Metway Electrical Industries Ltd

Barrie House, 18 North Street
East Sussex
BN41 1DG
United Kingdom

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Metway Electrical Industries Ltd specialises in the supply of high quality connector and lighting control solutions such as Pick and Place Surface Mount Printed Circuit board connectors and complete wiring systems suitable for a range of lighting and power applications in offices, schools, hospitals shops and more.

Our ‘Connect’ range features a wide selection of top quality electromechanical connector solutions while our ‘Wiring Systems’ range features an extensive range of pre-manufactured wiring systems suitable for lighting and small power applications.

Metway is a privately owned family business that was established back in 1937. The company now offers a range in excess of 20,000 products from simple terminal blocks to surface mount PCB connectors and transformers.

We are committed to providing high quality products combined with first class customer services. We provide expert advice and product information where needed to ensure the most effective items are sourced to suit different application requirements.

Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our excellent range of connectors and lighting control solutions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly at Metway and we will be happy to help.

LCM Leads

Metway supplies a wide selection of Lighting Control Module (LCM) leads to suit all major brands. We hold large amounts of stock at any one time in order to meet orders quickly and easily. All of our LCM’s are fully factory tested before delivery.

Lighting Control Products

We also offer complete lighting control packages. These can be supplied in conjunction with our pre-fabricated wiring systems or as stand-alone options. Our lighting control range features models suitable for simple to demanding applications. We offer advice and assistance in creating lighting control systems that focus on energy savings and reduced carbon emissions as emphasised in the Climate Change Levy of April 2001 and Part L of the building regulations in April 2006.

Lead Assemblies

Please visit our website to view our excellent range of lead assemblies. Our range features: 3-Pole (ideally suited to applications where space is minimal due to their low profile), 4-Pole (available with optional panel mount connectors and moulded tee pieces), 5-Pole (provide simple connectivity between luminaries) and 6-Pole models (widely recognised range compatible with various switching modules). Please visit our website to view full technical details including images and diagrams.

Primary Distribution Hub

The Primary Distribution Hub (PDH) is designed to provide power/ data to the local area from the distribution board via a multi-core home run cable. It features 3-6 poles, 1-9 outputs and an output rating of 9x16A max. It has a galvanised steel (EN 10142) housing, GST range connectors and Beldon 8719 Bus Cable. We supply the PDH pre-wired ready to be fitted above the ceiling central to the circuits it is supplying. The home run can feature a standard XLPE/LSF/SWA/LSF or ‘armoured’ style hone run cable with separate integral bus cabling if required. Please see full technical details on our website.

Metway Marshalling Box

The Metway Marshalling Box is manufactured from high quality materials in order to be tough and robust for long term, reliable use. The box has been expertly designed for easy installation and can operate as a standalone product or as part of a pre-fabricated wiring system. The Metway Marshalling Box features: 8-12 output, 10A max load, industry standard 6-pole GST connectors, 2 channel, dual fix, emergency test, through wiring, dual channel dimming option and more. Please visit our website for further information.

Spectrum - Intelligent Systems

The Metway Spectrum System provides users with a fully networked system that has been pre-configured, programmed and addressed by Metway appointed commissioning engineers using Windows XP graphical software package. We provide complete system layouts tailored to suit customer specifications. Features include: independent control over every luminaire, graphical front end for displaying and altering, dimming or switching of luminaries, time control, daylight control, infra red control, switch plates for on/off dimming and scene selection, alarm overrides, load shedding, LED indication of output, data and EM test status and more.

Metway Classroom Control Box

The Metway Classroom Control Kit is suitable for classrooms with 9, 12 and 15 luminaires. They can be supplied with or without luminaire tee pieces depending on the luminaire being supplied with a pre-wired tee. The classroom kits can be supplied marked with room and/or circuit references and with fully marked up drawings and data sheets. Additional features include: GST industry standard connectors, IP20/ IP40 when connected, and they are easy to reconfigure. Please see full technical details online including installation instructions.

Presence Detection

Please visit our website to view our presence detection range. The range includes:

  • Passive Infra Red MW1200PF: features passive to hold off lights in bright and ambient conditions, active to turn lights on/off when natural light fluctuates, disabled – the photocell has no effect.
  • Passive Infra Red MW2000DF: features regulating photocell to ensure a minimum maintained light level.
  • Miniature Range: designed to provide automatic control of lighting loads with the added option of manual control (absence detection).
  • Microwave MWS3: suitable for open plan offices, corridors and classroom applications.

Other items in the range include: Microwave MWS6, Microwave Miniature Range and Communication Presence Detectors. Please see full product descriptions online.



Registration Number: 00378992
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:24 February, 1943 (79 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a


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