Metcraft Ltd

41b Beach Road
West Sussex
BN17 5JA
United Kingdom

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Here at Metcraft Ltd, we are experts in the manufacturing of a variety of different types of quality, robust tanks for fuel, chemicals and water storage. Operating from our site in Littlehampton, we are specialist water tank, fuel tank and chemical tank manufacturers with over forty years experience in the industry. We have 25,000 sq ft of workshop floor space in which we operate state-of-the-art machinery to fabricate virtually any type of tank or vessel, whether it's a simple or complicated design.

Operating our machinery are an expertly trained workforce, most of which have been at Metcraft for over twenty years. They deliver a wealth of experience and technical know-how in a business where the integrity of the finished article is paramount. As you would expect from a specialist company, our levels of workmanship are extremely high and we work to the most rigorous inspection standards.

Our robust and reliable tanks are in use all over the United Kingdom for a huge variety of applications and in a range of industries. Our tanks have even been used as pontoons on the Docklands Bridge. Our friendly and helpful staff are on hand to advise you on your fuel, water and chemical storage solutions. We don't just sell you tanks - we draw upon our considerable experience in the industry to help you choose which one is most suited to your requirements.

Second Generation Fuel Tanks

Leaks and spillages from damaged storage tanks have serious pollution implications. Pollution can remain in the ground for years and wildlife and vegetation is often completely destroyed. That's why we have designed and developed an innovative range of fuel containers that surpass today's demands for environmental protection.

This range includes; the Downland Tank, a double skinned, space-saving vessel which includes a leakage indicator. These are available in rectangular or cylindrical shapes (which can be placed underground). The Fenland Tank requires minimum foundations, is easily transportable, and has an optional roof facility and a catch pit capacity 110% of volume. The Marshland Tank requires minimum maintenance and no draining, has a catch pit with water resistant covers and a totally enclosed gauge, fill and vent. Locking facilities are fitted to prevent unauthorised access.

Fuel Dispensing Tank & Pump Modules

Metcraft is proud to be one of the originators of the Self Contained Dispensing Tank and Pump Module which we supply to most major companies, distributors and installers. Thanks to our vast experience of manufacturing vessels and stainless steel tanks to stringent specifications, our products are made to the highest standards. It really is simple to keep your fuel under control. Complete with dispensing pumps, pipework and fuel monitoring equipment, we can manufacture these units to your specific requirements (duel systems for gas oil and diesel).

What's more, these tanks are easy to install and use.

Stainless Steel Tanks & Fabrication

Our workshop is fully kitted out for stainless steel fabrication. We produce storage tanks, process vessels, chimneys and ductwork.

We can also supply access ladders, gantries and mounting platforms for complete installations.

Special Tanks

Because of our extensive production facilities we are able to manufacture most types of vessels with associated pipework and steel structures. We also provide a range of extra products, including double skinned tanks, coned bases, heating coils, hoppers and special linings. A full range of internal and external finishes are also available. To complement our tanks, we can offer a wide range of pumps, gauges, filters and other ancillary equipment, as well as Metcraft's SMARTANK overfill alarm units which prevent the tank from overfilling.

Pumping Sets & Metering

Metcraft manufactures a huge range of pumping sets and fuel metering sets which are designed to meet your requirements.

Waste Oil Collection

Dealing with waste safely is paramount for complying with stringent environmental regulations. That's why our waste oil collection units are vital to many organisations and local authorities. These tanks are highly robust, ready to use and easy to clean. Our waste oil collection units have either a 2700 or 3400 litre capacity and are supplied fully bunded. We will supply finishing of these units to meet your specifications.

Steel Chimneys

Here at Metcraft we have been manufacturing all types, shapes and sizes of steel chimneys for many years. Our chimneys are free standing, guyed or bracketed, and are all insulated and aluminium clad for extra long life.

These quality chimneys can be manufactured to be up to 35 metres in height. A Metcraft design service is included. So if you need a steel chimney, look no further than Metcraft.

Fill Point Cabinets

We manufacture a range of secure and attractive cabinets which are easily mounted externally or set into walls. Constructed in 3mm mild steel plate, these cabinets are of fully welded construction, incorporating heavy duty hinges and a secure 5 lever mortice lock which is finished with a brass escutcheon plate. We make available single and double valve cabinets in a variety of finishes and colours which are compatible with 50, 65 and 80 mm fill pipes. Cabinets can also be manufactured from stainless steel if required.



Registration Number: 00606841
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:23 June, 1958 (63 years and 5 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
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