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Mr Box has been supplying secure storage containers as well as steel portable accommodation for over thirteen years. We are able to supply units and containers for both purchase and hire, and are able to service the whole of the UK. Mr Box has offices in Ipswich and London but we are able to supply items to the whole of the UK through its number of local depots. Our customers come from a number of sectors, with clients from the shipping and self-storage industries, construction, government agencies, the public sector, education, small startups and private individuals to name but a few.

Our storage containers and units are able to provide a solution to a wealth of needs, providing office and storage space and even living accommodation. Containers range from eight to 40 foot long and are available in multiple designs. They are robust and versatile and are stackable. We’re able to supply new and used containers, and buyers of new units can even benefit from a bespoke service, with units being produced to their exact specifications. Our units are fitted with custom anti-theft devices or lock cowls to provide an enhanced level of security, with exceptional ventilation also on offer. 

Storage Containers

All of our new containers are sourced from the factories and built to our customers exact specifications. Containers to be used as secure storage units are available in four standard sizes. Our most popular containers for storage are the 10, 20 and 40 foot units. They are constructed from corten steel due its toughness and resistance to corrosion. A 2 pack paint system is coated onto the containers, which ensures that the units can stand up to tall in the face of marina use, and the underside is coated by bitumen. This means that the units can last for years without any real maintenance being needed. 

Used Containers

Our second-hand containers are checked by us to ensure that they are structurally sound, water right and suitable for the purposes of secure storage. We can also certify them to be suitable for shipping. We can guarantee the condition of our used containers and if you aren’t entirely satisfied we can either refund your money or pay for repairs. Buying used containers enables you to do your bit for the environment and features include locking bars and catches as well as marine ply floors which are tested to ISO standards. The containers are constructed with high tensile, anti-corrosion corten steel. 

Container Conversions

At Mr Box we’re able to use our years of experience to advice our customers on every aspect of container conversion. We can convert units for virtually any use, modifying them with features such as windows, extra doors, insulation and air conditions as well as a series of other additions. Height and length can also be adapted if you wish. Recycled containers are an affordable solution for various space or storage problems. We have converted units into things such as youth clubs, community halls, class rooms, offices, sleeping quarters, canteens, an Art Gallery, bars and games rooms in the past. 

Container Accomodation

One popular use for storage containers is to modify them into living quarters. At Mr Box we can build bespoke units for the purposes of accommodation, manufactured from ISO containers. These can provide a valuable solution for business employing staff that are working away from home, allowing exceptional savings to be made, and providing enhanced convenience. Units can be used on a standalone basis or joined together to create a larger space. If they are joined together, upper units can be accessed via a secure steel staircase. The units are also easy to relocate. Units can be powered by generators or by external services, which will need to be arranged by the customer. 

Site Offices

Our container site offices have provided flexibility and enhanced productivity capabilities for a number of businesses. They are fully insulated and fitted with steel security shitters, integrated locking bolts and anti-jemmy flanges. 8 point locking systems are included, whilst interior panels are made of caravan-quality ply boards, which are usually finished in white for ceilings and hopsack for the sides. Exterior finishes come in green or blue; though other colours are available should you request them. Rubberised, wipe-clean flooring is included as are an oil filled radiator, high-mounted double sockets and fluorescent lights. Get in touch today if you’re looking for site office units. 


A number of customers use container units for canteens. Our canteen container units are built to the same specs as our office units, featuring robust security features, such as 8 point locking and an anti-jemmy flange. They are fully-insulated and feature caravan-quality ply boards, finished in white for ceilings and hopsack for sides. Steel security shutters are featured, as is rubberised, wipe-clean flooring. Standard electrics include an oil-filled radiator, fluorescent lights, an outside plug and high mounted double sockets. Extra features include a water heater, external waste pipe, and sink and kitchen units. Exteriors are finished in green and blue. Other colours can be requested. 

Toilet and Washroom Facilities

Our containers can be built into washroom facilities, creating extra comfort and convenience on your site. The containers are finished in green or blue or an alternative colour of your choosing. Panels are made from ply boards and finished on white for ceilings and hopsack for sides. With rubberised, wipe-clean flooring, maintenance is easy, whilst various security features are on offer too. These features include an 8 point locking system as well as steel shitters and integrated locking bolts. A radiator is included, as are 2 x 13 amp high-mounted double sockets, a light switch, 2 fluorescent lights, hand dryers and electrically-operated hot water heaters. 

Self-Storage Containers

Our storage containers are regularly purchased by companies working in the self-store industry. We currently supply containers to over thirty different self-storage companies and are members of the Self Storage Association. Our containers are available in four standard sizes, and the most popular units are the 10 and 20 feet options, alongside our multi-compartmental conversions. The units are constructed from corten steel, which is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. They are built to full marine specifications and are fitted with high locking bars and additional ventilation. They can be stacked and are available in various colours, with green and blue being the most popular choices. 

Chemical Storage

More and more companies are re-assessing the ways that they store chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers and flammables, with Health and Safety regulations demanding that compliance is evident. This means that such products need to be stored in places that are resistant to fire, are dry and ventilated, able to retain leakages and are highly secure. Our containers comply with all of these requirements and can be used for years without maintenance being needed. They are made from corrosion-resistant corten steel with the ventilators enhancing cross air flow, minimising toxic fume build up and moderating internal temperature. Get in touch to find more about our chemical and COSHH stores. 


All of our new containers are sourced from factories in the Far East. This enables us to ensure that the units are built to our exact specifications. We move them to the UK after loading them with clean boxed cargo that cannot damage the unit. After cargo is discharged we inspect the units at our depots, make any small voyage repairs and distribute them. We cannot provide quotes online for new containers due to fluctuating exchange rates but you can find prices for rental at our website or call us for more advice. We offer insurance against damages and can provide a high security lock free-of-charge. 


We offer a number of accessories at Mr Box to enable you to make the most of your containers. These include a lock box, padlocks, loading ramps, staircases, a repaint service, racking and shelving. Our lock box prevents interference through items such as angle grinders and blot-croppers, whilst replacement keys for padlocks can be provided should loss or breakage occur. Our loading rampings range from small pallet truck versions to high rated forklift models. The staircases enable you to access containers that have been stacked, whilst the repaint service caters for colour preferences of your choice. Racks and shelves are also available in various types and sizes. 


Though vandalism and theft are inevitable aspects of modern life we’re able to supply numerous products that provide additional security and protection for expensive tools and equipment. The containers are made from robust anti-corrosive steel and marine-specification pain offering exceptional levels of security. Our vandal-proof units are ideal for storage in remote locations, with high security locking systems being included. Use these systems in conjunction with our tough padlocks and unlawful entry becomes virtually impossible. Meanwhile, our lock box provides an excellent alternative to expensive anti-theft devices. Get in touch today to find out more information about the various security features that we offer. 


The vast majority of our customers ask us to deliver their units and containers using our hiab truck, which features an on-board crane, which can off-load containers and place them on the ground. All of our drivers are fully-trained and insured and have the relevant certification, undergoing regular checks. The hold CPCS cards and are fully compliant with ‘working at height’ regulations. They also take a full harness system with them. We can also carry out risk assessments and provide mission statements at no extra cost to you. We usually need 25ft of space for offloading, so please do get in touch if you are unsure whether this is possible. 


In order to provide a UK-wide service, Mr Box operates depots at various locations all around England and Scotland. We have depots in Birmingham, Camberley, Coatbridge, Felixstowe, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Southampton and Weston-Super-Mare. This ensures that we can get your containers to you in the shortest-possible time frame, wherever you are. We’re a one-stop shop for storage and shipping containers, catering for businesses from a host of different sectors. Rental prices start at just £4.99 per week, whilst our rates for permanent purchases are also extremely competitive. Call us today to ask about buying or renting containers, storage units and accessories. 



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