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Novatech Measurements Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of standard and bespoke load cells for use across many industry applications. Over 40 years of experience makes us one of the most trusted suppliers in our industry. 

Customers look to us for our ability to produce custom designed load measurement solutions quickly and cost-effectively – it’s this that stands us out in a highly competitive field. But here at Novatech we never promise the impossible – product integrity always comes first. 

Having design, machining, strain gauging, assembly and calibration facilities all under one roof allows us to offer a complete service and enables rapid turnaround on custom-made load cells. Of course, we also have an extensive range of standard components, and these may be modified to meet your requirements. 

We can offer:

  • All the common load cell geometries, including column, donut, beam, shear pin, pancake and diaphragm. 
  • Measuring ranges from 0.1N to 10Mn.
  • Sealing up to IP68.
  • Submersible designs for pressures up to 600bar.
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to +250°C.
  • Sizes down to 10mm dia. 

Our loads cells are used in all kinds of applications, from medical research to automotive testing, aviation to machinery and plant production. 

In the sections below you can find some examples of our standard load cell designs. To discover the full range, please head over to the Novatech Measurements website. If you would like to discuss a custom design with a Novatech representative, please call us on 01424 852744. 

Axial Loadcells

Novatech offers a great range of Axial Load Cells. The following are just some of the standard products that we have in stock – many of these can be modified to suit customer requirements. 

  • F329 – a specialist force measurement device with foil strain gauges.
  • F328 – a low force universal load cell with quantified extraneous load and moment rejection.
  • F308 – a compact axial load cell with improved EFI compared to diaphragm load cells.
  • F257 – a highly accurate axial compensated load cell with IP65 protection. 

Beam Loadcells

Our standard range of beam type load cells include:

  • F301 – a compact bending beam load cell designed for low range force measurements. 
  • F238 – a compact binocular bending beam load cell, often referred to as a single point load cell.
  • F325 – a high precision web tension load cell designed to meet the requirements of machine designers, installation fitters and end users through the incorporation of alignment features with maximum flexibility.
  • F320 – a heavy duty variant on the binocular bending beam load cell, intended for pure force measurement. 
  • F268 – a shear strain beam load cell for use in virtually all process weighing applications.

Button Loadcells

We also have a large selection of button type load cells, including:

  • F241 – for universal use in tension and compression applications.
  • F245 – with compact axial geometry, ideally suited to low range engineering force measurements and process weighing.
  • F250 – a highly compact load button cell for force measurement in confined spaces.
  • F255 – ideally suited to force measurements in confined spaces, in both tension and compression applications. 
  • F259 – another highly compact load button cell, like the F250 and F255. 

We can also offer many different variants. Please contact us for more information. 

Column Loadcells

Our column type load cells include:

  • F216 – with a hardened stainless steel body with weatherproof sealing and raised end load bearing faces. Ideally suited to engineering force measurements, and very easy to install. 
  • F327 – a robust canister load cell ideally suited to compression force measurement applications, particularly in harsh environmental conditions. Deliberately engineered to achieve a low contact surface pressure under high loading. 
  • F218 – a small column type cell in a sealed case with a domed top load bearing face, ideal for use in compression force measurement applications. Has a high structural load capacity, and is ideal for non-sacrificial impact load measurements. 

Donut Loadcells

Novatech offers an extensive range of donut load cells. These include:

  • F300 – RL 1 to 200kN (100kgf to 20tonnef)
  • F210  - RL 7.5 to 50kN (750kgf to 5tonnef)
  • F202 - RL 10 to 200kN (1 to 20tonnef)
  • F203 - RL 400 and 800kN (40 and 80tonnef)
  • F205 - RL 1000 and 2000kN (100 and 200tonnef)
  • F209 - RL 1000 to 4000kN (100 to 400tonnef)

If you would like more information on the load cells listed above, please head over to the Novatech website. 

In Line Cylindrical Loadcells

Our in-line cylindrical load cells include the following devices – 

  • F317 - RL 5 to 1000kN (500kgf to 100tonnef) – a high performance cylindrical load cell offering a high level of output symmetry in compression and tension applications. Improved all round performance against the slightly older F204.
  • F204 - RL 10 to 500kN (1 to 50tonnef) – an axial strain cylinder with a weather-sealed stainless steel housing, ideally suited to bi-directional engineering force measurements. Widely used in the automotive industry. 
  • F214 - RL 15 to 60kN (1.5 to 6tonnef) – an axial strain rod in a weather sealed case with external fixing thread. For use in tension or compression applications. 

Multi-axis Loadcells

We have a variety of multi-axis load cells, many of which can be modified to suit customer requirements. Popular models include:

  • F310 - RL 50N/2Nm (5kgf/2Nm)
  • F232 - RL 100N to 5kN x & y (10 to 500kgf)
  • F233 - RL 100N to 5kN x,y & z (10 to 500kgf)
  • F314 - RL 2 to 10kN x & y (200kg to 1tonnef)
  • F307 - RL 10 and 20kN x,y & z (1 and 2tonnef)

For more information on any of the items listed above, please visit Novatech Instruments online or contact our sales office on 01424 852744. 

Static Torque Transducers

Also available are a variety of static torque transducers:

  • F315 - RL 0.01 to 5Nm – with a slender disc geometry, outer ring earth fixing and live inner boss. Commonly used in instrumentation and small electric motor test and calibration applications. 
  • F311 - RL 2 to 1000Nm – can be easily modified to customer specification. 
  • F326 - RL 20Nm – designed to fit between a motor and its mounting structure, acting as a low profile coupling or adaptor plate. 



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