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Moisture Control and Measurement Ltd (MCM Ltd) is the global leader in moisture in gas analysis as well as the manufacture and supply of quality hygrometers that are used all around the world. The company initially began business in 1968 with the aim to develop moisture standards for the UK defence industry. It was soon apparent that hygrometers on the market at this time were unable to provide the performance required by the industry and so MCM Ltd set out on a new path to pioneer leading equipment in the field. The innovative Silicon Chip Sensor was a revolutionary development which enabled MCM to meet advanced performance levels using unique features such as temperature control and the Push Purge® sensor heating feature. MCM is still the only manufacturer to use this incredible technology and continues to develop new, innovative analysers for reliable hygrometry applications throughout the world. Please visit our website to view our complete range of products. All of our moisture analysers feature the Silicon Chip Sensor and Push Purge® Sensor Heating feature for unrivalled quality data capture.


Portable Analysers

Our MicroView Portable Hygrometer has been designed and manufactured to sample inert and non-reactive gases and is widely used for applications that require fast speed responses and reliable data collection. It features our patented Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor for accurate readings, automatic Push Purge® Sensor, a graphical display for highlighting sample information and audit capability, and an internal dialogue feature for storing measurements. The Push Purge® element of the MicroView Portable Hygrometer confirms if the speed of response if the analyser is maintained, validates readings online and removes hysterisis before each new measurement. ATEX models are available.

On-Line Analysers

The MicroView On-Line Hygrometer model is available to sample inert and non-reactive gases. This super-efficient model is perfect for applications that require a fast response providing full scale wet to dry in less than one minute. With the Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor and Push Purge® technology, the MicroView On-Line Hygrometer provides accurate, real-time data for critical on-line moisture analysis. This model controls temperatures up to 46°C. ATEX certified models are also available. Please visit our website for further information, or call us at MCM Ltd with your enquiries.

Atex Certified Analysers

Our range of ATEX certified portable and on-line hygrometers provide incredibly fast responses, are robust in build, and are approved for use in hazardous areas. All models are calibration traceable to National Standards. They feature Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensors (transports laboratory accuracy in to the field for unrivalled speed of response), automatic Push Purge® Sensors (for rapid response, elimination of hysterisis and resistance to contamination), graphical displays, internal datalog displays, and automated features and management keys for easy operation and to prevent unauthorised access. The ATEX range provides all the features of the standard range and more!

Self- Validating Systems

Our Self-Validation Systems are designed for analysis in applications where contamination levels are greater than normal. The MCM ATEX Auto-Zero System has been designed to provide incredibly accurate on-line moisture analysis and is widely regarded as a cost-effective solution to monitor the effects of contamination in a range of applications such as offshore platforms, FPSO’s, post-glycol ‘contactor’ monitoring, LNG, pipeline drying, natural gas storage and distribution, receiving terminals, and LPG container transfer. With 24-hour uninterrupted operation, the MCM ATEX Auto-Zero System requires little operator assistance. We can also provide customised Auto-Zero and Span Systems. Please enquire at MCM Ltd. 

Self-Calibrating Systems

The MCM Continuous Moisture Measuring System is a complex piece of equipment that we have developed to provide catalytic reforming applications with high-performance on-line monitoring of moisture in recycle gas. Featuring our innovative Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor, the CMMS can detect changes as low as 1 ppm[V] and can withstand various corrosives. Benefits of this system include a unique moisture capacitance behaviour for accurate measurement in recycle gas ranging from 0 to 800 ppm[V], it is unaffected by chloride levels up to 150 ppm[V], can resist corrosive agents such as HCl, unrivalled speed of response, and provides automatic recalibration.

Dessicant Dryers

We supply a range of Continuously Operating Desiccant Dryers (CODD) that have been designed for on-line and portable gas drying applications to <1 ppm[V]. Our models feature either two or four columns depending on the flow required, and switch between duty and regeneration columns to ensure the desiccant is always in its best condition. Benefits of CODD’s include a constant supply of ‘dry’ gas, performance can be optimised, no user interface is required, the desiccant can aid the removal of light contaminants from the gas, and maximum output limit is 100 litres per minute.

Custom Design Systems

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry we have the scope to meet all kinds of challenging requests. During the years we have used state-of-the-art technology to create highly accurate and effective moisture analysis solutions. Examples include the On-line sub-ppm[V] moisture measurement system for a new helium recovery plant, Hybrid Auto-Zero and Span systems and moisture analysers for trace-level refinery applications in Russia, Dual Sensor, Self-Calibrating CMMS system for a CCR refinery in Saudi Arabia, High Integrity Auto-Zero systems for post-operational reactor decommissioning in the UK nuclear industry, Ultra Low-level portable hygrometers for the Norwegian natural gas market, and On-line hydrogen dryers for UK based fuel cell manufacturers. Please contact us to discuss your applications. 

Calibration and Service

We provide calibrations in our laboratories that are traceable to National Standards. We are pleased to provide ISO17025 calibration services for demanding applications. These are certified with mass traceability to 20ppb[V] – mass traceability calibrations are critical to ppm[V] or ppb[V] determinations. We are also pleased to provide competitively priced service contracts to our clients. These packages are offered to provide clients with regular calibrations and rotational spares for ultimate performance. Please contact our Services Department for further information regarding our calibration and service packages.  

Dry Transport System

Our fantastic Dry Transport System (DTS) is an add-on sample system designed for use with the MicroView Portable Hygrometer. It features an internal dry gas reservoir to enable trace moisture measurement spot-checking at elevated sample pressures and an incredibly fast speed of response. The DTS complements the MicroView ATEX Portable Hygrometer to enable sampling of various hazardous gases such as LNG. The hygrometer is maintained in its optimum position before and between sample measurements and the speed of response is optimised by keeping the sensor dry. The use of the DTS with the MicroView ATEX Portable Hygrometer creates a highly accurate and effective portable moisture analysis system.

Food Packaging

One of the main ambitions of the food packaging industry is to extend the life of food products without reducing quality. One such method involves the sealing of foil wrapped foods using an inert gas which reduces bacterial activity and therefore ensures a longer shelf life. Most companies utilise nitrogen within this process but more specifically, nitrogen with an extremely low moisture content. With our experience and resources, we can work with the food packaging industry in the development of this low moisture nitrogen. 

Instrument Air & Compressor Systems

Sensitive equipment is often protected using a layer of gas as a way to buffer against shock and therefore be safeguard against damage. Unfortunately, blanketing gas can be affected if infected with water and this humidity can cause many different issues. The presence of water within the gas can cause corrosion, a reduction in sensitivity and changes in calibration. We can work closely with the manufacturers of instrument air and compressor systems to ensure that any water contamination is measured and recognised as soon as possible. 

Permability Testing

Products which utilise permeable membranes, for example bandages, must be put through stringent permeability testing prior to being sold. This testing allows manufacturers to gauge the overall quality of the product and therefore allows them to improve their design, if necessary. The overall testing process can be expedited when the moisture content is measured quickly and accurately. We can provide comprehensive and reliable moisture testing services which can be employed across a wide range of industries and sectors.  

Vacuum Evacuation & Gas Refill of Oil Filled Transformers

Another application which utilises blanketing gas is the refilling of oil filled transformers. The blanketing gas utilised within the vacuum evacuation and gas refill of oil filled transformers can be subject to water contamination. Any water content which finds its way into these gases can significantly affect the properties of the oil within the transformer. We can provide specialist moisture testing services which can help in reducing this type of contamination. 



Air Separation Units & Speciality Gases

Calibration gases include gases which have been certified for resale. One of the requirements for certified gases is that all of the contaminants are measures and their concentrations stated. Water is one of the contaminants which needs to be measured. We can offer specialist moisture measuring services, for these and many other applications. 

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Production

Another application which is relevant to our work involves the production of high density polyethylene. During production of polyethylene, moisture contamination within the ethylene feed gas can hinder the action of the catalyst and therefore slow down production. If you have any questions about our services within this area, please visit the website or you can contact us directly. 

Liquid Benzene Feed Stock

The manufacture of polymers requires feed stock and gases and it is these gases which can be affected by moisture contamination. To find out more, please visit the website or alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly, by phone or email. 

Hydrogen Cooled Electricity Generators

Large, stationary electricity generators are often kept cool using hydrogen. This is because of its high heat capacity and low viscosity. However, to maintain these properties, it must be kept dry. If contaminated with ambient moisture, hydrogen’s heat capacity will decrease and its viscosity will increase, compromising the safety and performance of the generator. Our hygrometers are used to monitor and control moisture content so that the hydrogen remains uncontaminated. Find out more about how our moisture control and measurement equipment is used by visiting MCM Ltd online.

Breathing Air & High Pressure Air Systems

Virtually all engineering plastics used in the injection moulding process are able to absorb and hold moisture. This can have adverse effects on the quality of the finished product, both in terms of its strength (tensile and impact) and its appearance. The result is a reduced yield and an increase in the overall production cost. To ensure this does not happen, the plastic pellets used in the injection moulding process must be thoroughly dried, and the air that dries them must be completely free from moisture. MCM instruments are used throughout the plastics forming industries to control and monitor air humidity when drying pellets.

Refinery Recycle Gas & Plant Start-up

To ensure optimal performance of petrochemical reforming catalysts, it is important to maintain an optimal moisture/chloride ratio within the reforming reactor. If these are out of balance, the catalysts will suffer from high deactivation rates and decreased yields. The cost of an unbalanced moisture/chloride ratio can be very high in terms of yield losses, off-spec products, early catalyst replacement, processing problems and increased downtime. MCM provides highly accurate moisture monitoring and control instruments to ensure that this does not happen.

Nuclear Reactors

An Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (AGR) uses carbon dioxide gas to transfer heat from the nuclear fission core to the water boiler for steam generation. To avoid corrosion damage, moisture content needs to be continually monitored. 


Our moisture meters are also used as boiler leak detectors or bulk moisture meters to ensure the safety and performance of boiler plant.  


Find out more about how our products are used in the nuclear power industry by visiting MCM online. 


Natural Gas & LNG

The presence of moisture in high-pressure natural gas supplied from production wells can have a number of adverse effects on infrastructure and gas quality. It can:

  • Cause pipelines and associated valves to freeze.
  • Lead to the formation of gas hydrates. 
  • Adversely affect calorific value of the gas. 

Moisture must therefore be measured at the point of extraction, at export stations, at gas storage locations and in the transmission grid. 


Our moisture meters are used throughout the gas industry to maintain product quality and to preserve infrastructure. Find out more by visiting MCM online. 


Injection Moulding

Having a reliable supply of breathing air is critical in many applications within the military, medical and fire fighting sectors. One of the things that can compromise the supply of air is the presence of excess moisture – this can lead to freezing in the pressure regulator and may cause ice to build up on the orifice, preventing air from reaching the user. This in turn can cause loss of life and equipment in submarines and aircraft. MCM instruments are used in many applications across various industries to control moisture levels and ensure a reliable supply of breathing air.



Registration Number: 00939792
VAT Number: GB169 2404 56
Registered at Companies House:2 October, 1968 (55 years and 6 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Dewluxe hygrometer built by MCM utilising temperature controlled silicon sensor
  • Manalytical Design & development company who own the Microview range of products
  • Microview Range of hygrometers all using the heated silicon sensor. Available in portable,on line and system configurations
  • Microview AZS System that auto validates against a reference zero on a periodic and automatic basis
  • Microview AZS+S Auto zero and span correcting moisture measuring system that automatically and periodically adjusts itself against a reference dry and reference span value
  • Microview mini small on line transmitter using heated silicon sensor with additional error checking software and push purge feature suitable for trace measurements below 1 ppmV
  • Picoview simple process hygrometer by MCM
  • Push Purge patented sensor drying feature
  • Si-grometer Heated silicon sensor technology used as for hygrometry

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