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Residential and home use air conditioning

Now that we have air conditioning at work, in our cars, supermarkets, shops and cinemas more and more people are installing air conditioning at home.

It makes warm summer nights a lot more bearable and relaxing, enabling you to get a good nights sleep, makes hot sunny days more comfortable, and reduces hot spots in the home created by kitchens and other heat generating areas.

If you are after a quick fix, a portable unit which can be packed away in winter may be the best option for you, whilst if you are after a more permanent quiet solution then a wall-mounted split system would be ideal.

Domestic cooling issues
  • Portable units and through-the-wall/window systems are not very quiet so if you are looking to cool a bedroom you will need a wall-mounted split sytem.
  • Installing a wall-mounted split system will require a fan unit fitting in the room to be cooled, and an external unit on an outside wall. Most regions in the UK do not require you to obtain planning permission for this type of installation, we recommend you check with your local council if you are unsure.
  • The external unit will make a low humming noise, although it is not that noisy you should consider this before it is positioned.
  • If you are looking to install air conditioning in a conservatory, then you may like to consider the ‘through-the-wall/window air conditioner’. This unit can be installed relatively easily through the brickwork underneath the windows. They are totally self contained so don't require separate internal and external units.
  • Air Conditioners will produce condensation internally on the cold surfaces of the unit. In portables this is dealt with either by pumping the moisture out of the vent hose, by incorporating an internal water tank that you will need to empty, or through plumbing the unit in to the drain. In wall-mounted and through-the-wall systems, condensation is automatically drained outside of the building, on hot days this can be up to five litres.
  • Air Conditioning units need servicing every six months to maintain efficient operation.
  • Split-systems must be installed by a qualified professional contractor. Specialist tools are required and refrigerant is a dangerous gas that can cause injury. Incorrect DIY installation may lead to accidents, refrigerant leakage and the unit not functioning. This may invalidate your warranty.
  • Many Air Conditioners can also heat, making them useful in the winter as well as in the summer.



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  • Fiamma Awnings
  • Fiamma Italian design, 1st choice for motorhome accessories.
  • Glomex Satelitte systems for motorhomes
  • Nova Motorhome accessories

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