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MRG Systems Ltd has a lengthy history in providing digital display systems and started out providing the stockbroker market with innovative, teletext technology.  We have since drawn on our experience to diversify our technology and move into different markets.  We now successfully supply our digital signage solutions to a number of different industries, including transport, food and beverage, education, government and bookmaking amongst others. 

Our solutions provide organisations with the flexibility to schedule data displays months ahead, but also offer the ability to adapt to everyday changes and provide crucial real-time updates.  This combination of features has made our display systems an ideal solution for sectors such as transport and health where travellers and patients alike need to be well informed.  Our solutions also make excellent platforms for advertising messages which can be individually tailored across multiple sites, but with the assurance they are controlled centrally.  

Please visit our website for further information regarding our products and services, or contact us at MRG Systems Ltd with your enquiries.

Why Choose Us?

We have a wealth of experience within the digital communication sector and this has been built up from many years of operation within this industry. We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made and have worked with notable partners including the BBC, the houses of parliament and a range of various other establishments. Customers are guaranteed a comprehensive service which utilises specialist equipment and knowledge. If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer, you can visit the website. 

MRG Digital Signage - Food & Beverage

MRG’s digital signage solutions can be effectively used to provide professional presentation of menus and prices within the food and beverage sector.  It is a great option for establishments that offer regular changes to their menus with daily specials and seasonal revisions as the system provides the ability to easily make changes as and when required.  If you regularly run events then our signage solutions are also a great way to display these and get them noticed with your patrons.


MRG Digital Signage - Travel

With the ability to broadcast real-time updates an MRG digital signage system is the perfect solution for rapidly changing data that is common place in the travel industry, including exchange rate information, departure gate details, departure times and advertising messages.  Getting this crucial information relayed as quickly and as accurately as possible is vital.  Our easy to use software enables you to manage complex data over multiple sites from a single centrally managed system, leaving you safe in the knowledge that the information displayed is as accurate as possible.


MRG Digital Signage - Transport

The world of transport is a unique environment where constantly changing, multiplex information needs to be relayed to travellers and staff in a timely and accurate manner, and MRG’s digital signage solutions provide a highly effective way to manage this complex data.  Our systems allow you to communicate important information instantaneously, providing real-time updates to travellers and keeping them informed of any changes as they happen.


MRG Digital Signage - Health

A visit to a hospital or health centre often involves a wait, so why not use a digital signage solution from MRG to keep your patients, visitors and staff members up to date with important information such as real time wait times, news flashes and other relevant messages to keep them well informed and occupied.  Such information can really enhance visitor experience and make it a more pleasurable visit.


MRG Digital Signage - Banking & Insurance

Simply control the messages across your banking and insurance business centrally, not matter how small or large your organisation and across any number of locations.  Advertising messages and important information can be relayed across screens in client or internal settings in real time, allowing you to broadcast your communications efficiently and in a targeted manner.


MRG Digital Signage - Government

Our MRG Digital Signage is used throughout the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and elsewhere in Westminster. And many regional or local government offices also benefit from this system – allowing official bodies to quickly and easily share information with the public and staff. MRG works closely with English Heritage to ensure that Digital Signage in historical government premises is installed with care.

MRG Digital Signage - Corporate

Digital Signage is ideal for displaying welcome and informational messages to visitors at business premises. These displays can also be used to publish success stories, publicise events, broadcast manufacturing or other metrics, and for other applications. Data recorded in central administrative systems, whether manufacturing, operational or otherwise, can be displayed across corporate campuses with ease.

MRG Digital Signage - Bookmaking

MRG Digital Signage systems are installed in over 2,100 betting shops in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe. Our clients include Paddy Power, Coral Racing, and the New Zealand Racing Board. Digital Signage is an ideal way to display large clusters of results at a quick glance and we are pleased to help our clients design a Digital Signage solution tailored to their needs.

MRG Digital Signage - Education

Educational institutions can benefit from MRG Digital Signage through the automated timetable displays, last-minute room changes, staff absence notifications, and other critical information. Any details recorded within a central administrative system, or in third-party applications, can be displayed across a campus. Digital Signage is also an easy and effective way for students or faculty to share content in the classroom.



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Registered at Companies House:3 August, 1983 (40 years and 7 months ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • AVS500 Amplifier Designed for the exacting standards of today's requirements. The AVS500 has four inputs and six outputs including a hearing aid loop.
  • BIDS5 The most advanced studio software used by bookmakers to manage multiple screens of betting information.
  • DailyForm touchscreen form guide A touch screen form guide for the betting public in Bookmakers shops. The DailyForm displays key information for making informed betting decisions for horse racing, greyhound racing, football, tennis and golf.
  • LiveSpace digital signage LiveSpace digital signage makes it simple for any organisation to create great looking displays quickly. Whether it’s providing the immediacy of real-time information or the ability to schedule months ahead; a single screen in an organisation’s reception or over 50,000 screens worldwide, our innovative solutions have delivered complete control to our clients. Many of these clients are leaders in their own field.

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