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Nitto Kohki is a leading Japanese firm specialising in the design and manufacture of high-technology machines, components, and tooling. We are a global leader in producing tools, couplings, and pumping systems, for a wide range of uses – including medical equipment, waste water treatment systems, and many other applications.


Nitto Kohki also supplies electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools; these are used in industrial applications such as couplings, grinders, and needle scalers, across the industrial, medical, biotech, nuclear, semiconductor, and IT fields.


Our products range from a series of couplings, to power and machine tools, pumps, air compressors, vacuum pumps, drilling machines, cutters, chamfering tools, and other electric and power tools.


Nitto Kohki's European division has offices in Germany and the United Kingdom – we are pleased to offer you our design and manufacturing services across the UK and Europe.

Pumps & Air Compressors

Nitto Kohki produces Medo pumps – unique products in the pumps and air compressors industry. Medo pumps come with a patented and industry-leading linear-motor-driven free piston system. Our pumps find use in a wide range of applications, from life support systems to robotics. And we include this advanced and unique design in a number of our precision air compressors and vacuum pumps. Two decades of use across the planet have demonstrated that our unique pumps are a proven technology. We also supply low-pressure and medium-pressure compressors, blowers, diaphragms, and vacuum pumps, to a linear-shuttle design that has only one moving part – thus improving efficiency and reliability. And we supply brushless and brushed motor-driven cup-seal pumps and diaphragms. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.

Linear Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

We supply products that use a linear-motor-driven free piston system – this is ideal either for upgrading your existing systems and industrial setups or for new designs. The properties of these products are compact profiles, quiet operation, zero vibration, and reliability. The free piston pump can improve a system's performance – whatever the application – and extend its operational lifecycle. Nitto Kohki includes in these products a self-cooling design and a hyper-pressure control system to shorten piston strokes in the event of output pressure exceeding intended values. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.

Bimor Miniature Pumps

Nitto Kohki produces the Bimor miniature pump – an engineering revolution using piezoelectric bimorph technology to delivery a compact high-powered pump. Two parallel piezoelectric wafers expand or contract, depending on the direction of the voltage; this cycle is repeated to create a pumping action. Suction and expulsion options are therefore both possible. The Bimor miniature pump is lightweight, durable, and quiet, and it features low-power consumption, low EM noise, a simple flow rate adjustment, and it can be used in almost any industrial application. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.

Quick Connect Couplings

Nitto Kohki supplies quick connect fluid couplings for systems that need to move air, water, oil, or gas. Our quick connect couplings can be connected and disconnected with one hand, allowing operators flexibility, adaptability, and safety, in demanding industrial environments. The automatic open and shut valve offers a high-volume and easy flow control with a perfect seal. We offer a massive range of quick connect couplings, with 25,000 unique models spread across 3,000 different series; this allows us to meet any industrial application in most sectors. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.

RAA Cupla Couplings

Nitto Kohki's Cupla series of couplings can be used for refrigeration, automotive assemblies, and air-conditioning uses – and many other applications. We supply a huge range of Cupla couplings for general household use, high-tech industrial settings, including in oceanic and space development. The Cupla series has products ranging in diameter from a minuscule 2.5mm to a giant 540mm – in bodies of steel, brass, plastic, aluminium, or stainless steel. Our couplings can be used as replacements in pneumatic or hydraulic tools, to testing pressure and vacuum seals, to fill spaces with various gases, for conveying crews, nuts, electric power cables; and for a wide range of other uses. Please visit our product PDF for full technical details and options.

Multi Cupla Series Couplings

Our Multi-Cupla series of couplings is an elaboration on the Cupla design – this product range allows you to simultaneously connect multiple lines for different fluids, and multiple sizes, with a single operation. The Multi-Cupla can help you increase efficiency in your processes, ensure safe usage and reliability, improve your productivity, and reduce costs. These benefits are achieved because the Multi-Cupla minimises setup time, reduces the size of the plate needed for multiple piping, and prevents possible human errors in manually arranging a multiple piping job. Please visit our product PDF for full technical details and options.

Semicon Cupla Couplings

The Nitto Kohki Semicon Cupla series of couplings are specialist products used to pipe a variety of chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing – a delicate and demanding process – and biochemical plants. Our Semicon Cupla range can also be used for piping connections between chemical tanks and pure water piping. The outstanding properties of the Semicon Cupla products are a resistance to a wide variety of industrial chemicals, leak resistance to ensure safety, and cost effectiveness because of a high reusability in industrial processes. We have a very wide range of Semicon Cupla couplings that can meet any need and industrial setup. Please visit our product PDF for full technical details and options.

Power & Machine Tools

We supply a range of compact and lightweight pneumatic tools. These tools, driven by compressed air, have a high torque for heavy-duty industrial needs – but they also have easy and user-friendly control of speed and power. Nitto Kohki supplies 35 different pneumatic tools. Please visit out website and select your application to see the relevant products.


Our electric tools are state-of-the-art equipment for a wide range of industrial applications. We offer a full range of "Task-force" products to meet any on-site industrial, manufacturing, construction, or other similar needs. Our electric tools are all easy to use, lightweight units, without any compromises on high power, efficient use, or the high quality our customers expect from Nitto Kohki. Please visit out website and select your application to see the relevant products.


We also offer hydraulic tools – these use liquids to drive high-power and heavy-duty industrial tools for a wide range of applications. Please visit out website and select your application to see the relevant products.

Drilling Machines

Nitto Kohki supplies an incredibly wide range of electric and hydraulic drilling machines for almost any industrial application. Our drills have a number of features to improve your productivity, workplace safety, production efficiency, to save costs, and to ensure high quality work. A slow start mechanism keeps the feed speed low for the first few seconds of drilling to ensure a smooth cut. Auto-feeding facilitates drill work. A load sensor responds to drilling and feeing forces to adjust force and vary drilling speed. Our drills can also detect when a cut has finished or excessive load is applied to the cutter – and automatically stop in both cases. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.


We supply a wide range of electric or hydraulic cutters suitable for any industrial application. These high-performance products can be used to cut many types of materials and include the same efficiency, safety, and quality-processing features as our other machine tools. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.

Chamfering Tools

Nitto Kohki supplies a number of chamfering tools used for cutting metal surfaces and edges in industrial applications to produce a symmetrical sloping edge. Chamfered edges are often needed for both functional and aesthetic reasons – our chamfering tools help you carry out this delicate and precise operation. And as with all of our machine tools, the Nitto Kohki range of chamfering tools feature efficiency, easy-of-use, reliability, and quality workmanship. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.

Pneumatic & Electric Power Tools

The Nitto Kohki range of pneumatic and power tools cuts across an incredible array of industrial machine tools. We offer hand and mini, bevelers, circuit bevelers, broach cutters and holders, many different kinds of industrial drilling tools, hydraulic pumps, cutters, and a broad range of other tools. Our machine tools feature built-in sensors, failsafes, auto-feeders, auto-stop capabilities, and numerous other features for efficient, safe, and productive operation. Please visit our website for full technical details and options.



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