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MTL Instruments started life in 1971, with seven experienced professionals from a number of disciplines and has developed and expanded continuously over the years.  Today MTL Instruments, now  a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, is recognised globally as a world leader in the development and supply of system infrastructure products and protection equipment to the Process Industries.  Constantly evolving and improving,  MTL produce and supply on a world-wide basis a range of products and systems including Foundation Fieldbus and industrial networks Ethernet, wireless and network security products, lightning and surge protection, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), alarms and annunciators and gas analysis equipment.  The key to MTL’s success lies in a commitment to quality, and a drive to exceed customer expectations in the pursuit of world-class quality, whilst continuing to develop ever more superior and innovative products and systems.  The MTL Group headquarters and other manufacturing locations are all registered to ISO9001:2008.  On an international basis, we hold certifications from Baseefa (2001) Ltd, Factory Mutual, Canadian Standards Authority, Underwriters’ Laboratories, as well as other national certification bodies.  From MTL headquarters in Luton, Bedfordshire, global operations are supervised to ensure the quality, commitment and expertise which are synonymous with the MTL Instruments and Cooper Crouse-Hinds names.  There is a great deal of information on our website about MTL Instruments, where you can see the comprehensive range of products available to the process industries sector.  If you need more information or support, you can contact us at HQ or at the offices of one of our network of representatives across the world (details on-line) or use our on-line product Support Request Form, available on our website.

Intrinsic Safety and Process I/O™

Challenging and harsh conditions are a regular feature of the process industry, hence the need for products specifically designed for use in hazardous areas, where the risk of explosive atmospheres is ever present.  MTL Instruments provide the solutions with a range of outstanding products.  Our selection of Intrinsic Safety and Process I/O™ solutions are all of the highest quality and dependability.  Included in this range are Intrinsic Safety Zenner Barriers, providing a simple and versatile IS safety interface; Isolators to isolate safe and hazard area circuits; and IS Indicators for the display of process information.  We also supply TI Multiplexers, which cut installation and cable time and costs; Process I/O™, which provides an ideal dependable and flexible platform for I/O process needs; as well as Intrinsically Safe Ethernet for both Zone 1 and Zone 0 applications.  You can find out a lot more about our Intrinsic Safety and Process I/O™ products on our website, so do have a look.

HART Interfacing

The HART® connection system is designed for use with smart field devices and ensures you get the full benefits of their capabilities; connecting field instruments, control systems and process automation software.  You will be able to fully monitor device performance from your PC, as well as choosing regular scheduled status monitoring and alerts.   There is a lot more information about HART® Interfacing on our website, where you can download a copy of the MTL HART® Connections systems brochure.


We are pleased to have developed the highly effective FOUNDATION™ H1 fieldbus technology, which is particularly suitable for process control.  Aware of the many different protocols in use, we recognised the need for a consistent and standard means of controlling and interfacing with low level equipment and control systems.  There are many advantages to FOUNDATION™ H1 technology.  It is open-architecture, allowing you the opportunity to design other control processes to fit in with it.  The solution works with a wide range of standard architectures and is suitable for application in safe and in hazardous areas.  Have a look at FOUNDATION™ H1 technology on our website and see information about the various products available, including fieldbus power supplies, wiring components, diagnostics and displays.

Industrial Ethernet

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of ‘industrial strength’ Ethernet products.  Our Ruggedised Ethernet range is ATEX certified for use in Zone 2, and is UL approved for Class 1/Div 2 hazardous areas.  The sturdy and dependable Ruggedised range is specially designed for use in the challenging and dangerous process control environment.    Our Intrinsically Safe Ethernet solutions are for use in Zone 1 and Zone 0 hazardous areas, including wireless.  See our website for more detailed information.  You can also download a comprehensive MTL Industrial Networking Solutions brochure from the site.

Industrial Security

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems are increasingly at risk from cyber attacks.  Traditional firewalls are hard to set up, particularly in a plant environment, and do not provide the security needed.  MTL has the solution in the form of our Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution, which provides a great deal more security than just a firewall, offering VPN (Virtual Private Network) encryption, Enforcer Deep Packet Inspection and Secure Asset Management.  Our control protocol-aware system can be used for specific plant floor situations and is designed specially for this use.  Three elements combine to make up the complete solution – the Tofino™ Security Appliance, the Tofino™ Central Management Platform and Tofino™ Loadable Security Modules.  We are also pleased to offer a starter pack, featuring easy installation, testing and activation.  Have a look on our website to find out more about the Tofino™ system and starter pack.

Industrial Wireless

We are aware that the demand for more efficient and dependable field equipment and supporting networks continues to grow in the sphere of processing industries.  We can provide solutions, whether complete or part, that meet this need at lower cost.  We have the experience in the field of industrial wireless, in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments, to offer systems which are robust and, most importantly, secure.  Take a look at our website, where you will find a helpful product selector, which will guide you to a wide range of wireless accessories; Serial I/O Interface, for effective and easy connection of sensors, transducers or switches; Hazardous Area solutions; Wireless Internet for both safe and hazardous environments, Wireless I/O to connect signals over long and short distances; and Wireless Serial Modems.

HMI and Visualisation

In many industries, it is often preferable or even necessary that operator terminals and HMI (Human-Machine Interaction) are situated on the plant floor.  MTL Instruments offer a range of Visualisation solutions suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.  We supply solutions from the highly regarded firm of Gecma Components in Germany, and from the equally respected Azonix Corporation in the USA.  Both are members of the MTL Instruments Group.  Products in this range include Ex-Zone Panel PC, the highest performance ex-certified Panel PC in existence; Remote PC Terminals, for remote and/or hazardous locations; Safe Area Work Stations, with displays from 10” to 19”, as well as Zone 1 Workstations and Displays and Zone 2 Workstations.  Check our website for more information.

Surge Protection

MTL is a leading supplier of surge protection solutions, benefitting from 50 years of experience in the field.   Our expertise, combined with our extensive range of protection solutions, ensure we can offer the best solution for your surge protection requirements.  Our products utilise up to the minute technology and come with a first class level of reliability.  Our extensive range of surge protection solutions includes combination, data and signal, firebus, network and communications, power and telecoms surge protection, as well as specialist surge protection products and surge integrated solutions.  You can see all of these on our website, and also download a comprehensive surge protection brochure.

Process Alarm Equipment

A member of the MTL Instruments Group, RTK Instruments offer almost four decades of experience in the design and manufacture of process alarm equipment and is acknowledged as the leading specialist in the field.  We provide Alarm Annunciators, Event Recorders and Hazardous Area Notification Products to a global market, encompassing a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.  Additionally, we offer Engineered Solutions, a consultant service to help you select the best and more effective solution to fit your precise requirements.  Our products are innovative and in a class of their own.  Visit our website to learn more about RTK Process Alarm Equipment and to download a full product overview.

Gas Analysers

Gas Analysers are supplied by Hitech Instruments, the gas business division of the MTL Instruments Group that has been producing process gas analysers for 30 years and is recognised as a leader in the field.  Supplying analysers for oxygen, hydrogen, biogas, chlorine, helium, argon and carbon dioxide and OEM gas sensors, Hitech produce superior quality equipment for the full spectrum of industrial and process sectors.  With many varied applications, products are put to use in all sorts of environments, and in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.


MTL products are in use across a wide variety of markets and are highly regarded as efficient, durable and robust.  Examples of our markets include: oil and gas, where we have been supplying solutions for over 40 years;  our products and systems are used and trusted by some of the largest chemical plants in the world; we are a world leader in the provision of instrumentation and interface systems for both conventional and renewable power generation plants; we provide up to the minute intrinsic safe systems to the mining industry.  Visit our website to learn more about our markets, which also include pharmaceuticals, communications and telecommunications, renewable energy, food and beverage, water and wastewater and the military.


MTL brands are produced and supplied across the world by a wide range of experienced and highly regarded manufacturers, including Azonix, Fieldplus, Gecma, Hitech, Ocean Technology Systems, RTK Instrumentation, Surge Technologies and Wonderware West.  You can read more about these knowledgeable and reliable suppliers on our website. 

Oil and Gas Industry

Our clients in the oil and gas industries appreciate the quality of our products, all of which are specifically designed for use in these hazardous areas.  MTLL Instruments draws on over 40 years of experience, enabling them to offer expert advice and help clients optimise and streamline their installations.  Our extensive certified product portfolio meets your requirements, whether you are working on or off shore, floating or submerged.  You can see a good deal more information about our products for the oil and gas industry on our website.

Chemical Industry

We are a highly respected name in the chemical industry, with some of the largest chemical processing plants relying on our products and systems.  Nowadays, the chemical industry is pressed by the need for increased productivity, whilst safety and reliability remain paramount.  We can work with you to provide products and systems that will result in increased productivity and efficiency.  There is more information about our products for the chemical industry available on our website, so do have a look.

Pharmaceutical Industry

MTL works closely with clients in the pharmaceutical industry and is well-known as a leading supplier of remote data terminals, Panel PCs and remote distributed I/O networks.  Time is precious in the pharmaceutical industry, where lost time can cause losses of thousands of dollars per minute.  With this critical need for efficiency, working with the proven expertise of MTL equals solutions, from batch control to asset managements systems, that will keep you at the top of the market.  See more about our pharmaceutical industry solutions on our website.

Power Generation and Supply Industry

We are a leading provider of instrumentation and interfacing solutions for both conventional and renewable power generation plants.  We bring our experience and expertise into play to provide state of the art alarm management systems, which monitor and record alarms and events at source.  Our Hitech gas analysers are ideal for carrying out precision tasks, such as monitoring gas blanketing operations for alternators.  There is much more information about the solutions we offer to the power generation and supply industry on our website and we are always happy to advise and answer questions.  Contact details are available on line.

Communications and Telecoms Industry

Communications networks are an integral and key element in so many different industrial sectors today.  Vital data is gathered, monitored and transmitted to ensure that companies stay at the top of their field.  Resilience, versatility and flexibility are key words when it comes to industrial networks.  We are able to offer solutions that tick all these boxes, with industrial strength Ethernet solutions, robust Ethernet security devices and surge protection.  Have a look on our website for details of our solutions for the communications and telecoms industry, or contact us for more information and advice.  Our aim is to provide solutions that work, and our experience in this field ensures the results the industry demands..

Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable energy is a fast growing field, as BioGas and wind and solar energy power plants increasingly provide energy to the energy grid.  At MTL Instruments, we are very aware of the importance of these growing renewable energy sources and offer safety interfaces and analysers and protection devices to ensure reliable and peak performance.  We are always aware of safety concerns and the need for flexibility, reliability and high quality performance.  You will find all of these factors built in to our solutions for the renewable energy industry.

Food and Beverage Industry

We supply automation products and solutions for all sectors of the food industry, including beverage manufacturers, distillers and brewers, and are regarded as a leading supplier in this field.  MTL provide solutions that are flexible and highly efficient, resulting in increased productivity.  We are at the forefront of products and systems designed for use in hazardous areas.  Examples include IS interfacing in powder processing to monitoring the MAP gasses used in food production.  Flexibility, efficiency, improved productivity and safety are all key factors for which we have the ideal solutions.  You can see more about these on our website.

Mining Industry

Today’s modern mining methods require that systems are able to monitor and measure all aspects of the process, right through from removing raw materials to delivering to industry.   Our intrinsically Safe Ethernet combines state of the art PoEx (Power over Ethernet) technology with conventional IS interfacing.  As a result, the perfect electronic environment is created, allowing for safe and fast data collection and analysis.  MTL’s Gecma remote Challenger data terminals and Explorer panels PCs are ideal for use in hazardous areas.  You can see much more about these devices and other solutions for the mining industry on our website.

Water and Wastewater Industry

A vast and varied range of measurements are needed in water treatment facilities, to monitor an array of elements and thereby endure optimum performance at all times.  At MTL we have used our considerable experience and skills to come up with solutions that monitor water levels and water quality via remote radio monitoring.  We provide BioGas analysis of hazardous gas and air mixtures, as well as SCADA Ethernet security systems for HMI systems.  Another essential element we offer is supply surge protection, safeguarding vulnerable control system installations.  There is more information about MTL’s solutions for the Water and Wastewater Industry available on our website.


We are pleased to supply products from the Azonix Corporation, which has a great deal of experience in providing an array of solutions to military establishments since early in the 1990s.  Having worked with the Patriot Missile programme, provided a computer for the Virginia class of submarines and redesigned control display workstations for the Seawolf submarines, we have demonstrated our versatility and skills.  Currently we manufacture the aircrew data transfer devices for Boeing’s C17 Globemaster III.  Our proven experience and expertise in this field means we supply tough and rugged computers and data acquisition devices that the military know they can trust.



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