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Mitutoya is a global leader in the metrology industry. Our UK division was established in 1980 and has gone from strength to strength thanks to the exceptional products we supply than the expert metrology services that we provide. We have several showrooms in the UK & Ireland where customers can try out our instruments. A full product catalogue can be downloaded directly from the Mitutoya website.

Services available to our customers include training courses, sub-contract measurement, calibration, and gauging measurement solutions:

Training - We offer a number of dimensional metrology training courses, all delivered by expert engineers with many years of experience providing help, advice and information to the manufacturing industry. Courses titles include:

  • Fundamentals of Precision Management
  • Basic Metrology
  • QV/QS Software
  • CMM Appreciation
  • Functional Calibration
  • Coordinate Measuring
  • CMM Software

Each course is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience.

Sub Contract Measurement Services - As an organisation with a reputation for highly reliable products, it makes sense to choose Mitutoyo for your sub-contract measurement solutions. We're equipped to carry out dimensional measurements, roundness measurements, hardness testing, mould and die measurements, surface finish measurements, statistical analysis, sample inspection reports, and much more.

Calibration - Mitutoyo runs a UKAS accredited laboratory at its Metrology Centre in Coventry. We are able to calibrate bore gauges, setting rings, optical parallels, digimatic scales, depth gauges, height gauges, pin gauges, dial calliper gauges, steel rules, bench testers, combination sets and many other instruments.

Gauging Technology Service - Mitutoyo provides a specialist gauging technology service that aims to meet the increasing need for customised measurement solutions to support quality assurance operations. Whether it's a one-off fixture or a fully automated measuring system, Mitutoyo can help with all measurement challenges, no matter how complex.

For more information on any of our services, please follow the link to the Mitutoyo website. Below you'll find a short synopsis of some of the products we have available. Our full portfolio/catalogue can be downloaded from the website.

Remember, our full range of products can only be found be visiting the Mitutoyo website. There you will find information and specifications on our Laser Scan Micrometers, our test equipment and seismometers, digital scale and DRO systems, and a wide range of callipers and micrometers.  

Coordinate Measuring Machines

3D Coordinate Measuring Machines from Mitutoyo demonstrate an unparalleled level of precision and efficiency. In a manufacturing environment that demands accuracy, speed and functionality, these attributes are invaluable. Follow the link for more information.

Vision Measuring Systems

Mitutoyo offers innovative solutions for every vision measurement requirement, whether on the production line, in the laboratory or in the quality control room. We have a range instruments to suit all applications, from high-economy compact desktop instruments to high-precision reference models. To browse our catalogue, please follow this link to the Mitutoyo website.

Form Measurement

We have a range of form measurement devices for use on the production line, in the quality control room, or in the laboratory. Our exceptional range of products provide effective and efficient solutions for all your form measurement requirements.

Optical Measurement

Mitutoyo manufactures lenses and mirrors which are unrivalled in terms of quality. Each and every component is designed specifically for the application in mind, which means our customers can expect an enhanced, uncompromising performance for the clearest, brightest and most accurate images.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Micat Coordinate measuring software. Mitutoyo's comprehensive MiCAT software platform delivers support for CMMs in the form of the powerful MCOSMOS (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support) suite, which consists of several standard modules complemented by a variety of optional modules for specialized Applications.
  • Quantumike Digital Micrometer
  • SERIES 102 Standard Outside Micrometer with Heat Shields
  • SERIES 103 Enamelled frame economy micrometer
  • SERIES 172 Workpiece Fixtures for Contracers.
  • SERIES 172 Horizontal-Beam Profile Projector PH-A14
  • SERIES 174 DRO Counters.Bolt Hole Circle Calculation.
  • SERIES 176/172 Microscopes. Workpiece Fixtures for Microscopes. High-class measuring microscopes with outstanding bright, sharp and high contrast images.
  • SERIES 178 Surftests. The Surftest SV-3100 Series provide high-accuracy, high-level analysis, and multi-functionality in measurement of surface roughness.
  • SERIES 183 Pocket Optics. 8 x magnification
  • SERIES 196 Manual CMMs - 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • SERIES 211 Roundtests. Compact benchtop model for stringent accuracy requirements in form testing. The RA-1500 model has a square-section column for higher accuracy and extended functionality.
  • SERIES 218 Contracers. Benchtop contour measurement with an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • SERIES 264 2D Data Processing Units. The NEW QM Data 200 2D Data Processor Unit is a geometric data readout and analysis unit for Profile Projectors and Microscopes.
  • SERIES 264 Wireless Data Transmission Devices. The Digimatic Wireless Data Transmitter allows Caliper and Depth Gauge Data to be sent to a remote Data Processor or a PDA, Laptop or Desktop Computer for advanced statistical analysis of measured data, with radiowave technology allowing complete versatility about the workplace.
  • SERIES 304/172 Projectors. Heavy duty horizontal Projector designed to measure contours and surfaces of relatively large and heavy workpieces
  • SERIES 356 CNC Controlled CMMs. The LEGEX is a CNC instrument that offers the ultimate in CMM accuracy by virtue of innovative design and construction.
  • SERIES 359 CMM Probes. The QVP brings the benefits of Non-Contact measurement to your existing CNC CMM
  • SERIES 359 Quick Scope VMMs. Performs complex measurements of workpieces with more measuring and analysis capability than a projector or traditional microscope
  • SERIES 359 VMM Software. QSPak is a unique Vision Measuring Software system that provides powerful measuring capabilities and comprehensive measurement analysis for Quick Scope Operators.
  • SERIES 361 Quick Vision VMMs. Floor-standing, fixed measuring table CNC system with air suspension on all axes for the ultimate in measuring accuracy.
  • SERIES 500 ABSolute Coolant Proof Caliper
  • SERIES 506/514 Vernier Height Gauges.
  • SERIES 513 Dial Indicators. Where access is restricted. Machine Tool settings or for comparative measurement with Height Gauge/stand.
  • SERIES 516 Gauge Block Sets. For calibrating and setting test gauges, reference gauges, and for adjusting length measuring instruments as well as for accurate testing in quality control.
  • SERIES 518 Linear Height Gauge
  • SERIES 525 Formtracers. The CS-3200 FORMTRACER combines surface and contour measurement technologies in one space-saving system.
  • SERIES 530 Standard Vernier Calipers.
  • SERIES 539 Linear Scales.
  • SERIES 542 Digimatic Display Units
  • SERIES 544 Laser Scan Micrometers. High speed scanning.
  • SERIES 572 Quillstar DRO Kits, Digimatic Extension Units & Digimatic Difference/Sum Units.
  • SERIES 572 Digimatic Coolant Proof Scale Units. Digimatic Scale Units & Multi Function Horizontal Scale Units, Digimatic Multi Units.
  • SERIES 7 Micro Jack. Used for accurate leveling of machines, surface plates and other precision instruments
  • SERIES 810 Portable Hardness Testers. Any of 5 hardness values (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell B, Rockwell C and Shore) and the tensile strength is available with simple operation
  • SERIES 810 Hardness Testers. The HV-100 is full of features including a Touch Screen LCD Control Unit, making it ideal for even the harshest of Workshop conditions.
  • SERIES 810 Rockwell Indenters. Steel ball or diamond depending on the material being tested.
  • SERIES 811 Dial/Digimatic Durometers. Durometers are suitable for testing natural rubber, neoprene, polyesters, PVC, leather, thiokol, nitril rubber, wax, vinyl,cellulose acetates,glass polystrol and other materials
  • SERIES 940 Digital Force Gauges. Digital force gauge with integral load cell.
  • SERIES 963 Rockwell/ Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tester

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