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Nor-Cal UK Ltd supplies the UK market with high quality stainless steel vacuum components produced by Nor-Cal Products Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer the full range of Nor-Cal products, including high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum flanges, valves, fittings, foreline traps, feedthroughs, manipulators and heater jackets. 

The Nor-Cal range has been designed to cover a wide variety of vacuum applications across multiple industries. Wherever they are used, our components offer levels of performance and reliability unrivalled by any other manufacturer. Our policy of continual investment into research, development and manufacturing has enabled us to offer high quality vacuum components that set the standard for all others to follow.

The latest, state-of-the-art machinery has also enabled Nor-Cal to drive down costs of production, resulting in better value for our customers. 

In the sections below you’ll find a general overview of the products and services offered by Nor-Cal UK Ltd. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website or contact us on 01666 861221.

Chambers & Weldments

Nor-Cal has a worldwide reputation for quality – a reputation that is fully justified. The quality, appearance and performance of our high and ultra-high vacuum chambers are unequalled anywhere in the industry. Whether you require a one-off chamber for a university or large volumes for original equipment manufacturing, we can provide a solution that meets and exceeds all expectations. Nor-Cal also offers a complete line of vacuum chamber accessories, including load locks, sample transfer and positioning devices, liquid and electrical feedthroughs, viewports and roughing components. 

Cylindrical and rectangular chambers can be made up to approximately 5ft square with doors, stands, water jackets and Mumetal shields. 

Isolation & Control Valves

Nor-Cal supplies an extensive range of isolation and control valves that offer outstanding performance in even the most demanding applications, including semiconductor and compound semiconductor processing. This includes both manually and pneumatically actuated models with die-formed, 304 grade stainless steel bodies and electropolished surfaces for faster pump-down, lower outgassing and improved corrosion resistance. For more details and specifications, please visit Nor-Cal UK online or get in touch on 01666 861221.

Foreline Traps & Filters

Nor-Cal has been designing and building standard and bespoke foreline traps for the vacuum industry since 1962, making us one of the most experienced manufacturers in the market. Nor-Cal Traps range in complexity from the sealed coaxial type (which prevent oil backstreaming) to the triple-pass water cooled variety (which remove condensable gasses that contaminate mechanical pump oil or other parts of the system). On average, our customers see a 200% improvement in preventative maintenance intervals after installing one of our traps. With exception to our sealed coaxial metal sieve traps (which have a one-piece body), all of our traps are designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning, maintenance or replacement.

Flanges & Fittings

Nor-Cal’s range of CF flanges are available in sizes from 1? to 16 ½ inches OD for ¼ to 14 inch tubes. All of them are compatible with other Conflat® style flanges. Nor-Cal uses state-of-the-art CNC machining techniques to produce flanges of exceptional quality. They are machine washed in an approved aqueous detergent after machining, and can also be chemically cleaned if required. To find out more about our CF flanges, please visit Nor-Cal UK online or get in touch on 01666 861221.

Weld Fittings

Nor-Cal has been manufacturing stainless steel weld fittings for more than 40 years, and we utilise all of this experience to produce high quality, made-to-measure components suitable for even the most demanding of applications. Weld fittings are often used in vacuum roughing lines on semiconductor process equipment, as well as in forelines and pump exhaust lines in semiconductor subfabs. Pulled-port welding techniques and full penetration butt welds ensure a crevice-free joint and a high level of cleanliness for UHV applications. Most weld fittings are made from 304 grade stainless, though some sizes are stocked in 316L for enhanced corrosion-resistance.


The Nor-Cal product range encompasses more than 4,000 standard items, and our bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities mean we can produce an infinite number of specialised designs. You can download a catalogue (which includes in-depth product details, specifications, etc) from the Nor-Cal UK website. It covers the following product categories:

  • Chambers and Accessories – including custom chambers, bell jars, feedthrough collars, base plates, viewports, monitors, etc.
  • Isolation and Control Valves – including angle valves, in-line valves, tee valves, fail-safe valves, bakeable valves, etc.
  • Foreline Traps – including semiconductor process traps, sealed coaxial traps, flex traps, water-cooled traps, liquid nitrogen traps, etc.
  • Flanges and Fittings – including NW and ISO flanges, fittings, adapters, viewports, PVC hose, wire seal flanges, ASA flanges, CF flanges, etc.
  • Weld Fittings – including weldable flex hose, stainless steel tubing, flexible stainless steel hose, etc.
  • Thermal Products – including heater jackets, insulators, controllers and other accessories. 


With our combination of experience and expertise, coupled with a broad product range, we’re able to integrate components to provide comprehensive downstream solutions for semiconductor fabricators and equipment manufacturers. We conduct a thorough evaluation of the system and implement a solution that improves overall performance and achieves customer-defined goals. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of the Nor-Cal UK team, please call us on 01666 861221.

About us

Nor-Cal UK Ltd is the sole UK distributor of the Nor-Cal Products Inc range, and has held that status since the opening of our sales and distribution facility in 1998. Increased demand forced Nor-Cal UK to move to a larger premises in 2001, and in early 2002, the company gained ISO9001:2000 accreditation. We hold a large stock of Nor-Cal components which are ready for immediate despatch. Orders received before 2.00pm can be shipped for next day delivery to any location in the UK.

Thermal Products

Nor-Cal UK offers an extensive range of heater jackets, controllers and accessories. Our heater jackets offer a tight contact fit, trimable materials, are constructed of silicone rubber and provide even heating up to 200°C. The jackets have been specifically designed to significantly enhance vacuum line performance and will improve heat transfer by minimizing cold spots. Our heat jackets are also designed to reduce particle generation, which leads to a reduction in system downtime. We offer a one year warranty on our heat jacket products and full details of our complete range are available on a downloadable spec sheet at the Nor-Cal UK website.

Adapter Fittings

Nor-Cal UK Ltd offers an extensive array of adapter fittings that will allow you to connect components of differing type. All of our adapter fittings are fabricated from a choice of corrosion resistant 304 or 316 stainless steel, depending upon your requirements.  Fittings are welded using the TIG method for maximum weld quality and undergo a thorough leak checking process before they leave us.  Our choice of adapter fittings can be broken down into two categories: Flange-to-flange and flange-to-fitting.  Please follow the link to find full details of each model we manufacture along with product specifications and diagrams.

ASA Flanges & Fittings

The 304 stainless steel used in the fabrication of our range of ASA flanges has undergone special treatment and these flanges are suitable for use with both 150lb flanges and 150 ANSI flanges. Full details and specifications of each model can be found by following the link. Please contact us if you require sizes larger than those stated.

Alongside our standard line of ASA flanges, we also offer some additional products to meet the needs of specific applications. These comprise of a rotatable flange option for applications where interchanging components is required and an O-ring groove flange for mating two ASA flanges. 

Our ASA flanged vacuum component fittings line is extensive and includes ASA half, full, reducer and  conical reducer nipples, radius and mitered elbows, tees and 4/5/6-way crosses, each of which is fabricated from 304 stainless steel with 316 being available on request.

Wire Seal Flanges

If you require flanges for use with bell jars or with bespoke vacuum chambers then take a look at Nor-Cal’s range of wire seal flanges that have been specifically manufactured for these and other related applications.  We use copper wire to provide a seal that can withstand pressures up to 10-13 mbar in temperatures up to 450°C.   Our range of standard size wire seal flanges covers 314mm to 689mm which are designed to accommodate tube OD sizes from 254mm – 609.6mm.  In addition Nor-Cal also offers a choice of wire seal flange gasket and bolt sets.

Chain Clamps

Nor-Cal are pleased to offer a choice of chain clamps that cover a range of sizes, and are available uncoated or with Teflon coated aluminium links. The coated versions have been designed to seal flanges that have sharp edging, whilst the uncoated clamps are more economical and are used when sealing standard NW flanges. A list of specifications for our chain clamps for both NW-16 to 50 and NW-63 flanges can be found on our website including information on torque and application.

Flexible Hoses & Couplings

If you’re looking for flexible hoses and couplings you will find the selection at Nor-Cal Products hard to beat.  We offer an extensive range to suit a multitude of applications, which covers flexible vacuum connections, flexible hoses, flexible couplings and also PVC hoses, where a lower cost alternative to stainless steel is required.  Products include:

  • NW, ISO, ASA and CF flexible couplings
  • Flangeless flexible stainless steel hoses
  • Thin, medium and thick wall NW flexible stainless steel hoses
  • NW/CF medium wall flexible stainless steel adapter hoses
  • Medium and thick wall ISO flexible stainless steel hoses
  • CF flexible stainless steel hoses
  • ASA flexible stainless steel hoses
  • NW and CF flexible stainless steel braided hoses
  • PVC flexible hoses, hose nipples and PVC hoses with NW flanges

ISO Flanges & Fittings

Our range of ISO flanges and fittings have been carefully made to the specifications laid out by the International Standards Organisation, allowing them to be used with any other ISO standard fittings, whether they are fabricated by us or any other manufacturer. All of Nor-Cal’s ISO flanges and associated hardware are constructed from Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) 304 stainless steel, which prohibits the occurrence of sulphur stringers. Our extensive range includes:

  • ISO optional fastener flanges
  • ISO rotatable bolt ring and retainer ring
  • ISO non rotatable flanges
  • ISO clamps – double claw and single claw
  • ISO metric bolt kits
  • ISO centering rings
  • ISO elbows – 90° mitered, 90° radius, 45° with tangents
  • ISO nipples – half, full, reducer
  • ISO tees
  • ISO crosses

NW Flanges & Fittings

The NW flanges and fittings manufactured by Nor-Cal have been designed to be compatible with USA tube sizes ⅜” to 2” OD as well as any ISO KF flanges. Their design provides a strong seal that is suitable for vacuum applications where pressures of up to 10-8 mbar are used.  Nor-Cal is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of NW flanges and fittings, which can be viewed by following the link above.  You will also see diagrams of how the NW flanges operate as well as full specifications for each product.

Downstream Pressure Control

We stock a wide range of downstream pressure control components, including throttle valves, valve controllers and pressure gauges. There are many benefits to the products within this range, including high speed, resolution and exceptional reliability. Customers who'd like to find out more should visit the website for a full and detailed guide which includes extensive technical information. Alternatively, if you have any specific questions you can contact us directly. 

Viewports, Shutters & Glass Adapters

We offer a wide range of viewports, shutters and glass adapters, suitable for use within vacuum chambers. These components are available in a variety of different sizes, to suit specific customer requirements. As well as offering exceptional quality and reliability, are viewports, shutters and glass adapters are also competitively priced. It's worth noting that we offer special materials and coatings, such as anti-reflective or sapphire, if so required. To find out more, please feel free to visit the website which has detailed technical information on all of these products. 


We stock both liquid and electrical feedthroughs which have been designed for use within a variety of vacuum applications. Our liquid feedthroughs are manufactured from stainless steel and can be provided with or without fittings. Our electrical feedthroughs are made using high quality materials such as ceramic insulators, copper conductors and nickel conductors. For more information on this range, including details on sizing and features, please don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Thin Film Deposition

We offer an extensive range of components which are designed for use within thin film deposition. Just some of these products include, sensor monitors, multi-channel monitors, quartz crystal feedthroughs, quartz crystals and cables. It's worth noting that we can also offer completely bespoke feedthroughs if required. Customers who'd like to find out more about our thin film deposition products can visit the website. Alternatively, if you have any specific queries you can contact our customer service team directly. 



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