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Midland Alloy Limited specialises in bending aluminium extrusions and other metal sections such as brass, mild steel, stainless steel, as well as 3 and 5 axis CNC machining, CAD/CAM, coded TIG welding, fabrication, finishing and assembly for various industries such as automotive, rail, medical, marine, building, engineering and other industries. Alongside our machining and fabrication services we also sub-contract manufacture various components, sub-assemblies, frames and finished products to suit customer requirements. We also manufacture our own range of high quality purpose shaped architectural windows, louvers and associated products.

Midland Alloy Limited was established in 1973 when it began manufacturing windows and windscreens for marine and railway applications. It has since developed its expertise in many areas including the manufacture of complex curved metal products and components. We use successful, tradition manufacturing methods combined with the use of modern, state of the art machinery.

Our capabilities and facilities enable us to provide all customers with a first class service at all times. Our range of services enables us to provide a one-stop facility for customers which often prove cost-effective. Our technical team is on hand to provide advice and information at all stages of production.

Aluminium Section Bending

Midland Alloy are expert in the field of aluminium section bending and extrusion form, carrying out such methods as tube bending, rotary draw bending and rolling. Our superbly trained in-house team carry out section bending through all the available formation techniques. We supply our curved components and products to such markets as lighting, medical, rail, architectural, automotive and aerospace. You can choose from batches in small, medium or large volumes, while we also offer additional manufacturing facilities such as TIG welding and five-axis CNC machining. We have the technical knowledge to manipulate parts of any degree of complexity to concur with your precise requirements.

Section Bending Steel

Through the specialist techniques and skills which we’ve developed over many years, Midland Alloy are fully qualified to shape and bend stainless steel and mild steel extrusions (as well as non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and aluminium). Whether you want rotary draw bending, stretch forming or rolling, we’ll shape all conventional metal extrusions and design any tools needed for custom sections. If you wish, we’ll deploy our welding and five-axis machining facilities to weld or machine any bent sections. No matter the shapes or radii you need, Midland Alloy will deliver to budget and brief.

CNC Machining (3 and 5 axis)

Our workshop features conventional 3-axis CNC machining and 5-axis CNC machining centres. These production facilities enable us to produce small, medium or large capacities (XYZ 5000 x 3000 x 800mm maximum). Our 5-axis CNC machining features twin tables for efficient production of machined parts, shop floor programming and the latest PowerMILL CAM software, high specification, high speed and accurate gantry machines, automatic tool changing of up to 42 tool types, and Renishaw ‘ball bar’ calibration checks. All work can be inspected and verified to original CAD data using FARO CMM’s.

Welding and Brazing

Our highly skilled engineers use state of the art welding equipment in order to produce first class engineering solutions coded to BS EN ISO 9606 – 2: 2004. Each project is unique and our engineers and design team work closely with customers in order to create the most effective solutions. Specialised fusion and bonding techniques such as MIG, flash butt and spot welding can be incorporated into the production process where required.


Regardless whether you want an item from our architectural range of windows and louvers or a bespoke item that’s been made to order, you can be assured that the product you order will perform to its optimum. Fabricated parts come in a choice of materials, including stainless steel and aluminium. Midland Alloy provide sub-assemblies, components and finished products for such industries as medical, architectural and automotive. You’re welcome to request technical advice from staff at any point of the product design, development and fabrication processes. We can offer you small or large batches, prototypes and even quantities on a production-line scale.

Tooling and Design

Each bend tool, fixture and jig produced for inspection, welding or special machine is designed via CAD/CAM before being developed, put together and tested on our premises. The main jigs and fixtures in our catalogue are: bend/form tooling, which is used for rotary, stretch-formed and rotary components; full-form checking fixtures made from model board, aluminium and various other materials; work-holding Faro CMM inspection fixtures; and machining fixtures (employed on three- and five-axis CNC machining of casting or steel, stainless steel and extruded aluminium). The excellence of our tooling means every assembly and part complies with the highest standards of accuracy and craftsmanship.

Aerospace Applications

We provide the aerospace industry with a range of high quality aluminium products. We use various manufacturing processes such as aluminium extrusion bending into multi-form shapes, coded TIG welding, complex 5-axis machining of aluminium and non-ferrous materials with a maximum envelope size of 5m x 3m x 1m, customer CAD data used to produce full-form shape tooling and checking fixtures, in-house design of bending and fabrication tooling and part verification to customer CAD by our CMM facilities. To find out more about our services to the aerospace industry, please contact us at Midland Alloy Limited.

Architectural Products

Midland Alloy can produce architectural parts and components in a variety of profiles, including round, curved, radial cornered, arched, gothic, elliptical, curved-on-plan, rectangular and trapezoidal. Typical products include entrance canopies, glazed walkways, glazed shelters (such as bus shelters and smoking shelters), telephone booths and window frames. To discuss your design requirements with an industry expert, give us a call on 01952 290961.

Automotive Products

We also produce a range of aluminium products for automotive applications. Aluminium is preferred over other metals because it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Easily recycled
  • Inexpensive to produce – thanks to lower tool costs

Extrusion bending, coded TIG welding and complex 5-axis machining are all carried out at our facility in Telford. Typical automotive products include bumper beams, roof bows, roof rails, coach door frames, chassis components, drip rails, door glass frames, ladder gantries, roll over bars, side steps, trims and edgings, tipper body support frames, space frame components, side intrusion beams, seat frames and windscreen frames. 


Special Engineering Projects

We’ve carried out special engineering projects of every scale for a hugely diverse range of customers. Such projects can draw on welding, three- and five-axis CNC machining to make sub-assemblies, full assemblies and components for industries including furniture, lighting and shower enclosure. Among our most notable recent projects are: designing a new chair (made from stainless solid bar and triangular connectors) for Oxford University’s famous Bodleian Libraries; ten metal sculptures for the London Science Museum, composed of structural aluminium skins and frames; and the design, manufacture, finishing, glazing and assembly of payphone enclosures for Mercury Communications.

Medical Products

Midland Alloy manufactures a variety of safety-critical products and components for medical applications, including chassis, legs, handles and lifting jibs for patient handling equipment. Aluminium extrusions and castings can be formed, welded and machined according to client specifications. All of our products are tested and inspected for quality, guaranteeing safety and reliability for end-users. For more information on our medical part manufacturing services, please visit Midland Alloy online or contact us directly on 01952 290961.

Rail Products

Products for the rail industry have always been among Midland Alloy’s specialities, and we are renowned for the high quality of our parts. We employ processes such as complex five-axis machining of aluminium castings and extrusions, TIG welding and bending aluminium extrusions for the product of 2D and 3D shapes, with jigs and fixtures being manufactured in-house. Our rail products include door frames; luggage racks; access treadplates; windscreen frames; internal glazed screens; sign and lightning frames; external nameplates for trains; sun visors for drivers; inter-carriage door frames; seat components and frames; tubular hand rails’ carriage side frames and windows; and wheelchair support frames.



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