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Micrometric Ltd offer a first class sub-contract laser manufacturing service to a diverse variety of market sectors, supplying machined parts from prototype to volume production. Our support services cover conventional CNC, wire EDM, small press work, and scanning of patterns, templates and existing parts. We have the industry experience and technical capabilities to provide a range of laser services, including; general laser profiling, fine laser machining, precision laser machining, laser welding, laser marking and laser drilling. You can also hire laser machines on a daily basis for R&D projects. A wide range of industries rely on us for our quality services, including electronics, micro-electronics, automotive, aerospace, power generation, scientific, instrumentation and medical device manufacturing. Micrometric Ltd is proud to be a European leader in the use of laser machining techniques for the production of fine parts and precision components. We aim to maintain this market-leading position through the continual investment in innovative, state-of-the-art equipment. This makes Micrometric Ltd a more versatile and responsive sub-contractor. Our expert engineering teams have years of industry experience, specialising in the production of fine parts and precision components: a notoriously difficult area! So when you need a manufacturing service with a difference, why not make use of our expert engineering team and first-class facilities?

Fine Laser Machining

Micrometric Ltd possesses a range of Nd:YAG, low-power, precision-engineered CO2 and fibre laser machines. This enables us to fine laser machine smaller, intricate components with a tight tolerance.

We'll machine most engineering materials, including silver, copper, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, aluminium, brass, titanium, nickel, tantalum, tool steel, tungsten, molybdenum, plastics, ceramics, rubber, and composite materials.

Fine laser machining is suitable for prototypes, small batches or volume production with minimum or no tooling or fixtures needed. The process itself offers improved flexibility, speedy production and lower costs in comparison to press, fine blanked, chemically machined and conventionally machined parts.

Laser Profiling

We have a range of high-power, rapid CO2 laser machines for high-quality laser profiling. Whether it's a quick turnaround prototype or volume production, we can work on a variety of flat or tubular, ferrous or non-ferrous materials. We cut thicknesses up to 3mm in brass and copper, 10mm in stainless steel, 12mm in mild steel, and 8mm in aluminium. Tubular parts may be cut up to 3000mm long and 330mm in diameter if mounted on the outside of the chuck (155mm diameter when fed through a four jaw chuck). We also have the facilities to scan existing parts, patterns and templates to produce your precision cut profile.

Laser Welding

If you need accurate and permanent assembly of precision components, choose Micrometric for an unequalled laser welding service. We can join finish machined or pressed components because our low-heat welding process offer little or no distortion.

We'll also join small, delicate and heat-sensitive parts thanks to a finely focused laser beam and precise energy control methods.

We have welded a wide range of components in the past, including automotive steering sensors, surgical instruments, scientific instrument mounts, spring assemblies and torque discs.

Please visit our website to find out more about the laser welding challenges we have overcome.

Laser Marking & Engraving

We are pleased to offer an unbeatable laser marking and engraving sub-contract service for a variety of decorative and technical applications. Our laser marking and engraving techniques produce a quality permanent mark on the surface of your material. The process is precisely controlled to achieve tight tolerances and excellent repeatability.

We'll scan your artwork in-house, reproducing it onto a range of materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, hardened steel, titanium, aluminium, brass, chrome plating, ceramics, painted surfaces, anodised surfaces, and most plastics. In addition to graphics, lines and text, we can also mark matrix codes and bar codes - this is perfect for customers who need to apply serial numbers to their product for traceability.

Precision Laser Machining

Micrometric Ltd offers an unrivalled precision laser machining service on pre-machined, pressed or fabricated parts. We can cut slots, holes and apertures to almost any shape or size. Pre-processed parts are accurately located in jigs. The geometric tolerances of laser-machined parts can be down to
50µm. For assured repeatability, we use a closed loop control measuring system. If you need large volumes and repeat batches, we can robotically load parts into a jig. This makes production far more cost-effective.

Precision Component Machining

Here at Micrometric Ltd, we use wire EDM, conventional CNC machining and laser cutting processes to manufacture precision components. Where necessary, these processes may be combined for an innovative, cost-effective solution to technically complicated manufacturing problems.

Wire EDM is ideal for low volume, extremely tight tolerance components. Our CNC machining facilities are highly-versatile and flexible; for quick and accurate set-ups, CNC machining includes a touch-measuring probe. If you would like any further information on any of our services, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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