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MicroSec Ltd

Key Information
MicroSec Ltd
Langstone Technology Park
Langstone Road

Tel: 023 9251 8250
Fax: 023 9251 8251
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Company Contacts
  • Mr James Lavery - Managing Director
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Detailed Information
Registration Number: 01462783
VAT Number: 459571017
Established: 1979
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a

Company Type:
  • Service Providers
ISO Compliance: ISO 9001

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Company Description

We offer high quality Bespoke Software Design, Development Engineering and Consultancy.  

Microsec was founded in 1979. Initially we developed applications to run on microprocessors such as taxi meters. With the introduction of the personal computer, we began writing more interactive applications and soon began developing databases.

Today we are one of the UK's leading bespoke software design companies, with extensive experience and a diverse client base. We are pleased to number among our clients such companies as British Aerospace, Cameron Offshore, Datacard Group, Gemplus, Lloydmasters, Plessey, Sarasota, Siemens Business Services, Symbol and Thames Water.

As an independent company, our workforce is the right size and has the right capabilities and expertise to enable us to offer our clients the most cost-effective custom software development whatever the project requirements or environment may be. Our already extensive skill set is being continually updated.

We can provide fixed price bespoke software development or work as an additional resource for ongoing projects.

We were one of the first software development companies to achieve BS EN ISO 9001 certification. We are BSI certified for ISO 9001:2008 for application software design, replication and distribution. We are also a certificated organisation in the TickIT scheme.

Platforms: MS Windows™ (including Windows Embedded™), UNIX and LINUX

We can design and develop software to run on a variety of hardware and operating systems.

Working with Siemens IT on their project to support the Land Register System for the Registers of Scotland, we provided design and development services for a client-server system of networked Silicon Graphics servers running the Irix operating system, with over 1200 client machines running Windows and Sun Solaris. Since its implementation in 1994, we have provided ongoing design and programming services for this multiple platform system; for example, Linux servers have been a recent addition.

GUI Applications: MicroSoft™ .NET family (VB, C#, C++, ASP), Visual Basic 6, VFP, C++

We build Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications for the systems we develop. We have expertise in the MicroSoft™ .NET family of programming languages (Visual Basic, C#, C++, ASP), Visual Basic 6, Visual FoxPro, and C++.

Examples of the systems we have developed include Pall Data, a .NET PC-based data and workflow manager system for platelet bacteria testing, and Achiiver, a .NET based system that delivers detailed interactive multi-lingual simulator scenarios.

Scripting Languages: TCL, Monorail, Perl

Our software engineers are fluent in many scripting languages, including Tcl, MonoRail, and Perl.


Working with Siemens IT on their project to develop the Land Register System for the Registers of Scotland involved using Perl as the programming language that forms the basis of the client-server system.

Databases: SQL Server, SQLite, Access, Informix and Visual FoxPro

As one of the first software companies in the UK, we were in on the ground floor in database design and development, and we have expertise in many database systems, including FoxPro, Informix, SQLite, SQL Server, and Access.

We have been working with the Datacard Group for over two decades. We designed and developed a networked database management system with FoxPro. This system is increasingly migrating to SQL Server as technology advances and the system requirements increase.

We have also developed SQL Server database systems for the Pall Corporation, and a system using Informix for Siemens IT's Scottish Land Register System.

Engineering Software Consultants

We have an outstanding reputation and offer a friendly, professional service to our customers, many of whom are blue chip companies.

An example of our commissioned work is the Pall Data system that manages workflow for Pall Medical's eBDS platelet bacteria detection system. Our PC-based software utilises .NET and a SQL Server database to manage and log time-critical steps in the eBDS process, offering data capture, traceability and quality control. We have an outstanding reputation and offer a friendly, professional service to our customers, many of whom are blue chip companies.


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