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John Watson Miller founded Millers in 1887, in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, to service the burgeoning late Victorian automated textile industry. Today Millers is still a family business headed by Mr. Andrew Miller, and provides oils and lubricants around the globe for any purpose. With an in-house Research & Development Centre that develops and blends new products for the market or clients’ specific needs, they are a leading authority in oil and fuel additives, especially as a supplier to the industrial, commercial vehicle and automotive markets. The business has been focused on one principle since it’s inception over a century ago; the production of a high quality product suited to customers’ processes, which is provided through unrivaled customer service. A high quality product is ensured by sourcing only the best raw materials, made possible by Millers’ independence, but also their size, which means they can respond quickly to new market trends and requirements. This business model has seen them achieve many firsts in their long history, including producing the first long drain interval oil for trucks and the first diesel specific engine oil for cars.
Millers’ innovations, however, have not been restricted to past decades and their product range changes continuously. Most recently they won Best Technical stand at Autosport 2011 and 2012. In 2009 and 2012 Miller won Innovator of nanotechnology gear oils for motorsport and engine oils. One of Millers’ most innovative sectors, environmentally responsible oils, had a fuel - Ecomax fuel additive - listed in the 2010 Green directory at Automechanika. Also worth mentioning was Millers’ winning of the coveted World Motorsport Symposium Most Innovative New Product Award, which they picked up in 2009.
Millers can produce any fuel to your specifications drawing on their wealth of experience and their innovation centre. Contact their friendly team for a full service from identification of your needs, a recommendation of suitable products, or custom blending, and after sales support. 

Lubricating Oils

The Millube oils that we blend make machines run more efficiently and keep machines serviceable for longer. These general purpose industrial lubricants are applicable to all machinery and processes where a solvent refined, non-additive mineral oil is required. Millube is cost effective, thermally stable,  and available in viscosity grades from 5 up to 1000, making it applicable to lubricating high-speed spindles, bearings and moderately loaded gearboxes. The Millube range has also been adapted to meet the varying requirements of clients and their systems, as with our Millube T range that has tacky adhesive properties and is particularly applicable when low oil "fling off" or spatter is required, in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Hydraulic Oils

Regular and continued lubrication of machinery is key in maintaining your machinery and in the long-term is far more cost effective than breakdowns which result in decreased productivity and added repair costs. We stock an extensive range of oils and lubricants that we have developed and blended - which allows us to make custom lubricants if required - to meet different industrial maintenance needs. Our hydraulic oils and lubricants alone, number greatly, and can meet a diverse set of requirements, from Millimax hydraulic oils for use in hydraulic and fluid power systems; Millmax fire-resistant and biodegradable hydraulic fluids for HFD-U applications; to Millmax fully-synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluids for use in environmentally sensitive areas. All of these oils have qualities and benefits to different applications, which are detailed on our website.

Gear Oils

We have developed a range of gear oils that can function in any temperature or other extreme environmental conditions. There are 3 classifications of gear oil - Millgear EP, SHC (synthesised hydrocarbon), Millgear SY - that we offer as standard, with the know-how and ability to provide custom blend oils if requested. Millgear EP oils contain extreme pressure (EP) additives and tacky additives making them ideally suited for chain conveyors in wet areas, and horizontal or vertical applications where antidrip lubrication is required. All gear oils benefit from thermal stability to improve cleanliness, wear protection to extend the life of components, and come in viscosities from 150 to 460. SHC oil (synthesised hydrocardon) is ideal for  hydraulic systems, compressors and heavily loaded gears and bearings; and Millgear SY oil is perfect for a wide range of industrial gears, oven conveyor chains, stenter chains used on textile machinery and many other high temperature industrial applications.

Compressor Oils

We carry as standard three types of compressor oil including long drain oil for compressors that will operate for 2000 (Millervane 2000) and 4000 (Millair 46 Synth) plus hours. Available in viscosities between 32 and 150, these low volatility, low top up, corrosion protected oils have a high level of oxidation for enhance protection. The added resistance to emulsification makes these oils a necessity for trouble free compressor operation. Millair 46 Synth is ideal for the lubrication of reciprocating and rotary compressors, whilst Millervane 2000 has the added function of lubricating air compressors and vacuum pumps, all in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

Chain Lubricants

The range of chain lubricants has been developed to meet specific requirements, so we recommend contacting us directly to order your required lunricant, which can be applied by spray, drip or oil immersion. The mineral chain lubricants range is ideal for normal operating temperatures and has tacky adhesive properties, as do all our chain lubricants, to avoid dripping, but the other lubricants available - synthetic Ester and PAG - are suited to higher temperatures of up to 250°C, and more intensive processes.

Heat Transfer Oil

Heat transfer oil is designed for any gas, steam or electrically operated system which requires indirect heat transfer, saving the need for separate oils, and is most commonly applied to jacketed vessels. The high quality refined mineral oil is capable of operating up to 315°C and can drastically improve your machinery's life span. Low volitility means very little top-up is required.

Refrigerant Oils

The naphthenic mineral oil range was developed for use within refrigerator compressor systems - (R717) ammonia, (R12, R22) halocarbon (FREON) refrigerantgrades - and offer good oxidation control, low pour points from -25°C to -36°C and thermal stability. These oils are reliable and can optimise the operation of your refrigerator system, but are not suitable for use with HFC-friendly gases such as R134a and R23. In these cases speak to a member of our team to find an alternative solution to your refrigeration oil requirements.

Solvent type multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser

Our industrial solvent cleaners and degreasers are multi-purpose and have been developed to make cleaning operations as safe and fast as possible. Our Solve Safe 2379 cleaner and degreaser is applied by brush, low pressure spray, or immersion, for the removal of oil, grease and particulate soils. E-VAP has the same basic principles but is more adept at cleaning and degreasing vehicle brakes and clutches. Other general purpose solvent cleaners, including white spirit, paraffin and phosphate, are applicable to many cleaning and degreasing tasks. Over the recent years we have developed more environmentally friendly bio cleaners to complement our offering. 


Maintenance Lubricants

The regular use of maintenance lubricants is a vital part of keeping machines running longer and more efficiently.  Breakdown is very disruptive in terms of production and cost, so we supply a range of high quality lubricants.  When these are used as part of a planned maintenance schedule, you will save time and money.  We offer a comprehensive range of excellent quality lubricants for use in industrial applications, from lubricating oils to hydraulic oils, gear oils and compressor oils, to refrigerant oils, food and beverage and pharmaceutical lubricants to solvents and cleaners and more.  You can visit our website to see the complete range and to learn more detail.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, talk to us as we can develop lubricants to meet your exact requirements.

Engineering Products

At Millers Oils we understand that the engineering world is a highly competitive one and great importance is placed on ensuring that production remains cost effective.  Three factors which play a huge part in achieving this are the longest possible working life for tools, the quality of components and cooling life.  Thus, we offer a comprehensive selection of water-based emulsifiable metal working fluids, synthetic solutions and a range of neat cutting oil, drawing pressing and forming lubricants.  These products will ensure the best possible performance in all metalworking processes.  Additionally, we supply a large selection of machine tool lubricants.  Visit our website to see the complete range.

Process Lubricants

Used across a diverse range of manufacturing industries, process oils act as plasticisers and extenders and form either a part of the finished product or are used in the production process.  Process oils are specifically chosen for their solvency and compatibility properties.  We have many process lubricants available in stock, but are also able to create unique bespoke blends so that you can be sure that your precise requirements.  Some uses for process oils include rubber products, printing inks, thermoplastics, adhesives and sealants and application in the agriculture and food industries.  You can see much more of what is available on our website, so do have a look.

Food Industry Lubricants

Both the food and pharmaceutical industries can present some challenging working environments.  So we at Millers Oils offer a substantial selection of lubricants, greases and aerosols to help our clients in these industries maintain high performance.  All our products are fully compliant with FDA safety guidelines.  Across our extensive range are NSF Approved H1 registered lubricants, as well as a good selection of products suitable in applications where NSF Approval is not required.  The range is vast, from hydraulic and synthetic hydraulic oils to chain and gear oil, compressor oil and airline oil, all suitable for use within the food industry.  You can see all these products on our website, so do take a look.



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