. Furthermore, it can also output the salinity and the total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • OTT Pluvio² Universal precipitation gauge using the balance principle for liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation.It does not matter whether it is drizzle, sleet, hail or snow, the new OTT Pluvio² reliably and accurately measures both, the amount and the intensity of liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation.
  • OTT RLS Impulse-radar sensor for non-contact water level measurements. The OTT RLS (radar level sensor) is a radar sensor for non-contact water level measurements at surface waters. The sensor uses impulse-radar technology to determine the water level.
  • OTT Thalimedes Shaft Encoder with integrated Data Logger.The float-operated Thalimedes Shaft Encoder with integral data logger is designed for continuous, unattended monitoring of water level in ground- and surface water.