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Based in Perthshire, Scotland, N.E.T. Waterjet Ltd are specialists in Ultra High and High Pressure water jetting services around the United Kingdom. Our services include hydro-demolition, surface preparation, road line marking and floor coating removal, cleaning of heat exchangers, condensers and tube bundles, robotic demolition and surface preparation equipment, drill pipe cleaning and LSA/NORM scale removal, coring and floor sawing, cold cutting and marine contracts.

We combine over 20 years of practical knowledge with up to date UHP water jetting equipment to provide the safest, most cost-efficient and most environmentally friendly service for our clients, and are continually looking for ways to improve existing water jetting equipment to fulfil the specific requirements of a range of contracts.

As well as using UHP water jetting for the removal of concrete and metal cold cutting, we can perform cleaning of tanks, mixers, pipes, spray paint booths, condensers and a range of marine applications.

Hydro Demolition

When it comes to the removal of concrete to expose rebar, hydro-demolition is recognised as the safest and most effective method, with no structural damage being caused to the rebar. At NET Waterjet, we use both high pressure (up to 17,000 psi from 80 to 200 litres per minute) and ultra high pressure (up to 40,000 psi from 25 to 80 litres per minute) depending on the amount of concrete to be removed and the available water quantities.

The main advantage of hydro-demolition is that it overcomes the concrete's tensile strength rather than its compressive strength, which means that it does not cause micro/macro cracks in the structure or damage reinforcing steel. In addition, the force of the water actually cleans rebars.

Surface Preparation & Membrane Removal

This is the use of Ultra High Pressure water to remove epoxy coatings, paint, screeds, tar, renders, plastics, contaminants and rust, be it by hand lance, robot, vacuum recovery rotary equipment or adapted mini-digger. This process is becoming a very popular surface preparation technique, especially when compared to traditional abrasive blast methods, and can leave the surface of concrete scabbled and ready for future applications.

Compared to grit, water has a variety of advantages in surface preparation, such as the fact that there is no risk of damage to nearby equipment, no hazards to personnel due to airborne abrasives, and no need for large isolation areas.

Robotic Demolition and Surface Preparation Equipment

Revolutionising the hydro-demolition and surface preparation industry is the Conjet Robot 324; a small water jetting machine with a compact design and flexibility that is opening up new areas for mechanising concrete removal.

The Robot 324 is made to work in confined spaces that larger hydro-demolition machines cannot access, and can easily pass through an opening less than 0.9 metres (3 feet) wide. Its small size and manoeuvrability make it well-equipped for applications in small tunnels, tubes and concrete box girders, among others. In addition, its low weight of just over one metric ton is evenly distributed, making it safe and easy to operate on platforms and scaffolding.

Cold Cutting

Cold cutting is the use of UHP water jets to cut steel and reinforced concrete. This type of cutting is extensively used in applications involving explosives, petro-chemicals, gas and manufacturing, where the use of hot torches could be a risk.

Cold cutting is performed by either a remote track system or an ROV for dangerous areas, both of which mean that personnel can control the process from a safe distance.

Heat Exchanger, Condenser & Tube Bundle Cleaning

We can provide cleaning services for heat exchangers, condensers and tube bundles all over the UK. We perform this service with the Peinemann lancing systems, with single lance and multi lance systems for use on both horizontal and vertical tubes. Investing in this new equipment has allowed us to increase operator safety by bringing risk down to a very manageable level, while also attaining a greater level of productivity than could be achieved by hand lancing. The Peinemann lancing systems also make it easier to work in areas with restrictive access, and the use of Ultra High Pressure water means that work can be done quickly and economically.

Marine Contracts

For applications on everything from the hulls of ships and yachts to the cleaning of holds, vessels and tanks, our UHP water jetting service provides clients with a variety of surface preparation methods for marine applications.

Compared to grit blasting, UHP water jetting is faster and more environmentally friendly, and can be carried out by anything from hand lances to full vacuum recovery units, depending on the size and accessibility of the job. We can also provide cold abrasive cutting, wall sawing and diamond coring, which are often used to cut access openings or for structural demolition removal.

Drill Pipe Cleaning, LSA/NORM Scale Removal

This invaluable service involves using the latest technology to remove scale, paint linings, concrete linings and bitumen linings from drill pipes, valves and production pipes. Thanks to our mobile equipment, we can provide this service on-site at our clients' premises, which saves them time and transport costs.

From our experience, we have found that performing this process with UHP and low flows (25 to 401/min) instead of the usual HP and high flows (80 to 1201/min) means that scale and lining removal is completed much faster and more efficiently, while also having a lower environmental impact.

WJA Training Provider

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) sets guidelines for the operation of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure water jetting and their courses provide the certification to use these techniques. NET Waterjet's Tom Wallace is now a WJA approved instructor, which means that we can provide a WJA safety awareness course.

This one-day course covers the necessary PPE and safe handling of equipment, and completion means that trainees are registered with the WJA and receive full certification and an ID card. This training course can be done at our premises in Perth or at an employer’s facility if it suits the requirements of the course.



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