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Norbar are the world’s leading torque control specialists and are engaged solely in the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. Our customers include manufacturers and engineering service providers operating across multiple industries, including aerospace, energy, oil and gas, mining and sub-sea. With sales and service branches in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and India, as well as product distributors in more than 70 other countries, Norbar is able to serve a global market.

As well as being the world’s leading torque equipment manufacturer, Norbar is the only company of its kind that can offer torque control and instrument calibration and recalibration services to the original factory standard on four continents. Our NATA accredited laboratory in Australia and our NVLAP accredited laboratory in the USA use the same equipment and procedures as the company’s UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK. The new SAC-SINGLAS laboratory in Singapore also has the same facilities available for Norbar’s Asian customers.

Norbar is owned by the descendents of company founder Bill Brodey - they remain just as passionate about torque control and every bit as dedicated to the provision of high quality, cost-effective products as he was. Established in 1942, Norbar is one of the UK’s most experienced manufacturers. We are able to draw upon 70 years of industry expertise to design, develop and produce torque control technologies of the very highest order.

Today, Norbar continues to invest in the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology in order to produce the most innovative, accurate torque control equipment. You can find some of our ranges detailed below, but for more in-depth information please head over to the Norbar website.

Torque Measurement

Norbar isn’t just a designer of torque tools, it also manufactures torque measuring and testing instruments, so you can ensure your equipment is working at an optimum - yet accurate -performance. 

Torque Screwdrivers

Norbar has developed a class-leading range of accurate, easy-to-use and ergonomically designed torque screwdrivers which can be used for all manner of applications. Torque screwdrivers offer outstanding accuracy that exceeds the requirements of ISO6789 (+/-6% for tools up to 10 N·m), and will retain this level of accuracy over thousands of tightening cycles. They are available in N·m, lbf.in or production 'P' Type models. Find out more by visiting the Norbar website.

Professional Torque Wrench ‘Industrial’ Ratchet Models

Norbar’s ‘Professional’ torque wrench range is made up of multiple time-proven models and includes a number of model variants to cover virtually all applications. Nearly 70 years of experience and expertise has gone into this range, meaning no aspect of design, manufacture or materials has been left to chance. These products are the culmination of decades of hard work and commitment to finding the perfect combination of accuracy, longevity and ease-of-use. The ‘Professional’ range is now available with an automotive ratchet or an industrial ratchet. You can find out more about each product in the ‘Professional’ range by visiting the Norbar website.

Industrial Torque Wrench Adjustable Models

Our Industrial range of torque wrenches feature a ‘Break Back’ action which provides an unmistakable signal that can be seen and felt when the set torque is reached. A robust construction helps to provide accurate results to +/-4% (even in arduous working conditions), and a large break angle further improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over-torquing.  All wrenches within the Industrial range are supplied with a calibration certificate to satisfy ISO 9000:2000 requirements. More information on each model can be found on the Norbar website.

HT3 Torque Multiplier

‘Highwayman’ torque multipliers have been designed specifically for situations where limitations in space or operator strength prevent the application of higher torques. Input to the multiplier is via a ratchet torque wrench set to one fifth of the desired output torque. ‘Highwayman’ torque multipliers provide accuracy greater than +/-4% and are supplied with two reaction bar styles for maximum versatility. A robust construction optimises reliability and reduces the need for maintenance. Each model is supplied in its own carry case, making them ideal for inclusion in a heavy vehicle tool kit.

Handtorque™ Standard Series

108 Diameter Handtorque multipliers feature multiple-stage epicyclic gearing that gives a wide range of torque outputs and ratios to suit all manner of applications. A small torque wrench with a high ratio capability makes these models ideal for situations where access is limited. Models with 25:1 ratio or above feature an anti wind-up ratchet, and all standard series models can be fitted with electronic torque transducers for precise torque monitoring. A variety of reaction styles are available.

Handtorque™ Compact Series

The Handtorque™ Compact Series includes HT52, 72, 92 and 119 models. 25:1 models feature an anti wind-up ratchet (AWUR) for easier and safer operation. Electronic transducers can be fitted to HT72, HT92 and HT119 for precision torque monitoring. The Compact Series has a guaranteed accuracy of +/-4% and is available in a variety of ratios and output square drives sizes.

Handtorque™ Small Diameter Series

Norbar’s Handtorque Small Diameter Series includes HT30, 45 and 60 models, all of which have the same features as Standard Series models but with a higher torque output for a given gearbox diameter. All models are available with an anti-wind-up ratchet to allow safer and more practical operation. The HT45 features an integral angle protractor for easy torque and angle tightening. Other features and benefits include;
  • Reduced diameter allows better access, particularly on pipe flanges.

  • Reaction taken from high strength spline.

  • Reaction foot can slide on the spline to allow for sockets of various lengths (except HT45).

Pneutorque® Standard Series

Standard Series Pneutorque models have been developed and perfected over a 40 year period, making them amongst the most reliable and effective pneumatic wrenches on the market. These highly versatile multipliers are used for thousands of applications worldwide – Norbar has a model for virtually every bolting application up to 100,000 N·m. Standard Series Pneutorques have a forward and reverse operation and are available with either a manual or automatic two-speed gearbox to reduce bolt rundown time. All models are also available as remote control versions. To find out more about our Standard Series Pneutorque wrenches, please visit the Norbar website.

Pneutorque® Pneumatic Multipliers

Pneumatic multipliers are ideal for low volume or intermittent use or in situations where no power source is available. They provide a quiet operation (less than 85 dBA) with absolutely no impacting, making them safer and more comfortable for the operator to use. Pneutorque devices ensure highly accurate torque control – on a given joint they will stall repeatably to within +5%. This can be improved to +1% using the electronic shut off. They consist of a robust air motor which drives a Norbar multiplier with three or more stages of epicyclic gearing. Precise torque control is achieved by adjusting the air pressure.

Pneutorque® Small Diameter Series

Pneutorque ‘Small Diameter Series’ models have the same features as the standard series models, but with a higher torque output for a given gearbox diameter. A reduced diameter improves access, and a reversible design makes them suitable for both tightening and untightening applications. Other features and benefits include:
  • Two speed models are available offering up to 5500 N·m.

  • Reaction foot can slide on the spline to allow for sockets of various lengths (except PT4500).

  • Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.

  • PT4500 has integral angle protractor for easy torque and angle tightening.

  • PT4500 employs a pistol grip style motor.

  • Two Speed Models are available offering the advantages of single speed versions but with the additional benefit of a run down speed five times greater than the final torque speed.

Pneutorque® TrukTorque™

TrukTorque tools have been designed specifically with the truck and bus wheel market in mind. They feature an integral curved reaction that fits most truck and bus wheels, and are designed in such a way that makes accessing recessed wheel nuts easy. Reaction sockets are spring loaded to locate onto the next available nut for reaction.
  • Torque from 200 - 1,000 N·m (147 - 738 lbf·ft)

  • Free Running speed of 140 rpm for rapid bolt rundown


Norbar’s torque transducers have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability, and are known throughout the industry as the most reliable measurement devices of their kind. They cover an extremely wide torque range from 0.04 N·m to 100,000 N·m, and are available in three basic transducer configurations: static, impulse rotary and annular. All of these are supplied with a UKAS-accredited calibration certificate as standard. If you would like to take advantage of our transducers but have an existing, non-Norbar display instrument, please get in touch – most of our instruments can be provided with an mV/V calibration.

Torque Wrench Loaders

Our ISO torque wrench testers allow torque wrenches to be calibrated or tested in accordance with ISO6789:2003, BS EN 26789:2003 and American military standard GGG-W-686. All models feature a highly accurate ETS torque measuring system that minimises operator-induced variations in the calibration process. Norbar’s unique Static Transducer system allows for easy interchange of transducers, whilst the ISO 1500 90-degree facility enables torque wrench performance to be tested in two planes. Wrenches up to 2250mm can be tested thanks to an ISO 3000 reaction extension bar (which can be removed to save space when not needed). To find out more about our torque wrench loaders, please visit the Norbar website.

Calibration Equipment

Norbar are able to supply a series of test beams which are designed for the static calibration of torque transducers. Though made primarily for Norbar transducers and mechanical test devices, these can also often be used to calibrate equipment from other manufacturers. Each beam comes with UKAS-accredited certification and is designed with a square drive machined to the top limit of ISO 2725:1987 as standard (this helps to minimise any play between the beam and the transducer).

Calibration Services

Professional calibration of torque equipment is extremely important in maintaining traceability and quality of operations, so as well as a comprehensive range of calibration equipment, Norbar is able to offer a full range of calibration services which are carried out to the appropriate British Standard at our UKAS accredited laboratory. Norbar is accredited by UKAS for torque measurements between 0.005 N·m and 108,500 N·m or the imperial equivalents. Find out more about our calibration capabilities by visiting the Norbar website.



Registration Number: 00380480
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Registered at Companies House:8 May, 1943 (78 years and 6 months ago)
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