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Orchard Environmental Systems

Orchard Environmental Systems offer a first class service for the design, manufacture and installation of process systems, tanks, pipework, fume extraction and effluent treatment systems, particularly relating to the aero engine servicing and metal finishing industry.

We Manufacture: 

  • Plastic Tanks to DVS 2205 and GRP Reinforced Process Tanks.

  • Extrusion welding techniques are employed in the manufacture with a weld strength in excess of 100 per cent of the parent material. 

  • Stainless or Mild Steel Tanks with GRP, Celvin or Rubber Lining.


Our manufacturing policy is one of strict compliance with standards and manufacturers' recommended Codes of Practice. We supply design calculations and material manufacturers' verification of suitability with all equipment we design and specify. 

We offer site service, maintenance and repair services for all process equipment, including Process Tanks, Pipework, Filters and Acid Purification Units. 

We specialise in:

  • The design and manufacture of automated chemical cleaning plant for the aero engine and gas turbine industry.

  • Fume extraction and air scrubbers, to meet the new clean air regulations

  • The handling and treatment of chemical effluent to meet customer's consent conditions.


We are able to offer you a total service including: 

  • Environmental assessment of your present system

  • Provision of a new turnkey installation

  • Operator Training

  • Maintenance

Other Major Contracts 

Listed below are a few of the contracts our personnel have designed, manufactured and installed to date:

BAE Systems
Two process lines supplied, to facilitate the final cleaning and surface finishing of various metal parts. Including: Fume scrubbing, push/pull extraction systems. 

Rolls Wood Group Ltd 
Three major plants supplied, to facilitate the wet de-coating, cleaning and re-coating of industrial gas turbine, and aero engine components. 
Including: Fume scrubbing and extraction systems.

Wood Group Ltd 
Two major plants supplied, to facilitate the wet de-coating, cleaning and re-coating of industrial gas turbine, and aero engine components.
Including: Fume scrubbing extraction systems and effluent treatment plant. 

Servo Steels Ltd 
Various contracts including, effluent treatment plant, fume extraction and acid storage facilities on their 4.5 million pound - De-coil - Re-coil pickling plant. 

Senior Tube Products Ltd 
To design, manufacture and install a self cleaning warm liquid Trichloroethylene de-greasing plant. To supply effluent and extraction systems for their new tube cleaning and pickling plant. 

Other major contracts to: 

~ Corus (British Steel)

~ Cold Drawn Tubes

~ Desouter

~ Enthone-OMI 

~ Alcoa Europe (British Aluminium)

~ McAlpine 

~ UK Optical 

~ National Standard - Armitage Shanks 

~ Bodycote ( Darlington & Poole ) 

~ The Home Office

~ M.O.D.




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Registered at Companies House:17 January, 2012 (12 years and 2 months ago)
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