Based in Isleworth, Newmont Engineering Co. Ltd provides various industries with high quality precision components. Newmont Engineering has been operating for many years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry to provide customers with excellent precision component solutions. We are known globally for our high quality products and for providing customers with a reliable and honest service. Newmont Engineering has developed year after year and has undertaken various company developments and invested in machinery that will enable the company to meet the demands of the industry. Our skilled team works to the highest levels of accuracy and works efficiently in order to complete orders and deliver them to customers as soon as possible. We are pleased to be able to provide services for single batch productions as well as large batch runs. We have the facilities and machinery to meet all kinds of requests. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website, or you would rather chat to one of friendly technical advisors, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

CAM (Computer Aided Manfacture) - Visit our website

We use leading CAD/CAM software from Alphacam for the effective manufacture of various components. We can work from various recognized CAD drawing formats such as IGES, DWG and DXF as well as from print or PDF files. We can undertake various cutting projects such as for gear cutting or thread cutting and there is huge scope as to the variations that can be achieved. We have the skills and equipment to undertake accurate, precision components. Sometimes components may need to be processed with a line of machines to get the required results. Our range of in-house machinery enables us to achieve all kinds of results at cost-effective prices.

Gear Cutting - Visit our website

Various configurations can be reached using our gear cutting machinery. Examples include: miniature gears and fine gears, serrations, spur gears, imperial involute splines, metric involute splines, internal splines, straight sided and parallel splines, crown splines, worm and wheel, timing belt pulleys, chain sprockets, and many more. The opportunities are endless - please contact us with your requirements. Our cutting services conform to various industry standards. Please ask for further information.

Thread Cutting - Visit our website

The process of thread cutting is used when full thread depth is required, if there is a small quantity, if the blank is not very accurate, if threading up to a shoulder is needed, to thread a tapered head or if the material is brittle. We provide thread cutting services to suit a range of standard and bespoke requests. Examples of our common thread cutting applications include: unified 60 degree (BS1580 standard), BA 47.5 degree (British Association), ISO Metric 60 degree (BS3643), Whitworth 55 degree (BS84), ACME 14.5 degree (BS1104), Trapezoidal 15 degree (BS4185, BS5346), Pipe Threads (BS2779), Aerospace MJ Threads (BS A 358, BS6293, ISO 5855, UNJ), and Helicoil Insert Threads (to customer specifications).

Complex Components - Visit our website

We provide our customers with a bespoke service whereby we can create precision components to suit specific requirements. We work closely with customers to gain a firm understanding of what is required. We will then advise and discuss options before undertaking any machining work. Our bespoke service provides excellent solutions for customers who require a service that is more accurate than conventional sub-contracted methods. Please contact us with your requirements to find out how we can assist you.

Product Development - Visit our website

Our highly skilled team is on hand to discuss all types of projects with you. We offer advice and support at all stages of production to ensure that you are happy and confident with our service. If it is necessary we will discuss options that surpass our standard range to achieve specific solutions. Take advantage of our expertise and let us do the hard work for you.

CNC Lathes - Visit our website

We have more than 60 years experience working with CNC machinery and have produced numerous components throughout the years. We have a range of machinery in-house to machine components to the finest tolerances. These machines include ten CNC lathes, four CNC machining centres, 23 gear cutting machines, and 12 grinding/abrasive machines. We continue to invest heavily in the latest machinery in order to meet the large demand of working we receive as well as to achieve the best machining solutions we possibly can.

Gear Cutting Machines - Visit our website

Please visit our website to download our full plant list. This list features our machine range in full including gear cutting ranges, grinding/ abrasive machining, CNC lathes, CNC Milling, Conventional Lathes and Mills, and various Supporting Equipment. Our plant list also indicates capacity/ sizes as well as configurations and processes for each machine. If you require any further information please call us at Newmont Engineering Co. Ltd.

Grinding / Abrasive Machines - Visit our website

Our range of grinding/ abrasive machines include Jones and Shipman CNC, Jones and Shipman 1310, Myford MG12, Matrix No 37, Matrix No 46, Studer RM250, Jung D14, Jones and Shipman 540P, Delapena Hone, and Lapmaster. These machines are used to create high quality, accurate components. They are used for various processes such as screw thread grinding, miniature thread grinding, internal and face grinding, bore honing, rotary lapping, miniature external and face grinding, worm and thread grinding, and more.

Quality - Visit our website

Here at Newmont Engineering Co. Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. Our Quality Management System complies with International Standards and staff are encouraged to contribute to our drive for continuous quality and improvement.

We are continually researching the industry in order to develop our facilities and services to meet industry demand; we strive to deliver solutions that meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Please visit our website to find out more about our quality policy, or contact us directly at Newmont and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Registration Number: 00545271
VAT Number: GB227 2902 72
Registered at Companies House:2 March, 1955 (69 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
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  • Manufacturer
  • Service Providers

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