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Multitone Electronics is a pioneer of wireless messaging and a specialist developer of integrated communication systems for on-site or global use. We’re best known for our critical communication systems, but we continue to explore and develop reliable communications and controls for all applications. Our mission is to develop robust, targeted systems that effectively and reliably connect with our customers’ existing systems and technologies. 

The Multitone Electronics product portfolio combines the best in wireless telephony, radio-paging systems and personal security systems with tailored software packages that create a truly cohesive communication platform. 

At Multitone, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive communication systems that meet the needs of our customers. Whatever industry you work in, we’ll provide a solution that brings together all your voice, messaging, monitoring and alarm communications into a more manageable system. 

To find out more about Multitone Electronics and the services we offer, please visit us online or contact us directly on 01506 418198.

Multitone i-Message

Multitone i-Message is a unique communications solution that allows you to message and talk to colleagues in a way that best suits your organisation’s needs. It is designed to work with numerous technologies and devices to ensure your organisation functions in the most effective manner. It links with:

  • WiFi speech
  • WiFi messaging
  • On site paging
  • Wide area paging
  • Smartphone
  • Video
  • Email
  • DECT
  • Telephony

So, whether your employees carry a smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, pager or cordless telephone, you’ll be able to communicate via voice or messaging anywhere around your organisation. 

Find out more about Multitone i-Message by visiting Multitone Electronics online. 

EkoTek - Onsite Staff Protection

EkoTek is a wireless staff protection solution suitable for any working environment where employees require onsite protection, including laboratories, schools, factories, shops, power stations, hospitals, care homes, etc. It is particularly ideal for those members of staff who often have to work on their own, in potentially hazardous areas, or when they may be placed in vulnerable situations when dealing with customers, patients, etc. With a simple push of a button, a member of staff can raise an alert/alarm that can be responded to as required. The EkoTek sends message to a colleague which contains information on who raised the alert and where it was raised.


Firecoder is a compact communication system that has been specifically designed for use by the Fire and Rescue Services. With this device you can alert the correct teams, deliver the necessary information and ensure that all internal functions and housekeeping requirements are completed, thus allowing fire teams to focus on getting to the emergency as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Key functions include:

  • Alerts sent to the appropriate staff when they need to mobilise.
  • Sounders within the fire station are activated and all necessary lights switched on.
  • Fire station doors are automatically opened.
  • Cookers are automatically switched off. 

To find out more about the Multitone Firecoder, just give us a call on 01506 418198.


The SV8100 is a fully integrated communications management system that offers accessibility for your entire workforce. It is able to manage calls for up to 500 users and is capable of bringing together mobiles, email and instant messages as well as fixed calls. The SV8100 is a powerful, flexible communication tool, and is particularly ideal for organisations that have a mobile workforce. Thanks to a variety of options that make communication around the work place easier to manage, it is ideal for just about any environment, department or workplace.

RPR750 pager

Multitone’s RPR750 pager is a compact, IP54 rated communication device that supports POCSAG, Mk6 and Mk7 messaging formats, has eight different alert tones and a 14 character alphanumeric display. It also features a vibrate function for discreet notification. Being IP54 rated, the RPR750 is both dust and water resistant, making it ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial environments. For more information, please visit Multitone Electronics online or contact our dedicated sales team on 01506 418198.

GP pager

When instant communication is essential, the GP pager is ideal. This state of the art communication device enables critical decision making and resource planning in the shortest possible timeframe - crucial for anyone who needs to react to important events. The Multitone GP pager also features:

  • RFID tag, creating an audit trail to co-ordinate staff  
  • GPS positioning
  • GPRS paging, call acknowledgement, message invitation
  • SMS paging (calling)
  • SOS

Find out more about the GP Pager by visiting Multitone Electronics online. 

Firecomms+ Suite

Firecomms+ software has been specifically designed for emergency services mobilisation. It consists of two different applications:

  • Firecomms+ CCP – Plays an integral part in any GD92 communications system. Receives alerts from the command and control centres and sends out messages to multiple personnel. If no response is received, the alert automatically escalates. 
  • Firecomms+ NSM – Monitors and tests all GD92 nodes on any given network. This can be configured automatically and routinely, whether daily or every few hours. A failed test activates an alarm which is escalated until resolved. 

Access Integrator

Access Integrator from Multitone Electronics is designed to deliver messages and alarm notifications to mobile personnel, allowing management of staff on the move. It keeps supervisors informed of any issues and allows them to contact staff immediately as and when issues arise. Any problems can therefore be dealt with efficiently and effectively.



Registration Number: 00256314
VAT Number: GB232 1507 09
Registered at Companies House:9 May, 1931 (92 years and 7 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: Kantone Holdings Ltd
Company Type:
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