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Manufacturers and distributors of professional audio equipment for use in recording broadcast home and project studios education live on stage PA sound installations in concert venues houses of worship and background music systems. Our product range consists of Power Amplifiers, Headphone Amplifiers, Headphone Splitters, active and passive D.I. Boxes, Audio Patchbay, Phantom Power Supplies, 9 and 12 volt DC 4/8 way power supplies for keyboards and effects pedals, 19" Racking Systems, Acoustic Foam Sound Absorption Panels and Bass Traps. We also offer various other brands such as Celestion cabinets and chassis speakers for guitar, bass and PA, Precision Devices chassis speakers, McGregor Amplification mixers, mixer-amps, power amps, speakers, disco/karaoke, and installation products, RaxX expandable 19" racking systems, A Designs Audio high-end mic preamplifiers from America, and ATM mic cable, multicore cable and installation cables.



Registration Number: n/a
VAT Number: GB366 9549 94
Founded:1 January, 1982 (42 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 200-500k
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • A Designs Audio High end valve and solid state microphone pre-amplifiers and installation products
  • Celestion Manufacturers of loudspeakers cabinets, chassis loudspeakers/drivers and control systems, famous worldwide.
  • McGregor Amplification British manufacturers of a wide range of mixer-amplifiers, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, monitor wedges, installation zoning amplifiers and disco/karaoke consoles.
  • McGregor Amplification British manufacturers of a wide range of mixer-amplifiers, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, monitor wedges, installation zoning amplifiers and disco/karaoke consoles.
  • MTR MTR Ltd has been established in the UK for 25 years, manufacturing and distributing pro-audio equipment for use in recording, project and broadcast studios, by bands playing live on stage, and by P.A. companies and audio installers.  The company is located in Bushey, just to the north of London, England. Our philosophy is to make products that are of excellent design and build quality at a realistic price.  Reliability is also very important: all products are tested electronically at the factory, and tested again after delivery into our warehouse from a users point of view, i.e. every knob is turned, every switch pushed and every socket used, in order to find those occasional small faults that are not picked up during manufacture. Our product range consists of:   Power Amplifiers Headphone Amplifiers Headphone Splitters Active and passive D.I. Boxes Audio Patchbay Phantom Power Supplies DC 9 and 12 volt 4/8 way power supplies 19" Racking Systems Acoustic Foam Sound Absorption Panels Corner Bass Traps
  • Precision Devices A very high quality range of UK designed and manufactured loudspeaker chassis.
  • RaxX An unique system of 19" equipment rackmounting for wall-mounted installations, fully expandable horizontally and vertically. The system uses uprights that mount directly on a wall, and steel side arms which attach to the upright and the front panel of the rack units. This highly versatile design makes it suitable for very many applications; installations in studios, concert venues, theatres, houses of worship, DJ booths, computer rooms, lighting systems, home and project studios, for medical equipment, custom audio/video home installations, even display/demo racks in retail music shops. Pairs of Side Arms are available in 1U at 250mm and 2U at 400 and 600mm, with Wall Uprights of 6U and 12U. Two of the 250mm side arms can be bolted together end to end to make a 500mm version, and the uprights can be fixed one above another on the wall to make any height in multiples of 6U. A range of RaxXcessories are available including top and bottom covers, rackmounting Mains distro boards, and a cable tidy.