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Oceanscan is a market-leading firm specialising in providing the latest and most advanced equipment and technology to the oil and gas, defence, petrochemical, renewables, and nuclear industries. Our UK offices in Aberdeen and Lowestoft, as well as a worldwide network of partners, allows us to serve customers 24/7 as their needs require. Our range of products includes advanced hydrographic survey equipment, ROV sensors, non-destructive testing and inspection systems; we supply these to over a thousand customers around the world. We also help supply personnel to the offshore survey and ROV markets – whether a single experts or whole teams of surveyors, engineers, ROV pilots, deck crews, and project managers, for short or long placements. Oceanscan also works to help customers by increasing their profits through problem-solving and project de-risking with innovative rental solutions and quality personnel. We work to ISO 9001:2008 standards and we are working to be a UKAS-accredited calibration house. We are also members of the International Marine Contractors Association, the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, and the UK NDT Roadshow group of companies.

Subsea Positioning - USBL Systems

We sell a large range of USBL systems – ultra-short baseline systems used in underwater acoustic positioning. Our product range includes transponders, test sets, beacons, chargers, and other equipment necessary for acoustic positioning. We stock a number of leading brands. Please visit our website for details on the full range of ultra-short baseline positioning equipment available from Oceanscan.

Subsea Positioning - LBL Systems

We sell a large range of LBL systems – long baseline acoustic positioning systems that are useful for tracking underwater vehicles and divers. Our product range includes transponders, standalone portable systems, transceivers, microcomputers, testing sets, acoustic interrogators, and other relevant equipment. We stock a number of leading brands. Please visit our website for details on the full range of long baseline acoustic positioning equipment available from Oceanscan.

Subsea Positioning - Telemetry

Telemetry is an essential part of sea-based industrial work. This automated communicated process for measuring and collecting data from inaccessible or remote points, and relaying them to receiving equipment, is the basis of much marine work. We sell a wide range of telemetry equipment – from video transmitters, recording equipment, wireless serial data transmitters, and underwater acoustic modems. Please visit our website for details on the full range of telemetry equipment available from Oceanscan.

ROV Sensors - AUV Systems

We sell the Gavia AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) as well as the ECA Alistar 3000 Engineering Inspection AUV. The Alistar is designed for autonomous pipeline inspection at offshore rigs and it can track the pipeline and record video over a distance of 500 metres The Gavia is a self-contained survey solution with minimal resource drain and a small logistic footprint available in both 500 metre or 1000 metre models. Please visit our website for details on these two AUVs.

ROV Sensors - ROVS

We sell a range of ROVs – remotely operated vehicles. Our ROV range are suitable for a range of tasks, whether offshore and inshore use and video or sonar surveys; deep water rapid response; extended reach, depth and thrust; versatility and adaptability; observation and survey as well as pipe lay support; and other tasks. Our wide range of ROVs mean that you can address your underwater industrial needs in any industry. Please visit our website for details on our ROVs.

ROV Sensors - Multiplexer

We sell a range of multiplexer equipment for transmitting signals from sensors to base. A multiplexer selects one of several analogue or digital inputs and transmits the inputs to a single line – useful for several signals from several sensors to share one communications line or one device on the route back to base. Please visit our website for details on our full range of multiplexer equipment.

ROV Sensors - Acoustic Resources

We sell two release transponders and command units – used to moor oceanographic instrument strings on the seabed for up to 36 months of operation. The models we sell can be incorporated into subsea instrument frames or installed on AUVs and dropped after jettisoning ballast in an emergency. These models can be deployed in 2000 metres or 6000 metres of water. Please visit our website for details.

ROV Sensors - ROV Add-on-Tools

We sell a range of add-on tools for our ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) range – from torque tools, to pump systems, to cable cutters, to underwater metal thickness monitoring. Please visit our website for details on these various essential ROV add-on tools.

ROV Sensors - Bathymetric & Profiling Systems

Bathymetry is the study of lake and ocean floors and underwater depth. We sell a range of bathymetric and profiling systems designed to measure exactly that property – water depth and seabeds. Our range of products covers the many aspects of bathymetry and profiling – from altimeters and depth sensors, scanners, to profilers, to communications and junctions, other sensors, and other equipment. Please visit our website for details on our extensive range of bathymetry equipment.

ROV Sensors - Doppler Systems

We sell a range of radar equipment that make use of the Doppler sonar effect for measurements. The Doppler effect is the change in the frequency of a wave for a sensor that is moving relative to the source of the wave. Doppler radar uses this effect to determine the velocity of a moving object at a distance from the sensor. This information can be critical in certain underwater and marine industries contexts. Our Doppler radar products offer exceptional precision and performance in compact sizes and at competitive prices. Please visit our website for details.

ROV Sensors - Scanning Sonars

Scanning sonar – also called side-scan sonar – is a type of sonar measurement that can be used to efficiency create images of large areas of the sea floor. This data can be essential in oil and gas work, defence technologies, and other sectors. We offer a range of sonar equipment for side-scanning as well as the ancillary equipment necessary for scanning sonars. Please visit our website for details.

Cameras, Lasers & Lamps - Cameras

We sell a range of cameras, lasers, and lamps; all essential for underwater operators who need to illuminate challenging and hazardous work environments, relay images back to base, and to inspect or measure certain properties with lasers. Our range of products includes wide angles cameras, monochrome low-light cameras, explosion-proof cameras, low-light cameras for ROV operations, tooling cameras, stills cameras, rotate and tilt casing, zoom cameras, light rings for mounting on camera lenses, and many other devices. Please visit our website for details.

Geophysical - Magnetometers

Magnetometers can be used to measure the magnetisation of a magnetic material or to measure the strength and direction of a magnetic field. We sell a range of magnetometers for surveying work in deep water and other uses. Our products typically come with highly sensitive sensors and fast sample rates for industrial-scale use. Please visit our website for details.

Environmental - CTD & SVP Sensors

We sell a range of CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) sensors used for measuring those three properties in a body of water. These can be essential measures for oil and gas operators, defence equipment, offshore rigs, and other sectors. We also sell SVP sensors to measure the partial pressure of water vapour in the atmosphere. Please visit our website for details on these tow classes of sensors.

NDT & Inspection - Phased Array

We sell a wide range of NFT (nondestructive testing) products to test natural environments or equipment without disrupting operations or causing damage. Our range offers portability, cutting-edge technology, and a range of other advantages. Please visit our website for details on our NDT equipment.

Gyros & Motion Sensors - Surface Gyros

We sell two surface gyrocompass and motion sensor for measuring orientation, including true heading, roll, pitch, surge, sway, heave, speed, acceleration and rate of turn. Our products come with a unique strap-down technology, Ethernet and serial outputs, and are small and portable. Measuring orientation is a critical task in marine industrial work. Please visit our website for details.



Registration Number: SC116255
VAT Number: GB498 4896 57
Registered at Companies House:16 February, 1989 (35 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 5-10m
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Service Providers
  • Manufacturers Representative
UK Branches: Aberdeen, Lowestoft

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  • Epoch Flaw detectors
  • Hytek Cameras
  • Omniscan MX Phased Array
  • Pronorm, Mereway, Caple Kitchen units, kitchen appliances, kitchen sinks
  • Silestone Quartz kitchen worktops
  • T-Type Sonar Sludge profiling sonar for crude oil storage tanks.
  • UnderWater UT system
  • X-Type Diver Detection Sonar

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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