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Newtons4th Ltd is a fantastic company that designs and manufactures versatile, highly accurate instruments for power electronic test and measurement applications. The company was established in 1997 and specialises in outstanding state-of-the-art test equipment including Frequency Response Analysers, Vector Voltmeters, Phase Meters, Impedance Analysers, True RMS Voltmeters, Selective Level Meters, Laboratory Power Amplifiers and Power Analysers.

Here at Newtons4th Ltd we are continually researching the market and developing our range of equipment to meet the demands of the industry. We have the knowledge and experience to provide customers with reliable and sturdy equipment designed to achieve accurate results.

Please visit our website to find out more about our products and services. Or, for further information, please contact our friendly team at Newtons4th Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Newtons4th Ltd is ISO 9001 registered.

PPA500 High performance compact power analysis

Here at Newtons4th Ltd, we are pleased to present the fantastic PPA500 series which joins our Precision Power Analyser range. This range of products provides users with high performance products at low cost. Units in this range are widely used in production or test environments.

The PPA500 features a full colour TFT display and many of the techniques featured in the PPA1500 series. It is available in 1, 2 or 3 phase configurations and can be installed in a 19inch rack where two units can be positioned side by side in order to provide a 2U 6 phase solution.

Please visit our website to view images and to find out more about the PPA500 series.

PPA1500 Precision Power Analyser

We are also pleased to offer the PPA1500 series. This series joins the PPA2500 series and the PPA5500 series of precision power analysers and ensures the N4L power analysers achieve optimum results in any type of power measurement application and budget.

The PPA1500 is half rack width and 2U high. It is available in 1, 2 or 3 phase configurations and provides users with an incredibly high level of accuracy. Units in this series also now have a 6 Phase 2U rack option to enable two PPA1530 units to be installed side by side.

PPA 5500 Precision Power Analyser

The PPA5500 series features a fantastic range of units that extends our power analysis equipment further. Units in this range feature a wide frequency range as well as excellent noise rejection. Other features of the PPA5500 series include increased voltage and current measurement ranges, increased processing power, increased memory, real time clock, high contrast colour display, 1 GB non-volatile internal memory and external USB memory port.

Please visit our website to find out more about the PPA5500 range. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Newtons4th Ltd with your requirements/ enquiries and we will be happy to help.

PPA Accessories

To complement our range of equipment, we offer a wide range of accessories.

Examples of the range include:

  • HF Series Shunts
  • Clamp on Current Transformers
  • Phase Controlled Inrush Switch
  • Ultra Low Capacitance Probe
  • Breakout Box
  • Wideband Attenuator
  • 15Kv HV Probe
  • PPA15xx Series Rack Mounting Kit
  • Voltage Break Out Lead Set
  • Rogowski Current Transducers
  • PPA5xx/15xx Flight Case 

Full product descriptions, including images, are available to view online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you would like assistance with product selection, please contact us directly at Newtons4th Ltd.

Power Analyzers

Newtons4th Ltd offers an excellent range of high performance power analysers. The range includes:

  • PPA500: an affordable compact precision power analyser range.
  • PPA1500: for high performance compact power analysis.
  • PPA5500: class leading accuracy, speed and flexibility.
  • PPA2500: provides versatile and cost effective solutions to many power measurement applications.
  • PPA2600: a rack mounted power analyser offering up to 50Arms.

This new generation of class leading precision power analysers provides users with a choice of outstanding power analyser solutions. Our range offers the widest frequency range, widest voltage measurement range, widest current measurement, highest common mode rejection and more.

Frequency Response Analyzers

We also offer a fantastic range of frequency response analysers. The range features:

  • SFRA45: portable sweep frequency response analyser that enables users to view sweeps on screen, download to PC or remotely control instrument from SFRAComm software.
  • PSM1700: offers FRA, VVM, LCR, RMS, Power and Harmonic function up to 1MHz.
  • PSM1735: features the same functionality as the PSM1700 with balanced differential inputs and a frequency range that extends to 35MHz.
  • PSM2200: frequency response analysis and a wide range of additional measurement functions at up to 2.4 MHz with fully isolated 500V inputs.
  • PSM2201: features the same functionality as the PSM2200 but with lower voltage input ranging for applications that require greater sensitivity.

Impedance Analyzers

Our range of impedance analysers provides outstanding measurement solutions for a range of impedance analysis applications.

  • LCR Active Head: 4 wire Kelvin connections and selectable shunts to simplify impedance analysis at frequencies up to 5MHz.
  • Impedance Analysis Interface: 4 wire Kelvin connected impedance analysis with increased measurement range and accuracy at frequencies up to 35MHz.
  • TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier: accessory for use with the PSM1700 or PSM1735 frequency response analysers for high impedance measurement.

Selective Level Meters

Newtons4th Ltd offers a range of top quality selective level meters designed and manufactured to accurately measure signal levels with a preset bandwidth on two frequencies simultaneously. The range features:

  • SLM3505: a portable selective level meter with colour display and USB memory stick interface for data transfer. Also includes VSWR measurement.
  • SLM2200: selective level meter with high voltage capability.
  • SLM1700: an economy selective level meter with high specification.

Please visit our website to find out more about our selective level meters.

Laboratory Power Amplifiers

We also offer the LPA series of wide bandwidth precision voltage and current amplifiers. The range includes:

  • LPA05: this series provides wide bandwidth signal amplification at up to 8A peak.
  • LPA400: a wide bandwidth high voltage amplifier.
  • LPA01: a wide bandwidth DC accurate amplifier.

The range has been expertly designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. Our laboratory power amplifiers are unconditionally stable to any load, feature wideband, high performance to ratio and are DC accurate.

Software And Accessories

Our range of software and accessories includes:

  • PSM Accessories: range includes Injection Transformers, LCR Active Head, Impedance Analysis Interface, Transimpedance Amplifier, PSM1735 Single Ended Adaptor, Power Adaptor, Telecom Test Fixture, 2.5kv HV Probe, 15kv HV Probe, HF Series Shunt and IAI Kelvin Fixture.
  • SLM Accessories: range includes Flight Case, SLM Coupler, and SLM PLCC Test Lead Set
  • PPA Accessories: range includes HF Series Shunts, Clamp on Current Transformers, Phase Controlled Inrush Switch, Ultra Low Capacitance Probe, Breakout Box, Wideband Attenuator, 15kv HV Probe, PPA15xx Series Rack Mounting Kit, Voltage Break Out Lead Set and more.

Please visit our website to find out more about our software and accessories range.

Application Notes

Please follow the link to our website to view our range of application notes. These have been put together to highlight the use of our products in solving a range of measurement problems. We offer application notes on the following: Amplifier Frequency Response, RMS and Peak Range Consideration in Precision Power Analysers, Transformer Efficiency Testing and Transformer Vector Theory, PWM Motor Drives – Pulse Width Modulation Theory, RFI Line Filter Testing – Frequency Response Analysis, Standby Power Testing, Efficiency Measurements of AC-DC Power Supplies using the PPA1500 Series Power Analysers, and many more.


Our excellent range of equipment is distributed to customers via outlets all around the world. Please visit our website to view contact details of our distributors. For further information on where you can purchase Newtons4th Ltd power electronic test and measurement applications, please call us at Newtons4th Ltd and we will be happy to help.



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