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Midwinter Technology Ltd specialises in the supply of top quality electronic contract assembly services to customers in a range of industries.

We offer various technical support services including: repair, in-house service/ calibration, on-site service in the UK and Europe, problem solving for installation problems, problem solving for product application problems, spares and product conformance with EU regulations.

With more than 35 years experience in the electronic and engineering industry we have the skills and expertise to provide customers with first class solutions. We work closely with customers in order to gain a firm understanding of their business and their project requirements before providing the most suitable and effective support.

We provide services to people in different fields such as manufacturing companies looking to outsource work without raising their overheads, entrepreneurs looking to get their product off of the ground or companies looking to produce a bespoke option for a particular application.

Please read on and/or visit our website to find out more about our excellent services. Alternatively, please call us directly at Midwinter Technology Ltd on 01206 798080 with your requirements or for further information and we will be happy to help in any way we can.


Here at Midwinter, we provide outstanding design services including circuit diagram, electronic and electrical, PCB layout, analogue/ digital, single sided to multi layer and mechanical (from rough sketch through to finished drawings).

Our highly skilled and experienced team works closely with customers in order to achieve the most effective results. We can work from customers’ rough sketches and translate them into schematic drawings before creating single, double or multi-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for surface mount and/or conventional components.

We can also design metalwork from rough sketches and can check customers’ parts lists offering cheaper and more effective alternatives.


We also offer excellent PCB assembly services at competitive prices. We work with various component types such as surface mount devices (SMD) down to 0402, conventional components (through board) and mixed technology (SMD & conventional). Solder types include lead, lead-free, reflow or by hand.

Customers must issue a parts and replacement list for conventional components and for SMD placements, customers must issue a Gerber file and x, y, theta placement list as a .csv or .xls file.

An ultrasonic deionised water process is used to remove flux residue from suitable components while unsuitable components for this process are placed after the event.


Midwinter also specialises in the assembly of cables, cable forms, connectors and panel wiring.
Cable types include: all flat and round cables, multi-core screened and unscreened, mixed frequency multi-core cables and flexi-cable (PBC/PCB).

Connection types include: spade, screw and tension clamp, solder and crimp pin, IDC, FFC/ FPC, loom (harness) to drawing and connector to connector.

We have the facilities and capabilities to assemble simple to complex cables and provide expert advice on the suitability of connectors in relation to the environment for which they are intended to be used.

Our panel wiring services feature bare harness wired on template (pin board) and PCB/ panel interconnection.


We provide first class case and cabinet assembly services. Case types include metal and plastic and case assembly includes mechanical assembly, all internal wiring of parts and fitting of labels.

Metal cases can be machined to suit specific customer requirements, metal sheet, die cast or can be free issue. We can supply plastic machined standard boxes or customers can free issue and we can assemble case and cabinets to customer drawings and specifications.

Our cabinet assembly services include the mechanical assembly of panels/ chassis, fitting of components, switches and connectors, wiring of all internal parts and earths and fitting/ supply of labels.


Here at Midwinter, we follow strict quality control procedures in order to achieve top quality results.

Our process control procedures include parts lists, placement lists, assembly procedure and sub-assembly breakdown.

We provide a range of documentation including: assembly/ sub-assembly procedures, procedure sign off, date/time/ staff trace, parts trace (if required), fault logs and test logs.

We also supply customers with RoHS certification for processes and parts on Midwinter supplied parts kits and can offer full advice and support on the CE certification of your product via a local test centre.


At Midwinter, we use the highest quality solder and request the ability to test finished products in-house before delivering to the customer.

Our test types include visual inspections, electrical and electronic and our signal testing services include PAT, collaborate, EMC testing and more.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer support. We offer a range of support services including: repair, in-house service/ calibration, installation in the UK and Europe, problem solving for installation problems, problem solving for product application problems, spares and product conformance with EU regulations.

We provide various support services to customer selling in the UK and Europe and for companies based outside of the EU who wish to sell products into the European market. Please visit our website to find out more. Or, alternatively, contact us directly at Midwinter for further information.



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